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3d · 56
With the same lips I told you how badly I love you,
I smoke, every cig from this box, 'till their smelly and warm tips,
So with 'em trembling, I prepare
To say today is my day, but I hope you have a long and jollyful life;
I had a cat's scream symphony by the night,
'Till the neighbour's dog got tired and barked away, scaring em ***** cats,
Then the clock hit 4 a.m and Jennie's baby started to cry,
She yelled, loud as if she had a tail  between her legs and two cat ears over her head,
My ears, gladly super powered by the earlier *****, would also catch moans, from downstairs
And a soft, wet rain that would fall upstairs,
Hangover would meet me later, but 'till then, I'd hear all this and giggle as if life was better than it really was;
Feb 15 · 665
I'm not her, you know that **** too well,
It's why she had you when she needed,
But I remained alone all along.
Feb 13 · 340
Wond'ring alone
Why did you burn so fast when you were yet too young,
If you extinguished my own fire, now all I have is your ashes,
Do I blow them away on the same field you took me to our first dance?
Feb 13 · 127
Once and all
In a day where the grill won't light in the 4th of July,
And the star over the christmas tree won't shine,
Once all the knocks you heard, become an ol' stained
And wrinkled newspaper at your door,
The dust will cover it all, birds will sing a last melody,
The piano man down the street will play it's last sheet,
The cook from the 12th floor will hold an empty plate,
The plate will soon be amongst many other dishes,
The ocean will make high waves not even the daredevil would surf on,
Nor the best surfists, the sun, it will shine once more
And the sky will weep once more,
For, nevermore;
This is just a poem about the apocalypse amongst many others;
ΚŸα΄α΄ α΄‡ Ιͺꜱ κœ°α΄€α΄‹α΄‡,
ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇᴛᴑᴇᴇɴ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ,
Κ™α΄œα΄› ΚŸα΄α΄ α΄‡ Ιͺꜱ κœ°α΄€α΄‹α΄‡,
ɴᴏᴛ α΄€ΚŸΚŸ α΄›Κœα΄‡ α΄‹ΙͺΙ΄α΄…κœ±;
Feb 11 · 123
Sober up
I guess the you sober is the version of you not in love with me,
But honey you were the kindest with some alcohol in your blood. .
I'll delete the sight of you at my door, but never of you on my bed,
As I can say I won't think of you as well when I'm sober.
They were not wrong when saying you create a lie when you get two alcoholics together;
Feb 9 · 303
Safety ditch
She was darting pretenders with her eyes,
With a bottle in a hand and a box of cigs in another,
In a foggy late sunday,
Rain had quitten before she did.
Bars were closing down but she remained,
Resting her back on some ol' and wet wall of the parlour.
You could hear Vincenzo yelling in the back,
"Let her in and throw on the red lights".
_ It's all 'bout the attention you give to them, you see,
in a day or other she will leave you and find someone better,
or someone better will find her, doesn't matter,
she will fall for the attention they give her and past won't set no call;
You know she started to comprehend, it's why you have been so kind
Feb 6 · 46
Hawk's and hockey
Girls are so kind, they're tend and warm,
Smelling like sweat and vanilla, and recent alcohol,
Perhaps I should fall for that side, rather than to the illusion behind liking guys;
In the end of a depth, romance was never meant to be felt,
It's merely like a cosmetic in the top shelf, showing in
But we feel the need, for the most, the desire,
And we let it consume us, 'till love is all we want and breath.
'Till love is all that matters, and in the most important point of view,
All we seek for, in the other, mostly.

We open our hearts, let it sink in our bodies,
With raw eyes we take the sight, majestically
We hope in the end, it was worth it, the sacrifice
The blood and the ***** lies, 'till the feeling of death arrives,
Death of ours, death of theirs;
Slander, the olders would say,
Prophecy, the wiser,
A must, the lovers.
Feb 2 · 61
Maybe I'm now a poet
But I want to **** the chance,
And forget about you, all of it,
'Till you're just a stranger,
And I'm the same alley girl,
With a bottle of ***** and pretending to run away from home;
Feb 1 · 146
So far over
So can we skip to next year,
Your pretty lies no longer keep me awake;
What do we do when we get tired of all that used to make us want to stay
Jan 28 · 239
die RealitΓ€t
The trains reminds me of friday busy nights,
But empty parking lots reminds me of you;

Although you only were with me, 'cause she wanted Johnny,
But what if I could find me a Johnny too?
I wonder what is it like to get some human love from you;
Just a moment of reality between our cold hearts and warm bodies, I only wonder;
Jan 19 · 163
Inside the patterns
I told myself it was just another phase,
Combining strong drinks, strong medicines
Writing 'em blue songs and leaving the doors open,
Forgetting to breath, nevermore automatically,
Better not to eat, getting a skinny top belly,
And weaken liver plus woobling knees.
Not totally inside 'em, but I guess trying to get the same boring but perfect body.
Jan 17 · 100
And so all re-begins
We are back in the same corner,
I'm sorry and here goes another beer,
You know I always end up asking too much,
But caress and trust is all you always give,
More than that is abuse.

