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22.2k · Apr 2014
Xyns Apr 2014
I'm happy one minute
And then you flip
And so do I

One minute I'm in love
And rightly so
But then you decide to speak

You like to take anything
That brings us joy
And crush it

Well, we won't pretend anymore
You've lost now
It's all over now

We aren't under your control
You're just going to lose us
But we belong here

And so I'll fight for them
Against you
And do what I know to do

So while you flip and flop
Change your emotions
I'll be emotionless

Because none of us can stand it
Any longer with you
Living Bipolar
21.8k · Apr 2014
Xyns Apr 2014
I can't get out
I'm stuck in this cycle
Over and over
Again and again
I make the same mistake
Because I'm too stupid
To realize
That it's my own choices
That caused all this pain
Well done, me.
I've succeeded at ruining
19.7k · Mar 2014
What If I Told You?
Xyns Mar 2014
What if I told you
Your soul can break

What if I told you
No one could save you

What if I told you
You're not in reality

What if I told you
I've stolen all your dreams

What if I told you
I heard your saddened whispers

What if I told you
I know you're just like me

And what if I said
We both dwell in the darkness
15.8k · Apr 2014
You're my Superhero
Xyns Apr 2014
I'd love to be your hero
Your knight in shining armor
To take all your pain away

*I'd love to be your damsel in distress
Your Lois Lane, Daphne Blake
Because you're my Clark Kent, my Fred Jones
You're my everything
And, thanks to you, there is no pain
15.1k · Nov 2014
Christians And Racism
Xyns Nov 2014
I just want to take a moment to address a very real problem.


I find that the most racist people are usually southern Christians.
And this I don't understand at all..

Christians read the Bible and live by what it says.
At least, they claim to.

The Bible teaches love of all men.
Everyone is made in the image of God, the Creator, the Almighty.

Since all men are made in the image of God,
Are all men not equal?

Every man is equal to every other man.
No person is superior or inferior.

Thus, racism goes against what the Bible is supposed to teach.
So a Christian's racism is against their religion and should be frowned upon.

Also, Southerners are typically the most religious.
Why then is racism such an issue in the south?

It makes no sense for Christians to be racist.
Those who are racist Christians are ignorant and obviously not true Christians.

And to anyone who chooses to use their childhood upbringings as an excuse:
That makes you even more ignorant.

You should be able to think for yourself and realize that your prejudice is idiotic.
And because you claim to have been raised into racism, you are simply blaming your parents for your idiocy and they are just as ignorant as you are.
My thoughts on the matter.
14.5k · Feb 2015
Xyns Feb 2015
Why go to prom?
I'd be happier at home
Drinking and smoking
Being all alone
13.8k · Mar 2014
Xyns Mar 2014
Just because it has a heartbeat
Doesn't mean you can **** it.
K? K.
I think you need to get a new hobby  that doesn't involve penises.
13.1k · Mar 2014
Xyns Mar 2014
Corrupt and quiet
Brain damaged
Like a mental hemorrhaging
A ****** heart's craving

Tattooed on your clear skin
Running hands over it
Dusting off your innocence
Dancing on ground that's caving in

Men and women in pain
Broken children going insane
Holding their breaths
Hearts heaving in their chests

Painstaking memories
Sipping tears from souls unclean
Empty verses, lyrics obscene
Children who will never be seen

You've lost your health
Now, what do you have left?
***** just like the rest
Nothing to show, no family crest

Tear jerkers
Hard workers
Acid-bathed men
You simply cannot win

Thoughts under arrest
Burning names off the list
Fighting with a pointless fist
Lost in the lifeless mist
12.6k · Apr 2014
Xyns Apr 2014
It's more than just
The lust
That tortures us
It's the trust

We both make
That mistake
And we regret it
With every breath we take
9.3k · Oct 2014
Xyns Oct 2014
Our love could be like a Fairytale

Twisting, winding down brick trails

Full of mystery and wondrous spells

Unguarded hearts with happy tales

Endless room without fear to fail

Our love is exactly like a Fairytale

No matter how bad I want it, It's just not real.
8.8k · Mar 2014
Xyns Mar 2014
I'm stronger than you thought
Too many wars I've fought

You figured you could break me
No idea that stronger, you'd make me
7.8k · Mar 2014
Thank You For Breaking Me
Xyns Mar 2014
Thank you for breaking me
And making me
A better me

