Xyns Nov 2017
It goes
1 pill
2 pills
Now 3..

..It takes 4 pills
Just to get some sleep

Not to mention how many lines
It takes to ease my mind

And roll my ass out of bed
Baby girl's sober; she's dead

It goes
1 pill
2 pills
Now 3..

**..It takes 4 pills
Just to feel like me
Xyns Nov 2017
I was handcrafted
Woven with words whispered by the breeze
Molded by melodies that let themselves freeze

For you.


You were handmade
Seasoned by homemade remedies, equipped with amenities
Expensively constructed as a penthouse with luxuries

For me.


We were man-made
Birth-bound to smooth one another's rough patches
Brains aflame, man-made matched as lit matches
Xyns Nov 2017
I wanna take you all in
But where do I begin?

Star-lit kisses, every tattoo to trace
Just to put a smile on your face
In hopes that it always stays

I wanna take you all in
I'll start by tasting your skin

Pray for you and hold you close
Watch you grin and crinkle your nose
Telling inside secrets that no one knows

I wanna take you all in
Something so good it must be sin

I'll love you now, I'll love you later
Renewing pieces to fill my chest's crater
All along, you've clearly been this girl's savior

I wanna take you all in
Feel your warmth on me again

Remember me. I'll go nowhere
When I'm with you, the world ain't unfair
So please dont leave; I'd follow you anywhere

I wanna take you all in..
Oh where do I begin?
Xyns Nov 2017
She watched as the flames bit at her heels

And stared on in silence
As the sting licked her calves
Inching slowly upwards, aiming for the kill

She let the light blind her in her daze

And settled into the abyss
As the anguish learned her name
To haunt her dreams and taint her days

She whispered her pleas

And released herself slowly
As the rage took total possession
Reminding her chest of the purpose of greed

She captured it in a Polaroid picture

And shoved all else away
As she glared at it in shock and awe
Beholding the explosive, exclusive, targeted rapture
Xyns Nov 2017
Tied up
Little knots

Dull thoughts

Sit as it rots

Boiled in pots

Inhabited lots
Xyns Nov 2017
They see my dimming embers

Nobody sees me hopelessly pawing at the ashes of who I once was

They see my empty stares

Nobody notices the red tears that have forever scarred my cheeks

They see my freshly cooked arms

Not hearing the profanity I screamed at myself as I singed my flesh

They see my crumbs and leaks

Nobody knows the violent contortions of my withering essence

They see me drowning

Nobody acknowledges my cries as I fight to keep my head above water

They see me jump off the deep end

But nobody knows the depths of my tortured, charred, shallow loneliness
Xyns Nov 2017
Sometimes I gotta wonder what the fuck is this high that I'm chasing
Sadly, after all the drugs I'm still alone in my room pacing

Breaking blocks, those building blocks seem so dilapidated
Bullshit words, truths seeming too damn constipated

Black ink stains find revival as I turn to gray and I'm fading
Head to toes, covered in dirt, then used and abused- degrading

Dirt cheap highs to save me from the lows I've been facing
*And fuck all as I'm jaded and lost and find myself spacing
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