Aug 2 · 150
Grown talks
Kody dibble Aug 2
Proficient in turn
Glass make up
Night calls to all the....

Growing growing growing,
We are all growing
Its time for a new time
And a crime to want to know that,
Don’t pass without,
A feature or a sort to clause,
Your every action
Deathtime blues
Jul 15 · 647
Please Care
Kody dibble Jul 15
I am an island of words
A boat of passions
And an ocean of curiosity
Life is a journey
May 26 · 213
Punishing Hope
Kody dibble May 26
That's the trick...
Lay silently,
Like a cold corpse waiting to be devoured,
By birds and other....

Such animals! I cannot believe they left you like this!
They are under scrutiny and shame,
Yet they fallow a chirp of pity and pain

Birthing me, she asked...

Twilight blues?

Renegade Freedom
I responded...

Your like a cook in a desert,
You don't play nice,
With women or children...

Ok the silence is over! The butler or something screeched,
I've long winded the chase,
And i've dawned a new thought
We will rise the morrow with a crimson red... you know the stakes you take?
For all the beauty you imagine
It's as if you aren't there
Or anywhere else,
I could suggest
The elephant snorts his gestures of guile
And cordless phones still reign,
But the satellite dishes, the poachers,
They can't get a rest
This is a tribute to freedom, in all forms. It is both militant and completely a hippie, childish, yet elderly and wise. This poem is fluent and broken, sad and joyful
May 13 · 174
Chasing Freedom
Kody dibble May 13
I've been there....
That place you know?
It seems dark at first,

But it's even worse,

I've thought about you like that
even worse
and when I did I challenged the notion,

I felt it come at me
a million miles from nowhere,
You laugh as I sense something,

Did you breath that same breathe as me?
I want to yearn like you,
That place,
We once spoke
Where did it go?
The world asunder
Jan 8 · 348
Yammering Fire
Kody dibble Jan 8
Sounds of ice,
Gleaming back a causation or value,
Unknown faces silently breathing,

Show me some of your good time,
Break a nose or structure of cobble-stone,

The flame,
Such a boring stare,
Without hope, Angry, Afraid,
Violent with rage,

Justice is often though of as,
A sweltering heat,
Or an intense pressure towards a unified

Break my bones,
Steal my soul,
Stand in the fire,
And loose all control
Welcome to the World of No World
Nov 2017 · 339
Join me
Kody dibble Nov 2017
Breathing chastity,
Remind me of the frozen coward
You'll understand

Where were you born?
Somewhere in Kentucky she moans,
Always placid like driven grey schemes,
Or meticulous spiders,

For what ever it is worth,
Time speeds up next to you,
Having fun is an understatement,

Only thing is,
Your not real,
I may not be either, I'm waiting for that answer,
Maybe it is time to find out?
Or at-least inquire,
Who should I ask?
The trees?
Aug 2017 · 348
Journey Without
Kody dibble Aug 2017
This is a poem,
My dear friend,
Penned in the darkest of inks,
In the brightest of lens,
Contemplating, serenading,
All at once,
Chased by desire,
Fraught by might,

This is a poem,
My lonely owls,
One for the women,
One for the cows,
For what so ever you wish,
Is dis-tasteful the least,
A broken *** of luster
A shaded *** of metal,

Tie me up,
To the grafted tree,
Hang me up,
The crime is done,
Now let me rest,
Now let me seep into the best of you,
Inside the worst of me,
I'm always jaded
Welcome to the bridge of nothing and everything
May 2017 · 887
Oh, the Irony
Kody dibble May 2017
Shattered dreams..People often fall for their elusive
dreary spell,
Sages come and talk of nothing,
Children go and speak of something,
For what time does benefit us,
It often leaves us somber,
Surviving me,
Is that man in the corner,
Hopefully by now,
More than just an aspect of creation,
Or a reminder,

She comes upstairs,
Blanketed regrets,
No, Nothing surmising of hope or dignity either,
Just a blank stare,
Of formless opinion,

I knew one with opiates in her hair,
And lilacs in her mouth,
Something of a twist and turn,
She often wondered farther,

