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Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
If I am rich,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness rich;
If I am poor,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness poor.
If I am popular,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness popular;
If I am outcast,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness outcast.
If  I am famous,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness famous;
If I am unknown,
then I’ll strive for joy and happiness unknown.
Haylin Aug 2018
I would rather be
for all the right reasons
than popular
for all the wrong ones.
Kurt Cobain "I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not"
shauna-leigh Jan 2018
The girls mostly laugh and smile,
Then they sit and talk for a while.
They'll see someone that they don't like,
And (in a worse way) tell them to "take a hike"

The boys mostly laugh at inappropriate jokes,
Or act like they don't like the girl,
But everyone knows that's just a hoax.

That's the popular ones,
The ones that you hear about.
They feed off of gossip and arguments,
A lack of "beef" for them may as well be a drought.

I've been on this new land for almost 2 years
And every day you realise something new.
It's amazing what comes to you
When you hide away and open your ears.
this really isn't very good and any writing tips would be very appreciated
Samantha Feb 2018
I have some pretty unpopular opinions.

Acts of stringing string cheese have always seemed so wrong!
Maybe people say I'm strange because I like some songs.

And that's just the beginning...

Being human, so many think that microwaves pose danger.
I can't imagine why you'd think that radiation's any stranger.
Getting some exposure is sure to not endanger!

Word for wet: "moist?" I don't exactly hate it.
Everyone seems to, though, so I don't bother to debate it.
I don't think that sidewalks are dangerous if they're cracked.
Right! That's not an opinion, it's a cold hard fact.
Definitely, it's a hazard to leave vaccines ignored.
Oops, some disagree! Time to give Darwin Awards.
Can you find the secret sentence? My last three poems should give a hint!
Saint Audrey Nov 2017
It's still not ok, but then again, when has it ever been...

There's nothing but grey skies
I can just about glimpse them through the door
As much as I tried
I still find it hard
Sitting on the lowest stair
Watching through the screen door

A simple comfort, it always is
Watching as the first few drops fall from the sheets of clouds
Creating channels across the dirt on the glass
Bright, despite everything
Bright against the pale white paint

Its good to not have to think
It can get overwhelming
And I'll admit to one thing
As much as I'm remiss to static opinion
Catching just a glimpse or two of
A passing black bird or

Just to remind me
Hiraeth Jun 2017
I see them laughing, shimmering,
All around her.
She is the river,
the lithe, gurgling river
That everyone plunged into.
While I?
I am the cold icy drip from the eaves
That trickles down one's neck and makes them cringe.
I don't mind being unnoticed
Being forgotten
Being alone
I just mind that I mind so much.
RazanSidErani Jun 2017
I am of an unpopular opinion
that if you have yourself, my dear
you are never alone.
Tex Dermott Jul 2015
Star of Bethlehem is trending but is not liked.

I do not understand how Star of Bethlehem trended with only two likes
katie Jun 2015
Sometimes I think poets are full of ****
Because so many of them use beautiful words,
When talking about birds.

I mean I only notice birds:
When they wake me up at nine am on Saturdays
Or **** on my dark colored car
Or mock my bored-eyed cat
Or beg for my sandwich at the beach

Honestly when you talk about listening to birds tweeting,
I think first of Twitter.

And when you talk about birds playing,
I think of professional football.

And even when you talk about the cool birds, the night birds,

I think of a particularly disturbing YouTube video of an owl's head going all the way around.

Yeah, I think what you guys like most about birds,
Is that they're easy to rhyme with words.
Xyns Jan 2015
This is probably not going to trend
You probably won't click that heart down there
I'm sure no one will re-post it
And not a single person will comment

This is an unpopular poem
Written by an unpopular poet
Using unpopular words
Expressing unpopular thoughts

I understand no one will want to read this
No one will take the time to consider it
Not a soul will get what I'm saying
And I'm positive nobody will like it

I don't think people are put on Earth for a reason
I don't think we have any destined significance
If we did, where would the beauty be?
We'd all be bound for one thing, one destiny

Who would want that? Really?
That strips away our freedom to choose, I think..
And I'm sure many of you are going to disagree
And you're going to fling at me your religious beliefs

I just don't think that way; it doesn't make sense to me
I don't see the mystical powers you all so desperately believe
Or the God you say is here to take care of me
I don't understand why this is something you could believe

So here you have it
An unpopular poem thing
Scripted by an unpopular poet, me
This is something I'm sure no one will read..
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