Thank you for hurting me
And making me
A stronger me

Thank you for shooting me
And making me

Thank you for burning me
And making me
This is an older poem. Things have changed since then. But this poem is highly relative to a lot of people and I liked it well enough so I posted it.
7.1k · May 2014
Lifeless Judgement
Xyns May 2014
walk a mile in these shoes
the shoes that i've worn my entire life
never gotten any new
they're what i've been stuck with since birth

take a step into my brain
feel my everyday pain
no i'm not happy i did some things
but really i had no other choice

you say that this makes me a *****
well, were you there when i said no?
but it happened anyway, i had no say
so honestly can you call me a **?

you say that i'm a murderer
but did you know that the baby would have died anyway
that my body was beaten severely
and that it no longer can support a fetus?

you say that i'm a liar and a thief
guess what. i have children and a dying mother to feed
get a job? i have two.
still we don't have enough money for the month to get through

you say that i'm hideous and ugly
well, i used to win pageants too
until one day there was 10 car pile up
but what does it matter to you?

you say that i'm evil and cold
did you know that i have no one else at home
i've been left alone, rejected
so that's what i'm used to

before you think thoughts of me
look at the things i've been through please
and realize that i'm me and not your label
the stories you've heard are fables
6.6k · Apr 2014
Xyns Apr 2014
Taste the sin
Breathe it in
Feeling the sting
Of the poisoning

May the rage
Never fade
May the truth
Be bulletproof

Let it just fall
Simply lose it all
Why try to stay
If you're pushed away

Love the contract
Eternal contact
Such a great lie
You'll want to die

It hurts to be
Giving in totally
To the darkness
You'll be worthless

But it's all necessary
For liberty.
For what is light
With nothing to fight?
6.0k · Mar 2014
Xyns Mar 2014
It hurts to see.

Stings to breathe.

What has this world done to me?
5.6k · Apr 2015
Talking Body
Xyns Apr 2015
"Now if you're talking body
You got a perfect one
So put it on me
Swear it won't take you long
If you love me right
We **** for life
On and on and on"
Tove Lo
5.3k · Mar 2014
Xyns Mar 2014
Let our words not yield hatred
But strength
From the places we've been
The tragedy we've seen

Let our actions not portray brokenness
But wisdom
From the troubles we've overcome
The paths we've taken

Let our demeanor be not of shame
But caution
From the hearts we've broken
The deeds we've regretted
5.0k · May 2014
Xyns May 2014
i don't know what souls are made of

i don't know what mine consists of

i don't know what makes up yours either

but  whatever it is

ours are the same

your essence mirrors mine

my personality reflects yours

we are one and the same

looking into your face

bathing in the brown of your eyes

is like looking into a mirror

and losing you

would be to lose myself
Xyns Nov 2015
The colors are darker-
Blending together to be grey,

The magic is bitter-
It's sweet flavor ran away,

The cold has gotten meaner-
The heat has given in to decay,

The rot is much quicker-
Seeping deeper day by day,

The struggles are harder..

*Due to the fact that you've gone away...
4.8k · May 2015
Just Another Diss
Xyns May 2015
You should probably know
You look dumb as ****
With that foreign blonde on your arm
It's awkward, it shows
But you parade her around
Like she's your ******* lucky charm

I remember when I was there
Don't you?
I remember when you really cared
Don't you?
I remember when you were real
Don't you?
I remember the way I made you feel
Don't you?

You probably forgot all about that
Didn't you?
Forgot everything we ever been through
Didn't you?
Moved on from your old life, got a new one
Didn't you?
You saw her and thought she was prettier
Didn't you?
You wanted her more than you wanted me
Didn't you?

But when she lets you down
And when she leaves to go home
When she finds someone better
And when she moves the **** on
Who the hell are you gonna love?
Probably some little ****** ****
That's all you could pull now anyways

And honestly, way deep deep down
I miss you, I want you, I need you around
But, reality check baby,
I  hate you and dream of your death on the daily
You make me ******* sick
So I'm done, now I'm through with this ****
**** Yourself.
4.6k · Apr 2014
My True Infinity
Xyns Apr 2014
There's no one else
On this planet
That I'd rather
Waste my eternity with
You're it.
My true infinity
4.4k · Apr 2015
Xyns Apr 2015
Hercules, Hercules
So very strong
Dear God, Where did we go wrong?
You were my strength
My one and only
*Now I'm left weak and lonely
He loved when I called him Hercules..
4.3k · Apr 2014
Evil Immortality
Xyns Apr 2014
I'm bleeding out
Almost empty

You spite me
You tried to **** me

Sorry, I should have told you
I'm immortal

I bathe in blood
Drink the souls of those who fail

I created evil
Gave birth to fear

Yet, you think it's simple
To end me here?