Firm believer in truth,
Yet vain reminder of silence,
Are these two once burdened upon frightful congruent spheres
or something random altogether,

I think the fish know,
The way they tangle and soar,
The way they find their way, even amidst a muddy storm,
Cloudy murky waters, like places of time stolen before your

To finish this expose she said,
Bluntly reminding me,
I'd like to introduce a placebo
Look into the chalice in your hand,
Keep looking...
May 2017 · 375
Kody dibble May 2017
Shattered dreams..People often fall for their elusive
dreary spell,
Sages come and talk of nothing,
Children go and speak of something,
For what time does benefit us,
It often leaves us somber,
Surviving me,
Is that man in the corner,
Hopefully by now,
More than just an aspect of creation,
Or a reminder,

She comes upstairs,
Blanketed regrets,
No, Nothing surmising of hope or dignity either,
Just a blank stare,
Of formless opinion,

I knew one with opiates in her hair,
And lilacs in her mouth,
Something of a twist and turn,
She often wondered farther,

Firm believer in truth,
Yet vain reminder of silence,
Are these two once burdened upon frightful congruent spheres
or something random altogether,

I think the fish know,
The way they tangle and soar,
The way they find their way, even amidst a muddy storm,
Cloudy murky waters, like places of time stolen before your

To finish this expose she said,
Bluntly reminding me,
I'd like to introduce a placebo
Look into the chalice in your hand,
Keep looking...
Dec 2016 · 558
Thanks again
Kody dibble Dec 2016
Thanks again
Trimming banquets of ice-ish tunnels of growth and decay,
Like swords and staves abound each day,
Like plenty I follow the whim of today,
Please help us all form a new day,

Easy come, easy go,
That's what the white-liner says as it goes,
For me to be free inside of my sea,
I'd often need a place to be
#newness #being #life
Nov 2016 · 675
Long time come
Kody dibble Nov 2016
Stencil-streamed mud-clipped boots,
Eiffel tower disguise,
Brilliantly wrapped in a corona,
Of sadness and delight

Un-burdened I dance,
Stinging silently across,
Aqua colors,
Symposium of disaster they call,
Whom life?

You speak of as if it was betrothed to you alone,
Or some ghast faint reflection
Someday the purpose of creation,
will creatively in-twine, over
and over again

Dis-purse, dis-purse,
like cool mists of glee,
showers of gladness,
inside droplets of peace
Oct 2016 · 447
Like a blue wind
Kody dibble Oct 2016
Silencing call of passion,
When you talk of 1800's style vintage
Perception no-one knows, but when you see
Gross underwrites with turning phone dials
You wake
A part of you discovering you
Like a wheel chasing itself you laugh
Hradly suspicious of anything else
I hear the fragrance of Canada is
Calm except for the penal regrets
Of solemn senses
Oct 2016 · 543
Unchained unchanged friends
Kody dibble Oct 2016
Someday, we will meet again
Like rocks of unchanging nature
We tiddle our barriers beneath,
Silent callings of exasperation
We find our fortune in streams of
Pink lattices drissled in every
Position of pondering

I write this to you
As if you are in my room
Staring blankly at a wall
Or unturned in your bunk bed
While I whistle away our creative bliss
Many will not read this fully,
Because of the vexation of length,
But many do not know you
Or the length of your days
How they were cut short by the change
Of ways,
I sadly recall that I left you barren
For a day for friends cold and brand
I love you my dearest ally
For us life never end
Maybe when Jesus ***** his
Horn of victory we can
Whisp our way to His garden
And steal the night away
Because in Heaven there is no night
Or so the owl does say,
The children are forging
Way beyond their time
Don't forget my friend
Love is not a crime
Until that glorious day
I bit you dear farewell
At all my greatest friend on earth
Atlast we'll sing again,
Breathe for me the air of Heavens great
Delight and bare with me this somber,
Lonely night
To Dalton Grove R.I.P
Sep 2016 · 575
Successor of Senses
Kody dibble Sep 2016
I've been waiting,
Like an ruthless disguise
Very much influenced by you,
You're personal response to whatever,
I can remember through you
Chasing dreams of naught nor sorrow,
Fallen on grounds of tender grass, and fallow,