California feels a bit far away,
But the shake comes by and moves my toes,
I stretch and well, there goes another beer.
I could check by your window,
But you're also far anyway.
Hello inc. sunday hangover
Jan 12 · 92
At last
That night I had a thought in my mind,
I convinced myself that I would do it,
Sent my goodbyes between kind lines to everyone that used to be part of a life I so wanted to end,
Sat on the porch, poured a nice, fine wine in a wide glass,
Lit a cigarette, never felt like a smoker.
Sang a song to make my rabbit sleep, and told him I loved him too much,
In a note by my door, someone would read I wanted him free,
Out in the woods as he was supposed to always be,
Living a wild, brave life,
Not inside a home with a dead body assembling in the kitchen,
In my phone I would record a last voice mail, to everyone and anyone,
I'm sorry but this number no longer belongs to a living being, your message will be sent back but as appreciated,
A candle would be melting away over the sink,
And another one over the table,
And another on the edge of the window,
An incense, cinnamon scent, would be near it's end,
And every light would be off,
Curtains open so my soul would always see the stars at the nightful sky,
One last breath in and breath out,
One last I love you and I'm thankful I met you all.
Really thought 'bout this being my last but truth be told, I don't see myself without writing;
Jan 7 · 75
Mental field
We're fighting wars inside,
Wars we never talk about, even when they ask
"How have you been?", a fine is so way easier to spell,
Than having to explain every single soldier that has been gone,
Every battle that we thought we had the victory, but in the end,
Defeat was all we could hear.
I thought this feeling was gone but now I understand more of it everyday;
Jan 5 · 112
letzte Worte
The cold that would linger from your last goodbye,
Got me unready to hear.
The numbness that my skin and bones would feel,
Got me uneasy to meet you that day.
But if I dare to go, perhaps, per work of destiny,
A harpoon would fly, straight and pointing to my heart,
Wishing to cross it entirely and **** every cell with the act.
A random bird standing and staring from a random pole cable,
Would sing me a last song, and the lyrics would contain pain,
All the suffering above our heads, and the pressure on my mind.
But then, before you could be able to say such destroying words,
I would leave, without saying and hearing your goodbye.
"We should reschedule our meeting, you know, I've been truly busy"
Jan 4 · 126
Lover toxin
If love no longer heals, but intoxicates
Is it a sign we should let go?
But do we throw it out or do we need to take something else in?
Jan 1 · 885
Well, now we will see new poems,
New people, it is a new year after all
But will we ever change, or our hearts
Will we be less we?
happy new years btw
Dec 2020 · 95
Would it be a sin to know
Why do we only fall for those who won't ever feel the same;
honestly, it get's me tired everytime
Dec 2020 · 132
Empty room
I know you'll be gone by the time I'm back,
Which is why,
I'll never be back.
Perhaps I'm just afraid of seeing you made it. You're gone, and I'm alone again.
Dec 2020 · 123
After 3 a.m, some couple of beers, maybe way more
After some sick cloud of sad thoughts,
After all the alcohol and other addictions,
After all the candles have been melted,
After I've digged every possible hole,
After I've smoked every cigarette till their smelly tips,
After you don't text me, no more
Seems so easy to be after someone else, some new text,
Some new threatning, some new dating site.
After all, I still love you
Dec 2020 · 152
Find me.
My mind, which is certainly something much bigger, a labyrinth, a nest of one hundred baby birds that live together and try to expand their own, an ocean in which several navigators have tried to explore with their canoes, boats and ships, a storm in which no captain would dare to enter and a war in which no soldier would set foot. But it's also an open field on a sunny day, it's beach sand after rain, and certainly a flower petal in a blooming garden.

My body, which floats and falls into, inside of it, the void we all made. The hole we digged, without freeing our own minds.

My soul, which is lost.
Β Β Β Β 
Β Β Β Β Β Β  M
Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  E.
Dec 2020 · 486
It doesn't matter,
I will keep eating melted ice cream,
Spoiled food and cold love.
I'm honestly getting so used to all of this;
Dec 2020 · 228
Want to write, bout these feelings
That shake me in and out my own body,
These thoughts that block my own head,
Words that won't let go of me,
Emotions that won't let me go.

All over between ink stains,
And old papers stained with temporal dust,
And wet from tears, and perhaps some old rain.
Dec 2020 · 458
Beach in desire
I listened to the waves earlier this morning,
Even if they were not real.
There was also rain, plenty of rain, and weirdly,
As plenty of seagulls.

