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Norman Crane Aug 2021
cruel arithmetic
(the world) less (the world less you)
equals zero
Ces Dec 2020
A muffled scream
Threatens to break loose
Running away from this fear
Of not being good enough
PS Apr 2020
I still think about the things you used to find insignificant in our relationship.
And they make me smile more than your words ever will.
Void Apr 2020

I am Void
My existence is unknown

These words you are hearing are unspoken whispers
You will not answer
You will not notice

For, I do not exist
Not in your corner of reality

I am far off
Like a star hung in the night
You will not see me when I die

I am Void
I am the dark nothingness which you created
I am the emptiness you gave me
And you will not see me when I die

For, you have never seen me at all
Hello. My name is Void.
LH Jan 2020
And as you stand
And look out far
The air thick
The wind in your hair

1000 meters
above sea level
Thoughts spilling out
Words that revel

Each step amidst
the spiritual grasp
Words not coming
A tear, a gasp

Closeness to heaven
Is so clear
Nothing to fight
Nothing to fear

Just a moment of time
In which you breathe
Relinquish your fears
Your soul unsheathed

The glory of nature
The wonders of the world
Insignificant we are
The future, behold
ry Nov 2019
a million passerbys pass
myriad of blurs and glimpses of life
fleeting moment starstruck at someone's
significant insignificance and
insignificant significance
a breathtaking epiphany
the art of wondering is somehow
frustratingly beautiful
Jeff Lewis Sep 2019
I have a universe
in my pocket... and some
lint. The world
at my fingertips,
all knowledge awaits
and forty two cents
in change rattles next to it.
I have a universe
in my pocket and what...? I
use it to watch cat videos
and trade petty barbs
with fellow trolls under a bridge.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When I feel
I remind myself
Destiny does not happen without me
and all my actions
have consequences:
for example,
when I eat, my body gains nutrition,
when I exercise, my body becomes healthier,
when I’m kind to myself, I become happier,
when I’m kind to others, they become happier,
when I turn off the light in the room when I leave
I help save the planet from climate change,
and so on.
Then I realise
I am consequential!
My name is insignificant
I sit on your bus
Not too far forward
Not too far back
I am awash in the middle
Every day you pass me by
But am I really anything to you
If I were gone, would you

My name is gray
I am the least of the colors
In the background
You take a picture
Was I there?
Do you even care?

My name is abscence
I creep around the holes of those lost
Maybe they’ll come back tomorrow
Maybe never
Maybe they’re the ones you hope will come back
Maybe theyre the ones you hope never will
I am unwelcome, nonetheless

My name is transparent
Every time someone looks at me
I smile, thinking they’re looking at me
When they actually mean it for the person behind me
I do this every time someone looks
Never realizing no one ever notices me

My name is invisible
Am I here?
You don’t know
Could you see me, if I was?
You think not
No matter where I am
No matter where I go
I am always

My name is nothing
I am not here
I am not there
I cannot be anywhere
Yet I am everywhere
I fill the crevice of your heart
I creep around dark corners
I dodge behind trees
Not like you’d notice me
I am nothing, after all

My name is let down
And you don’t want me around
I want to be with you
Don’t you see
But you won’t ever let me be there
I want to ask
“Who can I be?
Who can I be
So you will love me?”
But you can’t answer that
Until I answer for myself

“Who am I?”
I want to lay on the ground and let the snow take me. Maybe then I would feel peace.
A Simillacrum Feb 2019
If you die tonight,
which god's gonna save you?

I don't believe in a one.

So, you're telling me
you're God, now? You're nothing.

I don't believe in nothing.
Was there meaning in my birth
besides two ******* twenty somethings
playing at love games?

What's the point of human life
when existence is pointless?

Full potential of the pointed mind,
free as it can be, to discern & decide.

Are you warrior,
or are you peacewalker?

Are those the only options?

It separates us,
angel kin & demon.

Circumstantial evidence.
The urge in your eyes to **** is missing.
If we're drawing those lines in the dirt,
I see love in you.
You don't deify or deny -

- here you killed to serve,
yet we're exchanging words.
The End.

Thank you.
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