Believe in me,
Or else I will dis-purse into something undone
by treason not Love,

Believe in you,
I must,
Or become a fragrant skim of challenged talk
and greed
Like silence I breathe

If this poem dies in your arms,
Or a piece of it drifts through,
the glades of time,
Please stop and drink this beautiful wine with me
On the way
Mar 2016 · 317
Silence the dunce of death
Kody dibble Mar 2016
For me the be free,
I sip on my tea,
And only I think,
Of days I am keen,
Or dreams of my life,
As a basket of ripe,
Apples and mango's,
Peaches delight,

For Saturday sings,
A blue lullaby,
A breathe of the fresh,
And air for the eyes,
I cancel the vision,
Of lonely times past,

Bring in the Spirit,
Of life ever-last,
Jesus the guide,
The mediator of all,
My savior we yonder,
Towards grace that is called,
Willing to die,
Of a cross of pain and suffering,
Willing to free,
From sin and shame,
We've come to this moment,
Now let us again,
Love one another,
Like brother and kin,
Mar 2016 · 298
The spur's of Greatness
Kody dibble Mar 2016
If only between thought,
I, at once could retrace,
The steeple of freedom,
The fountain of grace,
Often I wonder,
Upon  a drear,
Only my only,
From time to the mirror,
Without a doubt,
All in a day,
I seldom remember,

For all is again inside of the pin,
For all I have seen I just hope we begin,
Trust in Omega for life never end
Mar 2016 · 384
Growth Stance
Kody dibble Mar 2016
Lightening strikes,
The tribe falls below,
Another stormy desert chase,
Fallen on sodden ground,
Chasing the wondering furnace of fame,
Forgetting the isle of pleasure and stay,

I've found nothing new,
Inside this glass Iota,
Forming thoughts of you,
I fall beneath the timed delight,
Of evening cheers and truthful glares
Of treasures O' so bright

Leave me there,
I'll find a way,
To move and twitch again,
Chasing movement ever near,
Till we meet again
Shes not there
Kody dibble Mar 2016
All the signals of separation,
Are found in you,

Like chassis and demands,
Of fallen broken views,

These images that you form
And cease to be amazed,

By crowning thorns of death,
And foolish puns of fame,

Like truth I breath in waters,
Unknown among the rest,
Priced in ***'s great Kingdom
A soul who's put to rest,
Forever I entail,
To seek the seething Son,
The Man of Calvary broken,
For all the be set free
For time does not till does does tell
Feb 2016 · 685
Gruesome Infidel
Kody dibble Feb 2016
I thought once,
Of a time un-chastised
Forming a beautiful solution for you,

I've drifted since then,
Drifting is always seen as far,
Although I drift nearer,

My image is not like that of a lonely
Shadowing cold features
Of shattering dunces

Can you remember the poetry?
Or sing me a song?
Shes been hes gone we live
Feb 2016 · 423
A shadow of reason
Kody dibble Feb 2016
Nothing similar here,
Nothing of value,
Like lost wind, graciously devouring us all,
I've seen thousands watch,
Place-time make-shaft growths,
Truth is we are all in it,
Like small drops of billowing souls,

Put the basket,
Over there,
near the drawer,
Where the penny men scream
And the daffodils cry,
Heaven's mercy proclaims,
That Love has a name,


She's near the ocean border,
Like cream she copes with all her cares,
First come, first serve,
Frivolous desires,
A certain dangling view,
Is following the nighttime glee,
Shadows of breaking yellow closed knit families,
Seething brightly forevermore


I know now,
Better days,
Of future events,
Follow close now,
The dragon is dead in sorrow,
The mask is broken,
The Maker of all things,
Both vast and venial,
Is truthfully today's greatest,
Merging of idea and life,
In one symposium of design and desire
shes gone? or...
Nov 2015 · 593
The Difficulties Among Us
Kody dibble Nov 2015
Un-ended retribution,
Satisfactory illness,
Whatever two-piece,
Jet black,
Word you are,
I hope the decent,
Men without truth or desire,
Are fascinating,
How lifeless members,
Often remember,
Darkness A'Torch the ghastly,
Desert sphere,
She selects,
All the way to when,
Where-ever I was,
You knew the way
Switch on Switch off
Nov 2015 · 838
November Destiny
Kody dibble Nov 2015
Days folded beneath caverns caved in blanketed ice,
She's a griffon, or a way, to be something else,