The sand was covering my mind, and my toes,
And the imaginary surfists were high on the mood.
Heavy-hearted storm taking all of me is gone,
Washed away by the shadow of all the tall waves.
                     It's really
     to topple            
over me tho
and I swim so terribly, Hon'.
Dec 2020 · 71
On the await by a shimering light,
A well handled cold and sharp blade hangs,
Sealed by the souls of the lifes it has taken.
Within a glance of remorse and air of curiosity,
Awaits a children, the most alive creature that has ever been near such,
Longing by the day to wield it.

Nor long the time wants to rush,
It knows the danger kept within the blade,
The influence upon who holds,
And the lack of mercy over who gets cut.
Dec 2020 · 325
Achilles, come down
From the sun that 'round me roll'd
I'm cold and terrified
But shining as diamond first carved,
Hell is heaven,
With all of our sins exposed.

So jump and I'm jumping
Since there is no me without you.
Nov 2020 · 439
Quid fecisti
You've been playing me,
And now I know,
How come I was acting like that,
But now that I'm not blindfold,
Hurts so much that loosing sight would be a delight.
Nov 2020 · 98
Chew slowly, it has thorns
Advice on the table and in love.
No exceptions.
Are we living an enormous and humongous cycle or am i trapped in the same loop;
Nov 2020 · 113
Last night I saw you listening,
To the same songs we used to,
I even introduced you.

Doesn't **** me to see you doing so,
But to know now, you're thinking not of me,
But on her.
Nov 2020 · 232
Daydrunk hallucinations
Last time I've seen you,
Was over the cheapest wine,
Through some thick smoke from a wanderer in the corner of the street
Or was it through that bottle of wine
Perhaps just inside my mind;
So early to be so drunk
Nov 2020 · 451
The soul is full of criteria, mysteries
And your eyes,
Your eyes are undertow,
Drawning me in.
Nov 2020 · 222
Bad love
We all need em,
Even if just a little,
Makes us write more, and better
We tangle pain in between, mixed with a pinch of hope.

If we don't get a bad love at least once,
Either we forget to write
Or we end up writing the clichΓ©s
That all of us wants to live.
It's either the fuel of inspiration or depression, depending on the side you're willing to walk to.
Nov 2020 · 130
Did you ever feel this lost
I thought it was getting easier,
But I increase my nest more and more
Tangling the roots
Turning it into a maze, that only I can see.
Can't see your traces, neither mine
Nov 2020 · 404
Past tense
I loved you with a love
I could have for no one else;
Nov 2020 · 235
Season's blue
I'm raining
The sky is crying,
Part of the season.
A cup of coffee would be welcomed, I'm really not a big fan of rainy days
Oct 2020 · 248
We have a world inside,
Each other an ocean, a forest
A fire, a wind storm.

To comprehend, is to confuse
To feel alike, is to lose our rarity
To leave it be, is to refuse.
All I had inside my head tonight
Oct 2020 · 108
Slow death
It's comic, the less I drink
The more I feel corroded inside,
It's like all the acid been finally making effect.
I'm enjoying my slow death, with electronic music
And a bottle near by, just in case.

I'll welcome the worms instead of you,
They were braver, and took less to arrive.
I've been feeling this for so long, it's funny how I still hold 'onto it.
Oct 2020 · 238
my heart is under the weather
due to the love i thought i had find
the promise of a forever that now was
the forever to a fever that was over.
Oct 2020 · 180
About her
Did you ever notice,
she turned out to be
someone she said never would.
Was she just a great pretender or were we all blinded by the same light
Oct 2020 · 198
A fire that burns no matter what,
The feeling that lingers when should no more,
You can hear the cracklings of my heart, whilst it breaks, slowly
Whilst the kettle whistles.
Wasn't meant to be, like the storm brewing outside
Oct 2020 · 248
We fight and we argue,
we scream like cats, and we scratch ourselves just the same,
but when we lay down,
with our voices muffled,
and our eyes aligned,
theres nothing else to fight about,
we know sweet because we know sour.
we know love because we know pain.
Oct 2020 · 157
Me as a hollow in deep
I think I lost myself when I first met you
But now that you're gone, I don't know who to be.
Maybe just a raw figure.
Oct 2020 · 290
inner loneliness
the loneliness that habits in my heart ain't a beggar,
but keeps begging for you,
instead, i fool it with cheap ***** and a box of cigarettes
_not enough.
Oct 2020 · 607
About the quarantine
Quarantine has been here for too long,
And losing our minds ain't what we're afraid no more,
We lay in bed and feel grey every night,
Dreaming of the end of it all,
Praying for the normal days to come back,
Sanity is just not a thing no more.

It's confusing, all that used to be amusing
It's now gone, and we dance
Upon the highest of the hopes,
Losing our minds ain't what we're afraid no more,
Quarantine has been here for too long.
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