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Meghan Jul 15
What reward awaits beyond
What lights shine upon the soul
Those who've suffered long?

Now gone,
Are you running free?
While we grieve, saddened
Crying tears we never let you see

In your place, a candle shines -- but
It will never burn as bright
As the light in your eyes

May you be at rest,  now
Paras Bajaj Jun 26
a few days ago you were doing just fine
and all of a sudden you became a star.
I couldn't bid goodbye
cause' I didn't know
you were going that far.

Wherever you are, I hope
you are resting in peace.
Wherever you are, know that
my love for you will never cease.

I will move on from one to another
or maybe will stay alone till we meet
and up there if you are wondering
how will I find you with my frozen feet,
then don't forget that I still remember your heartbeat.
It's your birthday
And you're not even here to celebrate.

So here I am,
With the one I love,
Toasting to a soul.

How I ******* wish you were here.
How I wish you could've met him.
How I wish you knew how happy I am,

But I still
Miss you.

How I wish that instead of you
Being the healer, someone else
Could've healed you.

But we still
Save you.
RIP Brendon. And happy 21st birthday
Ring... ring...

Pick up the phone,
Knees chattering,
Where’s my breath,
Oh god,
Ten minutes till my shift,
Kyles dead,
I just hugged him
12 hours prior,
I said goodnight,
I love you,
See you tomorrow,

But for him,
Tomorrow never came,
Why did I answer the phone,
How can I face the space
That you no longer occupy,
Why couldn’t you resist
That sweet high,
I miss you,

Another friend gone to early,
Every hit you took a gamble,
Your bed became your grave,
You sister just got married last
You were the best man,
This was suppose to be
The happiest time of her life,
Instead of planning her honey moon,
She’s planning your wake,

You never wore anything
Other than black,
Always dressed like
You were going to a funeral,
Now we’re at yours,
It’s a closed casket,
You sister is sobbing,
Your best friend is broken,
Your girlfriend lost her voice,
I’m hoping your body isn’t really
In that box,

You loved jack Daniels,
So that’s what we drank
Until the sun rose
For the first time
Without you,
It’s was August 25th,
I never did go back
For that last shift,
How could I without you?

It’s December now and it’ll
Be your mother’s first Christmas
Without her son,
Your sister has been taking
Care of your girlfriend,
They cling together
So that they don’t succumb
To the numb,
It’ll be the first time in three
Years I spend New Years
Without you,
Your best friend moved away,
It was too painful to stay,
Cause every place in town
Feels empty without you,

We don’t go to grand central anymore,
Cause it was your favorite bar,
And the memories are still too fresh,
God ****** Kyle,
Why didn’t you tell us you had an addiction,
God ******,
Why didn’t we notice
Until August 25th.
We miss you Kyle, more and more each day. Rest In Peace my friend, until we meet again someday.
Ayushi Gupta Jul 2018
rest in peace
to the lovers who think of love as an effortless fairytale.
TheLonely Dec 2017
Cry till I sleep
You aren't here anymore
Loneliness sinks in
And no one knows what I'm crying for

Our forbidden love
The world kept us apart
I kept your secrets
And you kept my heart

You came home too late
I waited too long
Now I stare at our old text
And replay your voice like a song
in a magic land of purple static
with a hint of blue and green,
ghastly shadow figures stand tall
and dance in the background
of delirium and madness.
quadrilateral patterns hang
netted in dinosaur shaped trees
surrounded by lizard tin foil
windows and roosters crowing
in the moonless midnight.
watching cowboys puke peyote
in the plateaus of the Sierra Madre,
as white dragons couch surf through
the waterfalls of decrepit old women.
fingers bend back and melt into the
ice cube ashtrays and flowers bubble
up out of bedsheets as your waving
hands leaves behind black trails of
three headed old man sits alone by
the campfire adjacent from moats
of mossy grass glistening in the
silver stars.
distorted magnets hang on refrigerator
doors as pumpkin heads and cancer
patients sit around candle lit tables.
twinkling treble clefts leave gentle,
somber imprints as the tunes float
out of the music box.
blue and gold caps tie intestines
up like a twisted pretzel.
unsavory flavors linger in the mouth
from styrofoam textures.
intensifying citrus awaits the
elephants gates of psychedelic

                           one thing
                        to say about
                whiskey and shrooms
             .... I miss my friend Kennie
Josh Jul 2017
The bells ring out, their sonorous toll
To speed, upon its way, your soul
Your life, too short, yet full of plenty
Dear are you, in our memory
Always working, striving for more
With a humour, we did adore
You, do not, deserve this strife
And yet, look back upon your life
Much laughter, now, too, tears
I, and others, for your life, smile
Now, for your death, we cry
And yet, I fancy you would not
Wish tears, so I'll smile
And fondly, as the years pass
Think on our shared while
My great uncle, your mischievous smile
Your youthful abandon
I will miss you dearly
Now that you are gone
Here, for you, a requiem
To soothe your startled soul
Lift you up, to higher things
Not a six by twelve foot hole
Alas, it is goodbye now
In peace, great uncle, test
The once light eyes, are glassy now
The heart, still, in your breast
And now I can form no more words
Go, be at peace, out of this world
Rest in peace, and not mischief
To you, great uncle, farewell.
A piece for my great uncle. Who died yesterday. Rest in peace. You will be missed.
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