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Kody dibble Sep 2020
Daunting silent variances of light

Going under,
For a time

The bad bones
Of our past

Tiger blood
Like that
  Apr 2020 Kody dibble
I never thought I'd matter
To anyone

Until you
Came along

And changed my perspective
Of the universe

You made me feel
Like I matter

And I'm grateful
For you.
Kody dibble Apr 2020
"Hi Children,"

She turns, mystically endowed with a sense of something greater still.

"Please enjoy this story, it is old and foretold without a soul to behold."

"Darkness is a place, fewer men know still"

"Where shadows are lonely and vicarious, tilted visions of sorrow"

"My darling"

She points to a small child in the front row, a girl seemingly clueless to the world around her.

"The arrow bends beneath the snow but life it takes for me to grow"

All the children are now listening.

"I've place the bets, and now I know"

"The darkness seeks another reef to hallow its only begotten dream"

They know it now, you know..The ending. They grew up beside each other, fighting each other, loving each other. Someday you will realize all of the reasons why you surrendered. Why you chose to caress a care that spoke of there being something....

Kody dibble Oct 2019
I miss you
Like the rain misses the blood in my veins

You know they say we are made mostly of water
I drown in you

She watches darkness
I see the light in you

I live in you
Petty phrases and lifeless eyes
Kody dibble Aug 2019
People come,
Talk, wander,
Do things that are substitutes,

For what?

I don't know,
People know

I like the idea of beauty
But it's the most evil
It limits you
to itself
and burns us to wretched girth
shadow's of former selves they say
I love to love to love
Kody dibble Aug 2019
If sorrow is for the poet,
Then mystery is for the dreamer,

I shadow a mince of swollen pride
It batters me
Like a mauling iron
of birth-stone and fire
I surrender

From time
and time again,

I select
A version of indecision so in-vain
I could barley sketch the sheet
or ventilate

Maybe that's all

Who knows
Sometimes the day goes
Kody dibble Jul 2019
Daring to say words,
Laughing thoughts cause tension,
Like jester's,
knighted into dreary stanzas and contortions

Where are all the mild men?
The one's who count for days
Who swindle the swindler,
The very breath of a man,

Is but...

Don't you?

See the target out there Charles?
Hit that and life will build you a shelter
Charles God has no shelter
No target to hit
Pretty little things
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