Hear that ringing in your head?
That's a sign

Soon enough, I'll have your life
It's mine!

I can't wait until the moment
I steal your breath

It's such a rush
My own ecstasy

Oh, don't even scream
No one cares

Not a single person will hear it
They just don't value life anymore

Haha! Isn't is funny?
It's all because of me!

Now, cry. Beg me!
I want to hear your suffering

It's nothing to be ashamed of
You were misinformed

You didn't know who I was
Now you see

Shh It's all over now
Don't worry dear

After you die
It won't sting
4.1k · Nov 2016
Your Body is an Addiction
Xyns Nov 2016
Your body is an addiction

You cause oceans
Cause explosions
Cause emotions
Bring love potions
Know the motions

Fight the feeling
Keep me reeling
Got me stealing
Just dope dealing
I'm not healing

Your body is an addiction
3.7k · May 2014
i hate you
Xyns May 2014
i hate you
i hate you for everything you say
i hate you for every breath you take
i hate you for every heart beat
i hate you for every single blink
i hate you for every little comment
i hate you for every living moment
i hate you for every word you think
i hate you for ever staying with me
i hate you for every single substance
i hate you for every night of fear

i hate you
i hate you for threatening what i have here
i hate you for threatening my dad
i hate you for threatening my best friend
i hate you for threatening my grandmother
i hate you for threatening my sanity
i hate you for threatening my humanity
i hate you for threatening my life
i hate you for threatening theirs too
i hate you for threatening us with words
i hate you for threatening our worlds

i hate you
3.4k · Feb 2015
Xyns Feb 2015
Yours truly,
Forever and Always,
To infinity and beyond.*

P.S. I love you
(Sorry. That was really
Corny, lame, and
From a book
I've never even read.
But yeah..
I love you)
3.2k · Jan 2015
An Unpopular Poem
Xyns Jan 2015
This is probably not going to trend
You probably won't click that heart down there
I'm sure no one will re-post it
And not a single person will comment

This is an unpopular poem
Written by an unpopular poet
Using unpopular words
Expressing unpopular thoughts

I understand no one will want to read this
No one will take the time to consider it
Not a soul will get what I'm saying
And I'm positive nobody will like it

I don't think people are put on Earth for a reason
I don't think we have any destined significance
If we did, where would the beauty be?
We'd all be bound for one thing, one destiny

Who would want that? Really?
That strips away our freedom to choose, I think..
And I'm sure many of you are going to disagree
And you're going to fling at me your religious beliefs

I just don't think that way; it doesn't make sense to me
I don't see the mystical powers you all so desperately believe
Or the God you say is here to take care of me
I don't understand why this is something you could believe

So here you have it
An unpopular poem thing
Scripted by an unpopular poet, me
This is something I'm sure no one will read..
3.0k · Mar 2014
Xyns Mar 2014
That's all I ask
That's all I want

Of your voice
Of your touch

To go mad with you
To go crazy over you

Of calling you mine
Of being on your mind

Is that too much to ask?
2.9k · Apr 2014
Xyns Apr 2014
I'm a thousand miles
Into the depths

*And I'm sinking even further
2.8k · Mar 2014
You Are Evil
Xyns Mar 2014
You don't like it when you're wrong
Do you?
You hate it when I love something
Don't you?
You miss when you could hold me down
Don't you?
You're a failure at being a human
Did you know that?
You are evil
I know that.
2.6k · Apr 2015
Xyns Apr 2015
I find the richest
In your absence.
2.5k · Apr 2014
All of Me
Xyns Apr 2014
What would I do without your smart mouth?
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
You've got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down
What's going on in that beautiful mind
I'm on your magical mystery ride
And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I'll be alright

My head's under water
But I'm breathing fine
You're crazy and I'm out of my mind

'Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning
'Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, oh

How many times do I have to tell you
Even when you're crying you're beautiful too
The world is beating you down, I'm around through every mood
You're my downfall, you're my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
I can't stop singing, it's ringing, in my head for you

My head's under water
But I'm breathing fine
You're crazy and I'm out of my mind

'Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning
'Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, oh

Give me all of you
Cards on the table, we're both showing hearts
Risking it all, though it's hard

'Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning
'Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you

I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, oh
John Legend. This is a masterpiece. This song always brings me to tears.
2.5k · May 2015
Xyns May 2015
Every time I think of you
I *****

