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They say
Paris is the city of love
Apocalypse is the wrath of God
I say play your cards right
And get saved from both.
I almost forgot what i had but you know? they say plants do have memories i once really thought they were all lame until the roses we planted reminded the rich lucile
Love and lush we festered onto them.
I wish peace to my broken heart.
Trefild May 12
my lines are so plain
that next time
you wanna fly someplace
instead of contacting an airline
you may write my way
Poetic T Apr 21
It was my birthday, the year
   of a curse I never asked for..

         ****** from the temple
of solitude.

Now I just breath
that every 365 days I'm meant
                to celebrate the
incarceration of life..

Its overrated..

Blowing out memories,
       smouldering resentment
Inhaled when I've lived another
                   moment to the finish line..

Why is it taking so long..

Happy Birthday Day to me,
          I'm another year older
                       of my lame existence ...

I'm the candle burning out,
my breath smouldering as I
                   hold my chest..

Oh' well least I don't have to wait
another year..

My only regret...
                          I didn't get a slice of cake..
Maja Mar 6
I know I’m not that pretty,
and I know I’m not that loud
But I still have some feelings
and I do make a sound

Just because I don’t drink
doesn’t mean that I am lame,
it’s just,
I worry about myself,
and my mother the same.

Just because I don’t dress up,
doesn’t mean I don’t want to be pretty
it’s just,
to be pretty,
I would not be myself,
though that would not be a pity

Just because I don’t cry
doesn’t mean that I don’t want to
it’s just,
I don’t think anyone will care,
even if I do

And just because I don't speak up,
doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to say
it’s just,
no one asked me,
so I don’t know if talking is okay.
Karli Z Feb 12
[ ]
like the space,
i am square
because i was
was not there.
be there or be square. I'm so sorry for this garbo post, but it needed to be done.
Refusing to accept
stupid initiation, failing 
to stand by stupid techies
till perpetuity and this 

stupid tap-to-talk still webs
hardware and software of 
lame and naive stupid
buttons and clicks

that were resonating 
but blinded by denseness of 
the insight and out of sight, 
of foolish solace.

somehow stupid techie, 
slithered, release sweetly,
uttered senselessly,
creating sensuous

© Feelings Coated
Creation of iconography : Mr Siri revealing Ms Alexa
The shallow kisses onto my hair
Damp or dry, you never care
The hugs you randomly give
At night, I would relive
The small talks we make
Once it starts, there never is a break
Your laugh even at the lamest jokes I tell
Your reaction after realizing you fell
For yet another silly game
Amusing, how it always end up the same
The cringe, most of the time, we get
As you start your pick up line, that's outdated 
This list could go on at least a dozen more line
All of what I'd miss aside from you and this bliss combine
Once you finally break away, see through everything well
Escape from as what you call it, sometimes, A spell.
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