Xyns 2d
I don't want to sit in my own self-loathing
But I don't want to leave it either..

I don't want to be alone and on my own
But I don't want to mess up either..

Xyns 4d
“I guess words are a

they can be

or they can

or even worse

they can teach

-Marshall Mathers III
Xyns 7d
And it just seems like lately
I’ve been drowning
My mind is gone,
I’m history


Bury me
In misery
Xyns Jun 27
Grown enough for nicotine
Adult enough to be a feen

Yet too young for THC
Or to pour myself a drink?

Mature enough for a felony
The system to take life from me

Still youth is used against me
Seems it doesn’t matter what I think..
Xyns Jun 26
Eyes wide shut in a poppy seed slump
Slow motion moves my blood as it pumps
Cold and coping with pale powder bumps
I find my crutch in a poppy seed slump

Dumb and numb, opioid slut
Laying limp in a rut

Bum on the run, opioid rust
Praying lips of a mut

Dumb and numb, opioid rust

Cheap opioid slut
Xyns Jun 26
I wiped the slate clean
No strings
No attachments

I don’t need those things
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