Every time I look at you
I *****

If you only knew
How much I hate you
For every ******* thing
You put me through



Every time I think of you
I *****

Don't get me wrong
I'm not bitter, I'm mad
It's not because I want you back
It's not because I love you
Every time I think of you, I wanna YAK


You don't know how sick you make me.
Every time I think of you
I puke.
Inspired by a little ***** and an Eminem song.
Xyns Jan 2015
So familiarize what having to swallow this pill is like
It happens all the time, they take your heart and steal your life
And it's as though you feel you've died because you've been killed inside
But yet you're still alive which means you will survive
Although today you may weep because you're weak and
Everything seems so bleek and hopeless
The life that you're seeking, it begins to seep in
That's the only thing keeping you from leaping off the motherfreaking deep end

And I'm pulling for you to push through this feeling
And with a little time that should do the healing
And by tomorrow you may even feel so good that you're willing
To forgive them even after all that **** you been put through.
This feeling of resilience is building.
And the flames are burning quick as fire would.
Through this building. you're sealed in
But you're fireproof, flame retardant, you withstood it.
And as you climb up to the roof, you're just chillin' and you look down
'Cause you're so over them you could put the heel of your foot through the ceiling.

As time passes, things change everyday
But wounds, wounds heal
But scars still remain the same
But tomorrow today's goin' down in flames
Throw the match, set the past ablaze

So feel the fire beneath your feet
As you barely even perspire from the heat
Exhale deep and breathe a sigh of relief
And as you say goodbye to the grief
It's like watching the walls melt in your prison cell
But you've extinguished this living hell
Still a little piece of you dies, you scream..
Beautiful Pain by Eminem ft Sia. This song keeps me going when I want to stop.
2.4k · Apr 2014
The Walls
Xyns Apr 2014
You turned around and walked away

And that's when I felt it

I felt the walls around my heart crumble

I felt myself open up and become vulnerable

I felt myself begin to love you

Though it was all too late

Then I realized just what I had lost

And that's when I felt it

I felt the sting strip away the care

I felt the burn replace it with hurt

I felt the brokenness replace the walls with ashes

Though nothing it changed

Then I wished the wall had never been there

And that's when I stopped feeling
2.3k · Mar 2014
We Are Exceptional
Xyns Mar 2014
Can't we just be us for a second?
And stop the conformity
End the uniformity
And become people

Can't we just be us for a moment?
And stop the yes ma'am
End the yes sir
And become equal

Can't we just be us for a while?
And stop the judgement
End the competition
And become simple

Can't we just be us for a day?
And stop the cushioning
End the lying
And become real

Can't we just be us for some time?
And stop the worrying
End the fearing
And become gleeful

Can't we just be us for today?
And stop the striving
End the climbing
And let ourselves free fall

Can't we just be us?
And stop the normal
And show we're
2.1k · Jun 2015
I'm Happy
Xyns Jun 2015
I'm happy.
I'm finally happy.
1.9k · Mar 2014
Blowing Smoke
Xyns Mar 2014
Blowing smoke
Rolling up
Let it burn
Take a puff

Little escape
From the day
Open minds
Stolen time

Filled to the rim
Sips with friends
Tilt up the end
Pouring again

Little break
From a life
Open bottles
Stolen dances

Party with them
Party with us
Party for fun
Party for love
1.9k · Apr 2014
I'm Sorry
Xyns Apr 2014
I'm sorry
If I've ever hurt you

I've never been gentle

I'm sorry
If I've ever mistreated you

I've never been too nice

I'm sorry
If I've ever degraded you

I've never been understanding

I'm sorry
If I've never made you happy

I've always tried

I'm sorry
If I've never measured up

I've always attempted to

I'm sorry
If I've never been good enough

I've always been a failure
1.9k · Jan 2015
Pills N Potions
Xyns Jan 2015
Pills and potions
We're overdosing
I'm angry but I still love you

Pills and potions
We're overdosing
Can't stand it but I still love you
Nicki Minaj
1.8k · Dec 2014
Best Friend
Xyns Dec 2014
My best friend
Knows me
Better than I do
1.8k · Aug 2014
16 Year Old Psychopath.
Xyns Aug 2014
How about we start at the base
Ground zero
The place of destruction
The beginning of the action
My brain

If you think you can take it
Go ahead, step on in
Welcome to what will probably be
The most traumatic experience
Of your life, yet.

