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kathryntheperson Jun 2018
blessed green herb
your sent easily reckoned
haze of grey fill the air
spark me once again
take a ****  
inhale the smoke
infiltrate my ribcage
like a dungeon entrap
the perception of your psyche
become who i am
and what i want
temporarily fill the hole
in my being
*** and poetry
july hearne Mar 2018
kevin told me he was going to quit his job today
i sit beside him at a temp job
in a cramped cubicle

the whole thing is terrible
i fail at my little temp job
all day long

he lost his phone three days ago,
the new kid from new york
told him he should just call his carrier
and buy insurance, then wait a few days
and report the phone as lost or stolen
to get a replacement

kevin was not willing to do that
i never bothered to follow up
and ask if he had found his phone

i'm not sure what he will do with all
his time on no income
he is an extravert who likes to go out

a few months ago
i gave kevin a forceful
and impassioned lecture
about how no one should be
treated like **** at their jobs
and thats why i had quit mine

then kevin said he wished he had a ******* fund
i told kevin to save his money
kevin told me that was in debt because
there was this girl in this band
and he spent a lot of money on uber and lyft
and going out drinking

i wasn't sure if there were additonal purchases in that story
about the girl and the debt

i hope i didn't inspire him to quit his job
with no back up plans
he said he was tired of waiting around for things to get better

he really loves the music of the nineties
he said it was the   best time to grow up
he is into third eye blind, the gin blossoms,
breeders and some other singers of songs
that were just songs i listened to on the radio
waiting for another song to come on

who will i talk to now
sometimes, when i'm not persauding people
to quit their jobs, i watch shows about prison,
people who end up in prison for ******, accomplice,
arson, ****, embezzlement, other
just so i can feel a little relieved
i'm not like them
at least it's not prison,

all the going too far in the world
never keeping from going too far
everytime the
i see double
Alan S Bailey Jul 2015
So what if they smoke ***? So what if they are different?
I love hippies, I respect them. It's just my way of seeing things.
It's not going to help to build walls, every bump in the road,
If you do score some ****** madness, you may ignore this message,
I will love you just the same! But of course I'm there down below,
Filthy with the animals, you look down on me and shame,
You're quite the "pure hearted" one for which we all must change,
So if I were like you-which by now I should already be-I'll take a puff
Of hippy kindness so my breath wont make you have to leave.
Puff the magic draggin'...who lives by the sea...
kneedleknees Jul 2015
they took my hidey-hole
the ******* *******.
rolling up bass
thumpin to the groove
of a blunt rap.
h'rghroth's testament
to summer tours
and turnin up till four.
the land I love
the most
maybe not quite that,
but something.)
Xyns Apr 2015
I find the richest
In your absence.
Alan W Jankowski Jan 2014
Moved to Colorado the other day,
Told the wife I needed to get away.
I guess she didn't think that I'd be gone long,
Since all I packed was underwear and a ****.

The decision to move was easy to make,
In fact, it was a piece of cake.
Ten long years with that naggin' *****,
I definitely knew it was time for a switch.

One day I just realized that I had enough,
So I grabbed a bag, and packed my stuff,
Didn't even bother to say 'Goodbye,'
All I could think about was getting high.

I knew I belonged here, it was in my blood,
To live in a state where I can buy premium bud,
Yeah, getting away was really the point,
You might say I traded the wife for a joint.

Just bought me another bag of ****,
Seems I got everything here I need,
Once I smoke me another blunt,
I'll forget all about that evil gal.

Now the smoking be really fine,
The 7-11 is where I dine,
No one to be a constant pain in my ***,
While I'm sitting here smoking up my grass.

It's nice to be here on my own,
Sparking up yet another bone,
On days I don't want to roll,
I can just pack me a bowl.

These days I got a smile on my face,
A huge grin you just can't erase,
No nagging ***** to drive me insane,
Just hangin' here with Mary Jane.

I'd like to sit around and conversate,
But with Mary Jane, I got a date,
And if you happen to run into my ex-wife,
You can tell her I finally got a life.

Sometimes you just feel the urge to move...I think ya'll know what I mean...
Reggae night, rasta night,
Blunts are rolled, tru de night.
Round young spliffs, rolled so tight,
***** and ****** hit me so right.
Smoke in heavenly peace,
Smoking in heavenly peace.

Reggae night, rasta night,
Island boy, raised up right.
Radiant beams from thy holy ****,
All night long, we be singin' dis song.
Poundin' dat kush so hard,
Pounding that ****** so hard.

Reggae night, rasta night,
Slappin' de bass, it's quite a sight.
Kush smoke climbs to de heavens above
Jaco greens out, Hallelujah.
Reggae the Savior is born,
Rasta the Savior is born.
Shhhh, it's a reggae night. Happy Holidays
I shuffle on
In Babylon
My dreams are of
my home, Zion

I puff the ****
it won't be long
until I'm gone
from Babylon

With kush I fly
Through the smokey sky
On ****** wings
I wave goodbye

The weight is lifted
and so am I
I see you Zion!
My eyes, they cry.
A touching tale of my liberation from Babylon
(for 4-6 hours)
I found a lighter in an old winter coat
and remembered that it belonged to you
I spun the flint and saw the spark we shared
the flame died like our love.

We sparked blunts together
We spent months together
Our love was to be forever
Or so we thought

We smoked some reef
But then we had beef
And we just had to be apart

Oh reggae love, I miss you so
But our ending was all she wrote
Maybe I'll find some other ***
And find her lighter in my coat
The circle of life and love. ******* come and go, real reggae crews stick together.
I hate marijuana.
It is a class A drug for a reason.
It destroys your brain and brings anarchy to the world.

Me looks both ways to see if anyone around
ok mon, now dat da feds are gone, lets get ta business.
Me inhales me blessed ******

**** is cool. It's actually really nice.
If ya t'ink otherwise, den ya better t'ink twice.
Me gonna tell you, why Reggae is my life.
Me love Reggae so much me wish it was me wife.
Marijane is me love. Spliffs and Reefers too.
Kush makes me so hot you'd t'ink I had da flu.
Why should ya smoke herb? Me gonna tell you why.
When ya smoke heaven's grass ya feel like ya gonna fly.
Away from all ya problems. Towards a purposeful end.
Makes ya feel, so nice. ****, you will soon befriend.

­Everything Cook and Curry (Reggae term for "Everything is Fine")

If you are 911, you do not have permission to read this and can't use it in court. Sorry piggy.
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