Already not confounded,
I breathe my last,
Breathe of solitude entering a form of reason and thought so,

Already I know the ground,
does not delay,
clay vantage points,
and constant fears of disaster,

Truce? Draw?
Whatever collapse that keeps us calm,
Like warn out drawers,
He cries,
"Shallow not ye bothered quiver!"

Don't see the days that didn't make sense,
That doesn't make sense,
Welcome November
Nov 2015 · 289
Grafe' My Eye
Kody dibble Nov 2015
Filter the storm of thought,
Like chasing island retreat-men,

Genuine veins not those fake ones they place inside your lifeless,
Tangle of mud,

You see yourself?
Sitting there in dark star-light,
Waiting for the overgrown hawk to
Come bite you in half

She thinks the world of you,
But you don't care about this or that,
Or anything,
You just want to be free,
To chase birds,
To laugh at trees,
To swim with dolphins,
That's freedom
Stay it
Oct 2015 · 325
Settle Don't Settle
Kody dibble Oct 2015
Like the dead wood,
I see the sun going toward,

A fallen retreat,
Like an isle of decision,

Always I am reminded of you,
In all my pale decades,

I see that nothing can compare to,
The fountain you loved me with,
That which inside you always had,

Get rid of everything,
That was anything,
Or something of a part of something,
Or else something is something,
Else I wouldn't be,

These people,
Call on the darkness,
As did I,
As if it were the Joy that was from the Great Love,
As if the Great Love didn't create darkness,
To finally diminish it,

Creatures come under the Stary Sky,
And see why the Love will provide,
See why and see for what reason,

Check the mate,
And and miss the tee,
Life for freedom,
Let freedom live for thee,
Love Light Liberty
Oct 2015 · 300
Lo' Was be-told
Kody dibble Oct 2015
For what am I accustom?
To the customs of the times,
For what I am in solving?
All the bitter lies,

For what do you pretend,
To pretentiously understand,

Like the depths of water,
Or the silkest sands,

Drawing my way through the desert,
I slowly came along,

Like old rivers dried,
A bed of death alone,
I solemnly crawled,
To my rest of formless deep,

All of the reasons for me,
Slowly start to creep,
Ways away away, a way,
I am away I am,
Away I am way,
Although I do not,
I must simply follow Yahweh
grace and love in the final of trust
Oct 2015 · 560
Lifestyle Style
Kody dibble Oct 2015
Don't wish it again,

The black sail sings,

Like ocean's bringing darkness,

Or valley's bringing death,

I know the way the world turns,
With all of it's if's and but's,
I know all of the pain's
That are more than enough,
I know what I can do,
And I what I can become,
All I need is Love,
That's all more than enough
Hello Hello
Oct 2015 · 534
Mortal Hones
Kody dibble Oct 2015
Rain like mud sticking to your flabby boots,

Drift closer,
The beam of a candle,
Melts my fluorescent membrane,

Gamma Gamma,
Zeta, Theta,
Delta 2 Minor,
We have Control,

The opening is cut,
Like vintage dawns,

fiestivo, rex,

Forget any retrieval,
Seldom Come,
Seldom Reach you,
Gift to the whisper
Oct 2015 · 269
About that Child
Kody dibble Oct 2015
A heard a little girl,
Crying out "Please stop this world from trying! to hurt my very soul!"
I asked myself how?
She knew the very second,
Just how far she'd come,
To living in a dream,
To sitting in the sun,
I asked her hey darling,
I heard your pain was real?
She said she wasn't lonely, that he only wants to feel,
You see my favored crowd,
I tell you all this so,
This gentle little girl,
Can continue to live and grow,
Away from all the pain,
Of demonstrated strain,
On lives so new and fresh,
There cannot be a name,
So please don't hurt my children,
Calls *** from above,
They are the ones,
Who make my life fulfilled
Child's life
Oct 2015 · 400
Drown in Sly
Kody dibble Oct 2015
Hello my goddess of delight let that flowing garden spring to life,
My delicate treasure is always forever,

