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Gabriel Herrera Jul 2020
Your name became the jingle

I hated from the moment heard

Then found myself singing it

The following morning

So catchy beneath my lips

It tangled into muscle memory

Too weak to loosen the grip

Of horrendous rhythm

Now laughter brews from concern

That it will never leave my mind


I've prepared for these occasions

Firstly, find distractions

As to

Stuffing my mouth

Clouding my mind

But it only stunts

My new nature

To repeat the sweet ring

Your name gives my heart

I cannot part from the joy

It brings to me like

The coolest toy I begged for

But what I know now all too well is that toy

Will become an afterthought

Collect dust on the tallest shelf

I'll never bother reaching

And I'll move on to the next catchy jingle

Let it marinate in my diaphragm

And allow it to eat me up entirely

Leaving me hollow

Only left with bits and pieces of all

The names I sang

To keep me company


I wish I never heard any

Of those **** Jingles
Xyns Jun 2020
He's a Taylor Swift song
Dancing with me in my wildest dreams
He's Sam Hunt and Kane Brown
Giving me a taste of Heaven
Only to disappear when I wake up

He's my delicate heart
Stranded in the ocean
Surrounded by waves
And currents taking him away

He's still all that I need
Even when he doesn't want me

He's Cajun Louisiana
Delicious king cake
Living in sunny California
Giving me the darkest days

He's my white wine nights
When I'm all alone
Praying for his family
Though he won't be mine

He's the smile on my face

The feeling I chase

An unattainable embrace
Colm Sep 2019
Think of what you want the most
To share with another human being
And if you can’t envision your lover there
Simply being
It will never be so
2017 - On a plane to Austin, a stranger told me something really worthwhile. And now I give it to you in verse form.

When you're questioning if you're with the right person. Get out of your own head and take a mental look at the future. If you can't see your current interest there. Can't envision your life together (or whatever). Pick up your phone and let them know that your search goes on.

S K Anderson Jan 2019

It’s little more than a quiet thought.
The impending feeling that the loneliness
was a creation of my own imploding self-conscious.
I wouldn’t have hurt you voluntarily,
so what outside force could know my mind so well?

It’s little more than a spoken word.
The rumble of the oncoming storm could be felt
from as close as 1.6 miles away,
where the darkness of your room invaded the
not-so secret spots of your heart.

I’m prone, to the truth in your words.
I’m not used to the idea of confronting my thoughts
And sorting them out to you.
Is it that I spoke wrong words? Or I stopped before they meant anything?
You mean so much, and now you are out of my reach.
I did the first two stanzas and Austin did the third. I really like it, it's the first poetry collaboration I've done.
The light dims.
The fire dies.
Darkness fills in the blanks.
Sweet release.
Tears against my cheek.
Now met with the dissatisfying drought.
Left alone in desolate cold.
Fear overwhelms.
Not fear of monsters or the simple unknown.
Fear that when my eyes grow heavy I will never lift them again.
I will become a stone.
Unmoved and cold.
To survive these nights alone.
Lesley Feb 2017
O'blessed Darkness cover me
Blanket the rushing words & flashing blurs;
The disjointed fragments of blinking walls,
Lights crashing off and on,
Blue, red, green-the marionettes dancing,
So many together and all alone.
It is all a show.

The hiccup of life, the vomiting dream.
I see my life before me;

A slush of goo,
The stink of this world,
Or is that the scallops & escargot?
What have you done to me?

Everything I do myself-
This dream, this life...
Why do I hurt myself so?

Punching mirrors, ***** on porcelain.
Dark, thick-
My throne for many minutes...

Time ticking, time ticking-
I was unaware.
My wooden box was silent,
My wooden life is tragic.

The voices through the walls,
Through the fog and haze-
You okay? You okay? You okay?

I croak a positive.
I have no steady legs-
When have I ever?
I have no:
stable brain
clear thought
decisive moment
steady action
fruitful journey-
All slipping through my fingers...
Like the vomitous goo of tonight.

Everything we have, we lose.
Owning anything is an illusion.
Holding on is meaningless.

I want to go home.

(Everything is nothing)

I want to go home

(there is no sense in anything)

i want to go home.

Please, hold me now.

*©Lesley Wood
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Keda Kanye Dec 2016
The songs he wrote were syrupy
The way his fingers moved across his bass
Like he was swimming
Through thick. Thick. Water
The kind you find
In colder parts of the world

The words he spoke were syrupy
The way he let his tongue roll deep inside his throat
The way he mixed laughter into every syllable
The way he’d duck his head with embarrassment

I told him once that I’d like a goat
And the way I touch him
Well it sometimes feels like harassment
It’s just that he’s so
And the way that he moves when he’s trying
To express
his pent up joy
Is syrupy  

I told him that I'd like to have a farm
Live without waste
Love as if I were blind
To the darkness we all harbor
But I'm lying
And he knows I'm lying
I'm not tired enough yet

To cultivate peace

I would sometimes stay awake just to hear his laughter
You could say his whole life was syrupy
The way he let things pass
By him
with no intention of grabbing hold
Of Opportunity

And I'd like to think that he and I
Are similar in most respects
And it seems as if I care for everyone
And that all I want is joy for all
And it seems that he cares for the little things
And that he cares for me
But we both know
That neither of us care
About much
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