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i read about sandstorms today
the ones that rise from within you
following you until they swallow you
right into the middle
and that my darling,
reminded me of you
it reminded me of the way you made me feel
vulnerable, like playing a game of charades
it made me feel *****
and at times, it felt as though i was strong
strong enough to conquer the world
strong enough to win my battles
but i did not mean to do it
with you by my side
it made me feel selfish
yet, it gave me satisfaction
these feelings;
these feelings were new
i had never felt them before
and yet, they had come from within me
poking holes through my body
making me realize
that pain was ecstatic
i felt ominous
like you were a charmer
and i was the snake
begging you to poison me
my feelings;
my feelings could not resist your tunes
swirling and turning in circles
twisting around themselves
like grains of sand
in a sandstorm
but darling, that is the thing about sandstorms
they tease you and tempt you
until you stop
and watch in awe
as the sandstorm engulfs you complete
all you are left with now is the
memory of the tunes
ringing in your ears
wishing that you had continued to twirl
while they still amused you
Amber E Jan 19
I never knew hunger
I never knew that gnawing
Until you craved me
And all at once I was conquered
It feels just like yesterday, whispers
a croaking voice inside, so familiar,
but ownerless, like that same white van
passed on every morning’s commute, a canvas
where somebody beautiful took the time to
spraypaint in pukegreen bubbleletters
“WELCOME TO ****”, to
urban sprawl, or capitalism,
or something? Something, slinking like a
roach through rotting throngs of desperation
marching blind through subwaycar shackles,
carrying away the hopes of tomorrow on
yesterday’s dollar, building justifications
for plunder out of cold metal and glass…

eyes open. I open the morning door,
pierced by a crow’s shadow at
oppressive dawn. Bleary, half-formed,
each step out of the homeshell and down
the street feeling slowed down, like
the air has hardened into a sea of fudge,
saccharine bliss of ***** birds resembling
the endless sobs of the guilty, keeping them
down, today, locked up inside—

I have wasted years
apologizing for not being
enough to replace this futility—
I have no butterfly net
big enough
to seize the day.

On the far side of an idyllic fence
a groundhog darts out from a hedgerow,
barreling awkwardly, shamelessly,
away from the familiar cover of the underbrush—
Sparkling, from this distance,
playfully glazed with new sun
this shuffling ball of fur
hurtles through the empty field…

Why can’t I?
Stepping up and into
public transport, metallic husk,
the question remains, lingering
far after the sounds fade out.

--Graham Kellner
first poem on here! :)
PMc Dec 2018
Kiss me
and you’ll remember just how beautiful it can be
when our lips touched
it’s almost as though it were some oral obligation
that our lips should meet
our tongues, the tongues of dragons
should touch so delicately.

Hold me
and I’ll you recall just how wonderful it is
when our arms locked
I feel the power of ten hundred Herculean lovers
supporting the temple of passion
our fingers, the fingers of surgeons
should entwine so gently.

Teach me
and recount the magic we have found this weekend
when our lives exploded
your words are the knowledge of  one ‘chronologically advantaged'
and the years, years of study
your words, words of uncertainty
should engage my perception

Love me
and reveal to yourself the years of ******* oppression
when our hearts meet
we will know what it is to be as one
as two can become
while in the deep of the deepest of all raptures
our bodies, our bodies of sensitivity
should meet so gently.

Kiss me…
  Hold me…
    Teach me…
      Love me ….
         Kiss me….
Ahh when love was new and each kiss a **** good reason for another.  The exploration of what might be and what could become.  The reality of the moment with promise of future.
JS CARIE Nov 2018
At spawn of first light
Darkness embarks into the recesses of hibernation
And so begins the blinding incline,
the inevitable blonde coiled wreaths frustration is on the rise
forces a discharge so multiple and emanate,
the skyward black shrinks back
from panoptic reaches,
into a delinquent weakened rumor

When this daily task of ridding the black ends a victor
The climb continues upward in a high sky setting
Consequential over the mornings painstaking labors
Wiping from his brow,
in a waving motion
To release mists over global hydration

By welcoming this morning dew,
the earth is one more day new
and can take great relief in this rebirth
Assuring all parched famine will gain resolve
taking in their absolve
What Came to me after several bouts with patience
Was wave of relief, not by myself alone, it takes more than the love of ourselves, I had to feel a distant presence to be reawakened
Marie-Lyne Dec 2017
In the age of digital media
All we want is a relationship full of photos
Uploaded on instagram
We want a simple love
A non complicated one
But that never happens
Because love is a complex necessity
But hey for once we can try to keep the freedom to ourselves
To love someone
And to like someone else for a while
To see what we're missing
But at the same time what we still have
Where our strength hangs is in ourselves
Not in others
We're complete with each other
And by ourselves
Emily Mitchell Mar 2018
Burgeoning branch tips
Ready and waiting to spring
Silent green fireworks.
I always love this time of year. ..when the leaves are just starting to come out.
Debanjana Saha Sep 2017
The essence of festivities all around
And the ray of hope
lit in our eyes
Few more days
And it begins.

Festival will come, once again
New attires, new hopes
shining in bright light.
Mother Goddess arrives,
to heal our mind.

9th and 10th day left
With good wishes all around
When Goddess Durga arrives
Returns back our smiles
And heart fills up with happiness.

With the arrival of Goddess Durga
Take back the past
Take back our past love
Take back everything
Which no longer belongs to us
And make us anew.

Written originally in Bengali-

Pujo pujo gondho
Amader sobar chokhe aalo
Kichu din aaro
Tarpor pujo aarombho.

Pujo aashbe, abar aasbey
Notun kapor, notun aaloker dhaara
Maa elo abar,
Mon k saariye deoyar jonno.

Nobomi r dashmi baki
Preeti o Shubhechha
Maa-r aagomone
Firbe abar haashi
Mon bhore Khushi

Elo Maa Durga
Aager din er kotha
Aager prem
Sob firiye nao
Amader notun kore dao.
The Durga puja essence and a feeling of newness with the bloom of happiness in mind & heart. I wrote the poem in my mother-tongue Bengali and translated in English as well. There are few things which cannot be expressed until spoken in mother-tongue. It's the language which binds us to the heart. Festival always brings happiness, praying that our souls would find some rest when blessed by Goddess Durga.
I'm Tired Aug 2017
I like words
The way they give you power
To go anywhere
To do anything
To forget
nabi 나비 Jul 2017
i love movies and music
that get me in this exact mood
this mood
that is undescribeable
where it feels like life is a film
filled with the emotions
that come rare in life
and this mood comes often
but no one would understand
because its as though i'm the only one feeling it
it's as though i'm living through nostalgia and newness altogether
as though i'm floating through everything
it may be the most difficult thing to describe
but it is the most desired thing i feel
i love this feeling. of contentment and mellowness.
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