I wonder what I can see,
A light with me,
Of course I see again,

Like the feelings that surround you,
In the murky mire,
Of devious desire,
She's a lone in the town square,

I forget whatever you said that day,
All I remember is that fire in your sacred eyes,

All I love is that sacred scar around  your neck-bone,
Masked silence dawns brightly,

Grief weighs & troves

Hey Lonely daughter don't tell me the moons effects
Oct 2015 · 491
Sure-fire Q-ball
Kody dibble Oct 2015
Should I write about the pain or grief?
Or the things that make me tick?
Should I think and search for better days,
Without the slightest disagreement,

Should I care about things, long gone,
People long gone,

Do the days and nights of wandering make you less of me?
Do the days and trees ahead of me make me less a man,

Silent are the firmer things,
Birds breathe song,
Shadows take time,
All this denigrating shallow talk,
Is what mask's our sweet beauty,
Thankfully so,
For the Anger we show
Life is so complicated
Oct 2015 · 375
A Forge of Thought
Kody dibble Oct 2015
For better days,
I do contend,
Like breathing chasm's of fears lonely regret,
Tossing and turning,
Down paths belittled drawn stones,

Pony boy saddle up,
Beware the road is already ahead,
And the men all wear their funny hats,

Ice -

Like the vendettas of a broken promises,
Healing is a necessary awareness,

Like poetry forever chosen,
Day's un-ended only still formed
Oct 2015 · 324
Give me that which is mine
Kody dibble Oct 2015
I is a me, inside of thee,
For a fusion of time and tea,

Silence the night, like bringers of dawn,
Form all the beauty inside a white room,

I called to the owls,
They said tis' was mine,

I call to the woods,
They left it unheard,

I'm not your's cries the wolf-man,
Breathing his cordial gross, differences,

Seashells are darker,
When days are brighter,
Like the shadows of monks,

In Sanctuary's of storms,
There I find,
All that is mine
Sep 2015 · 1.9k
Love & Violence
Kody dibble Sep 2015
Same as yesterday,
A ruthless beg at the morrow,
For trees and colors of light,
That stream through murdered pasts,

Twlight breathe,
Of longer passions,

Vertigo isolation,
She's running the mill,
She's always so cold,

A scheme against the day's blight,
A force of lonliness,

Maybe treason and reason,
collide like intentions
prevent the confiding belief,
A surprise
Kody dibble Aug 2015
Although I'm here,
Living this frivolous life,
The steadiness of virtue and strife,
Lead me into indecision and decision,
Like a broken symphony,
I chastise the thought,

For truth and bottles of blue,
Beneath the evening view, divine, present my intentions with,
The finest view of what to think,
Or what we think together,
At rest forever

Your persona and mine,
Mix like water, fire and filth,
Burning the melodic stench of depth,
A trance of melting of skin
Lively notes....
Aug 2015 · 757
The Life
Kody dibble Aug 2015
Life is like a weather-man's parade,
A spun-out ride of calamity,
Such details lost like blue winds,
In ever-green plateau's
Or high desert mountains,

All of the images,
My mind displays,
Are radiating,
Yet transparently,
Confining themselves,
Into whatever isometric language,
They deem fit
Such is the way of....
Aug 2015 · 449
Wondering Features
Kody dibble Aug 2015
Like Daisies,
I shift,
un-turned eye's caress,
My utero stance,
I am amazed at all of the way's
A man can die,
Like pigeon breathe in the morning,
Outward and un-biased,
Spewing chunks of waves hit my surrendered vision,

Fortune is a calling for sparrow's nests,
Like Fame is a smell of cheese,
Both require youth and effigies of a tender tune,
One is requite,
Both are reprimanded,

Serving and Being,
Are benign,
In all area's divine,
Like solitude breakfast,
In place's unknown,

