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I like you a bucket full
Or maybe a hot tub full
Actually, scratch that––
        a modest pond size full
You know what, **** it––
I like you to the capacity of a whole swelling ocean;
One that is overflowing onto the land.
Panashe Sep 10
I watched you from a distance, too scared to approach, you promised to catch me if l fell and so l did. But instead of being met by the warmth of your grip l found the cold hard floor. The fall was graceful yet painful, every piece of me scattered across the dusky aged gravel floor. The pieces were so small that l become one with the ground, buried and forgot… so l thought. Did you think of me the way I thought of you, you consumed my thoughts like a fungus l failed to eliminate. I had betrothed my pain but only one spouse was satisfied. And so waited… I waited for the rain to slowly wash away my pieces to the drain and hopefully only then was l able to piece myself together again, I may have been broken glass but l rose from the ashes as my scattered pieces became as ravishing as the crystals that gracefully shined as the sun rays met the fragile yet still alluring sharp-eyed shattered dreams. It may not have been restored to its exact condition but those broken pieces began to shine as beautiful as the infinite stars. For l have become as boundless as the stars, misty-eyed but hard-edged.
Anastasia Aug 16
I want
To breathe
To understand
What's wrong with me
I feel like this is temporary
But I know it's permanent
The loneliness
I keep going
but I don't want to
dunno why im so depressed
Through growth and the quest for happiness,
I fall back hard when my mind gets too comfortable --
that the place I'm finally in, is the right place.
I got to learn that versions of right and happiness
change every single day.
The universe tends to bring me everything and anything that would help me grow through the situation.
New people,
a different vibration,
and color.
The sun would even 'shine' differently for me.
The light gets too much...
that is the time I have to outgrow the old and welcome the new.
The journey is painful at times.
But the bigger picture is the newness of self that comes with it.
I swear to God,
I'm loving the person I am becoming.

To you,
may you find You in your own beautiful way.
Amber E Jun 1
You and I are two storms
Gaining momentum by the hour
So much energy between us
Such an unfathomable power

Your touch electrifies me
Your words generate an instant joy
All without the use of your hands
And without the sound of your voice
Amber E Jan 19
I never knew hunger
I never knew that gnawing
Until you craved me
And all at once I was conquered
It feels just like yesterday, whispers
a croaking voice inside, so familiar,
but ownerless, like that same white van
passed on every morning’s commute, a canvas
where somebody beautiful took the time to
spraypaint in pukegreen bubbleletters
urban sprawl, or capitalism,
or something? Something, slinking like a
roach through rotting throngs of desperation
marching blind through subwaycar shackles,
carrying away the hopes of tomorrow on
yesterday’s dollar, building justifications
for plunder out of cold metal and glass…

eyes open. I open the morning door,
pierced by a crow’s shadow at
oppressive dawn. Bleary, half-formed,
each step out of the homeshell and down
the street feeling slowed down, like
the air has hardened into a sea of fudge,
saccharine bliss of ***** birds resembling
the endless sobs of the guilty, keeping them
down, today, locked up inside—

I have wasted years
apologizing for not being
enough to replace this futility—
I have no butterfly net
big enough
to seize the day.

On the far side of an idyllic fence
a groundhog darts out from a hedgerow,
barreling awkwardly, shamelessly,
away from the familiar cover of the underbrush—
Sparkling, from this distance,
playfully glazed with new sun
this shuffling ball of fur
hurtles through the empty field…

Why can’t I?
Stepping up and into
public transport, metallic husk,
the question remains, lingering
far after the sounds fade out.

--Graham Kellner
first poem on here! :)
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