It's a chaotic chronic
A twister of pain, little gain
No production, simply destruction
Addictive personality
Worrisome and stressful reality, honestly

I don't know just how to say it
Or how to express it plainly
So I'm gonna wing it
And hope you people can understand
That I'm truly not all there

Sure, I'm responsible
I'm a smart kid with a bright future
But I don't know if I want that future
I don't know if I want myself either
I'm internally deranged

I like the idea of wasting myself of throwing myself in the flames and playing hopscotch in the smoke rings
Of wandering oblivion
And living in eternal suffering

No, I'm never gonna be a drunk
Never going be a ******
Never gonna trade my soul
To the only one who knows
Just how far I really wanna go

I'm not gonna dive off that cliff
Into that endless abyss
That holds the cold embrace
If the sweetest, purest
Most adored lover's kiss

I'm gonna keep to myself
Leave behind the inhalants
The smokes, drinks, and capsules
And hold my daddy's hand
And stay my little girl self

Meanwhile, on the inside
I'm lighting your home on fire
Throwing your kittens in the river
Slaughtering your children's dreams
And revealing your secrets

Satan can keep his contract
I'll keep my soul, just like you want
But I'll inwardly express the pain
That is my life
Signs of a serial killer, right?

Well, remember
Whatever I become
You made me
Aided the monster
By caging me
1.7k · Jan 2015
I Hate People.
Xyns Jan 2015
I hate people.
They anger me.
They're ridiculous.
It irritates me.

I hate people.
They frustrate me.
They're so stupid.
It upsets me.

I hate people.
1.7k · Mar 2014
Hatred Is My Life
Xyns Mar 2014
Lest the nights
Be filled with fright
Holding under
A broken thunder
Live the page
Written in rage
Hearts scraped
Leave them *****
Hatred is my life
Purity is my strife
1.6k · Apr 2015
Xyns Apr 2015
I want that sensation
That open-minded fling of sensual expectation

Baby, we know you're packin'
When it comes to love, darling you aren't lackin'

On you, I wanna overdose
Use that gun you got to put me in a comatose

Oh, spread my thighs
You're a drug, get me high

We don't need a connection
I just want some of that affection

We should get ******
I heard you got something exceptional

I've seen it
Couldn't believe it

Boy, it's crazy
I want that lovin' on a daily

And I know you're into me
So baby come here and use me
Xyns Mar 2016
I think it's crazy
How we've all been brainwashed
Into believing that one of us
Can change nothing

We've been taught
To only see Adolf's evils
And to ignore
The magnificence of his rise

We're told stories of revolutionaries
In such a way
That we only dream of revolution
And settle for the man's reality

Isn't it amazing
How we've all been coaxed
Into believing one alone is insignificant
Selectively forgetting all starts with one

You, Me, She, or even He
Could change this world
With the right words and work
But we won't

We've been brainwashed
Just some thoughts to think about.
1.6k · Mar 2014
This Is Life
Xyns Mar 2014
Walls collapse
Bridges crumble

Letters burn
Voices fade

Ringing stops
Bodies shiver

This is life
And death is her sister
1.6k · Feb 2015
Xyns Feb 2015
What is, for you,
A raindrop
In a puddle

Is, for me,
A hurricane
Over the ocean

What is, for you,
A crack
In the pavement

Is, for me,
The beginning
Of an earthquake

What is, for you,
A simple,
Minute step

Is, for me,
A monumental,
Colossal devotion
1.6k · Mar 2014
Hypnotized By You
Xyns Mar 2014
I can't let it go
It consumes me

Your face, your voice
Your hands, your skin

I fell in love with you
Your everything

And I won't let go
I can't let go

I am completely and utterly
Hypnotized By You
1.6k · Jul 2014
Xyns Jul 2014
by your skin
Your boyish-ness
Your adorability.
Your difference
By the fact that you're the opposite of my type
And the opposite of what i'm used to
You're different
You're the bad boy
You do things that i'd never dream of doing
You've done worse
And you know both the high and the low
Yet you never encourage it
You deter others from it
While you still own it
You're not ashamed
You're open, yet mysterious
You're a book full of secrets
That's only exposing the tip of the iceberg
I don't really know what it is
But you're pulling me in
All you were at first was a *******
The only interest i had in you was physical
But now..
Now i want all of you
The fact that you're a grenade
A ticking time bomb
Makes me feel afraid, anxious
All the while making me feel safe
And comforted
Because you're just like me
Yet you're different completely
It's amazing
You're enticing.
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