My title for this poem should be,
About the daisies, but I forget,
Why the solace was so low?
Can you see what else is said beneath the sayings of said and not
Jul 2015 · 421
A round of consciousness
Kody dibble Jul 2015
Like a wild-bush,
Frenzied on growing,
My empirical designation,
Of self-implosion
Falls like Berlin walls,
And Stalin statues,

I wonder if the night can see like me,
Or if the daunting blue figurines of my watch,
Dance like the dozy white flakes of a cold winter storm,

In the midsts of battle we learn decisiveness and impending insanity,

Summer heat brings showers of agony and glimpses of pleasure,

Like fleeing from some unearthed **** we forged ourselves in,

The Earth she moans to the dark strands of nowhere,

"Please take me home." She cries
Hello welcome are you satisfied
Jul 2015 · 262
Faith & Life
Kody dibble Jul 2015
Like the water of Faith,
Sometimes rough sometimes safe,

I find myself in the currents of life,
Without knowing what next,

I chase tomorrow without thinking today,
I forget the pain and remember the way

Like the fish in the sea, my ego

Like birds in the sky, my spirit

The gifts of life come and stay
Life love light
Jun 2015 · 368
Being a ship mate
Kody dibble Jun 2015
A Gil in the docks
As always the flock
Becomes a stampede of mindless
Like old newspapers
I think of words
Like unequivocal
Or enterprise
And find the omission
Of interest
Constant and timid
Like paper bins
Or rootball images of day and night

Someday the seances of youth will fade away
Like films full of hatred and lives full of war
Or seething castes of poor old folk
Wishing deaths hymn sing aghast them and benign
Jun 2015 · 362
A wobbly wake-up
Kody dibble Jun 2015
******* my skin,
My soul banishing them,
To a nether-land,
Of no thought, or image,
Like black water,
Without the racist mingling eagle hunters,
Dreary nights,
Capture me like a vintage car,
Death leaves no traces' in itself,
Or of itself,
Just selfish flaws counseling each other,
Each one waiting to finish someone, or something,

I've seen wild winds,
Fighting each-other,
In bathrooms,
In places where dark clouds stream aimlessly,

Whatever you believe,
Make sure it's true,
Until the collapse of everything you know,
It will be the only thought to grow,

Don't be like the rest,
Or even think to finish death's song,
It's far to quick,

Very few Devils live like Satan,
Very few people care,

Very many people die,
Wishing life's regrets were blue,

I'd like to finish this off,
By asking you a question,
Do you think I can sing? To the colorless hue of Light growing,
Like a candle in my room?
Random poem of the day
Jun 2015 · 315
Change and action
Kody dibble Jun 2015
Mens mors
Judgment and death
Like ruckus and changelings
I know thy the best
Like chess and change
Please leave the rest
nauta vidi
Life in a message
And peace
I find in the least
random write from a couple days ago
Jun 2015 · 384
Life tangle
Kody dibble Jun 2015
Crimson births a isometric mind,
Crystal vases made of wood and pine,
Onyx stones of foulest find,
Like wallowing trees of you and I

There lies rubies of a nature so far,
There lies diamonds made of blood and coal,

The whole purpose of creativity
Is divinity in twinned

Forget I and remember He,
The Holy image of life
That was always suppose to be
Yep love laugh live
Jun 2015 · 470
The Children of Eve
Kody dibble Jun 2015
The kids over neat the tree of Silver, laced in
Smelling the fragrance and touching the bayberries
A soothing practice allowed by a few nobles
Ones with fortress gestures and knitted crowns
Seeping into the further furnace
Desires, lifeless beauty pregnant
Flames burning blue
Washing the window of tomorrow
If there ever was a pane for pain
Broken glass shattered at last
All the kids play beneath the Silver Tree
Laced in Gold,
Laced in Gold
This is a poem from my new poetry collection titled: Gauntlet of Rage

You can find out more about my poetry and work @ or by typing Kody Dibble in at
Jun 2015 · 441
Granite and Bone
Kody dibble Jun 2015
You see that movie in you mind,
And you see that devil in your line,

What are you going to do?
With the self you intend to suffice,
Surfacing in patterns,
Of Worth,
I know of,
That Heart-felt,
Variance, Of situated fear,
****, Death, you canceled all those perfect days,
Like a show you watch,
Or the water, the waves...

Everyone loves those ruthless men,
With their toes all bent and their minds all spent,

Everyone loves those tired days,
Where the rain comes fast,
But the pain stays the same,

There are rocks of Granite,
And bones of bone
Men and Woman,
Inside of one Tomb,

I write sometimes, to breeze past the day,
I write sometimes, to remind me of clay,
I write sometimes, to tell you I love you,
I write sometimes, to relent and decay,

If I finish this,
Before you end it,
Or read it after,
My only hope is life's disaster,
Will sweep by your Soul,
Dive past your Spirit,
And leave your mind Whole
What is life?
May 2015 · 428
Gong's Climb
Kody dibble May 2015
Venus light shows,
Growing in turns and shades of,
Blanketed darkness, brimming trees,
and canopies of islands and such of doves sick cold and lonely

Music my soul can sing to the view
Grossly unfair and the rest of the day
I love it when you have a great way

The films of passion and people
Guilt's are yours
But bought suddenly like
Rain drops in an ocean
Of Light
And sunrise
Don't dwell on the past unless you
Have thoughts of a sudden urge
To be

Or have you been? Sitting there like always
A fume so entranced in the golden
Life does exist
May 2015 · 388
Tri-Vecta Vehement
Kody dibble May 2015
Sphere's of Light,
Dance around your concealed mind,

Dragon's roamed the land's,
When and before Medieval times,
Aghast the Chosen Naught are few,

To stand the test of time a dew,
For centuries the growing fields doth grow,


Flight, Cold, Death,
Streaming like fallen waters,
From guilt-like cares,


She was looking at the sight's,
And I called to her,
Hello, Hello, Hello,
I care that you see what's inside of us,
Inside us all,
Inside what ever we could, or should,
Have we been?
Hello, Hello, Goodbye, Goodbye
May 2015 · 301
Adoni Fly
Kody dibble May 2015
Adoni Fly away with me,

Let's meet in the summer sky,

Like flowers in the ocean we'll swing to and fro

Like worms in the dirt we'll wingle and grow,

Adoni my Raffa oh how sweet your sounds,

Lullaby's and trances of beauty that swells,

Make these fears fall to the floor

Hoping and praying no one is near

Just for today forever I hope

To live in your wonderous joy and peace free from the pain the shallowness and grief

Adoni, oh Adoni come fly with me
May 2015 · 273
A certain sense
Kody dibble May 2015
5 times I watch the moon drift, like oil upon glass tables

Wishing the world would spin away

"The lady in your dreams Michael she's not a joke" I told him

As if the blinkers of my headlights were out cold, I chased the penny men

"The difference is..." Cold sweat, dreary melting fears like chasing wine and vinaigrette,

I saw those lies stemmed in greed,

But I refuse to look on them,

The time and space around your vexed self is invariably tied to the nothingness you've drifted inward

Decently you ask for opinions

Coldly you swear to your mother asking for Death to guide you nowhere

Only are you at fault ?

Do Indian dances in ****** renaissance scare you?

Me to,

Come conquer these Bad faces with me, come conquer these black foot lions with me,

Like an old Pawnee once said..

"Expose the breadman"
Life and its place
May 2015 · 253
Searching Fire
Kody dibble May 2015
The sacred language of the Birds,
Seething volcanos call out,
Like dreams of children,

The only way I find to see,
Anything at all,
Is a tent I call Holy,

In order to forget,
You must remember,
Lonely nights from November to December,

Search for whatever you can find,
Find whatever you define,
Or desire,
Like truth on the fire

I met a Mohawk Child,
Asking me questions about,
Lives of desire
May 2015 · 573
Thy Beloved
Kody dibble May 2015
Let this start,
As many doth do,
Between the fires,
Of grace and anew,
Always I wonder
Of your loving Truths

Again I am asking,
Can we live again,
After the wars hostilities and more,

I call on thee Love,
Your crying call

Of devotion and justice
A guess of the times I see into you,
The nothing of this
Is something of you
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