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Hello Prolly Apr 5
Inhaled your bleeding coming out
the brave in black and white
that roughly occupied my brain

I wish you had never been
so quiet
but you were

Now glad to see you've walked
the path so long so far
today standing on your own

Still miles ahead to go
but you, girl, you will once
heal that **** and understand
... and i know now, where we have to go from here on
Aoi Feb 13
Kept hearing the ticktocks,
It is time to start my little game
Eyed the prey as he talks,
Hope he still remembers my name

At the dusky street,
Where I started what is planned
Took him long to accept defeat,
Pinned him until he stopped struggling on
the land

Took my blade and stabbed his orbs
Oh, what disgusting views it absorb!
These pair of eyes, I despise
For it was used to spy on my sister's

His sinful hands, I chopped
He heard how my sister begged but he
never stopped
These hands that traveled my sister's
This is what I had witnessed when I was a
little girl

Lastly, his little shaft
I slashed it in half
This little thing is the reason why we mourn,
For she slaughtered herself with a baby unborn

She had commited the unforgivable sin
For she was sexually abused at the age of
I stood up to desert the venue,
My dear sister, I have venged for you
He closed my mouth made me look at my crumpled in the mirror.
He took her in my arm and ***** the little Lily
Her shouts flowed into the walls my blood sold over her  innocence
He took on her arm silent her  shouts made
Her  sanity got  sick.
He put lipstick on her lips
He found her  and abused her
I did not know who spoke to him, he got her  head up and he told her  lies to sleep.
At least her  nightmares were more fun.
He took her  arm again and  she shouted but no one heard
She  fell
She was still feeling his skin in her teeth
She looked into my mirror and she  was abused again
Her hroat was dried her  unprotected life, but he defeated her again
The wolves  eaten her  flesh ,they were lliving  inside me.
One doll, two dolls
...and she  was abused
She drank poison to sleep.
She was trying to not scream and he liked her voice muffled.
Her atrophied mind was again abused.
He tightened her  body
He lived from her , he pulled her  hair closed  her  mouth blurred her lips with lipstick and played with her  as a doll
And he ***** her again.
Gillian Godwin Nov 2018
It has been a while
Since that time.
You know.
That night.
My first date
And that carnival ride.

I'm terrified.

Tell me how you managed it,
How you remember it.

Because young sir,
I highly doubt it is the same as I.
Or do you wake up screaming too?

Because I do.
Never forgetting
Always blaming myself
For something I had no control over.

Did you enjoy my innocence?
Because I wish I could have it back.
That you hadn't done what you had
That I didn't have to see your heart of black.

It still hurts down there.
That place.
You were inside of me before I could say a single thing.
Before I could even say "No"

You make me sick.
So sick that I wanna bleed.
But everyone knows now
And trying to keep me sane.

I had told you that I was saving myself
But all you could say,
"Please Baby, Please!
I love you so much!
Just give me this much!"

Didn't know what to do,
I just freeze.
What am I suppose to say
What do I do now?
Do I talk to my mother and father
Face that judgement
Or do I block it all away with a smile

What do I do
What do I do
What do I do now?!

What the hell am I suppose to do now?!
You hurt me!
You broke me!
I'll never forget!
Pray to a God I no longer trust?!
You both were suppose to protect me and look at me NOW!

I'm ******* bleeding from my wrists!
I have no remorse.
I can't ******* sleep no more
Can't even hug my father.
What am I gonna do now...?!
Willow Aug 2018
Age 4, Your father broke your heart before any boy had the chance too.

Your life will be completely different without a father

Age 5, No one to call you princess

You cry when you see your friend's father call them princess

Age 6, No one to hug you when you cry from bullies

You hate going to school

Age 7, No one to tell you "I'll beat up every guy that hurts you"

You don't get to laugh when he says that

Age 8, No one to tell you are beautiful

You hate your body and think your fat

Age 9, No one to tell you "It's okay"

You cry yourself to sleep every night

Age 10, No one to tell you, "You are perfect"

You think you are the ugliest person in your school

Age 11, No one to tell you, "You are too young for boys"

You get your heart broken over and over too young

Age 12, Your father is not there

You miss him and ask yourself why he left

Age 13, Being told you have "Daddy Issues"

Age 14, No father to tell you, "You look beautiful without make up"

You beat your face with make up

Age 15, No father to say to your first date, "If you hurt her, I will **** you"

You get hurt

Age 16, No one to dance with you when they call in daddy daughter dance on your sweet sixteen

You ask yourself why he left again

Age 17, No one to tell you to change out of that clothes because he knows guys couldn't resist

You might get *****.

Age 18, No one to tell you, "My little princess, you have come so far, I am a proud father"

You see all your friend's father telling them this and miss you

Age 19, No one to warn you about ***** boys

You have to fight off a guy

Age 20, No one to tell your boyfriend, "I have a rifle, I am not afraid to use it"

You don't get to say "Dad!!!"

18+ age, No one to walk you down the aisle

You tell yourself, "I made it, I made it through the good and bad"
You have a husband or wife or neither, you made it without him.
You made it through the tears, the heart aches, the pain of missing him. He missed your whole life, you realize he didn't deserve you or seeing your life grow.
Mohamed Nasir Mar 2018
I'm ice

I melt in the face

of catastrophe

I melt in the polar

of calamity

of treasures I hide

chastity *****

by avarice

in a warming globe

I'm ice

the suffering ice.
Scientist report ice is melting at an alarming rate in the Arctic region due to heat waves from the Arctic ocean. It records the lowest maximum on March 17 of this year. The lost ice covers an area the size of Texas and California combined. They fear of easy accessibility to oil and minerals hidden beneath the area.
Mohamed Nasir Jan 2018
While they were gone
she was *****
he or they left her dead
her young life was torn
her small body was ruined
her flimsy body was shamed
her new life was shredded
her tiny body was stained
her puny body was ravaged
her life was gone
from them forever
while the were gone
while ask God Almighty
for strength in their faith
resolved and steadfastness
in the face of adversity
is this their answer
or is this the test
they've to suffer.
My heart goes to little Zainab. She was a 10 year old girl who was ***** and killed while her parents went for pilgrimage to Mecca.
Lure Pot Jul 2017
They deserve better than I can be.
How many times I have just wanted to shoot myself.
It would save them the trouble of having to deal with me.
I can’t give them what they want
I can barely give them what they need
I don’t know how to do this
My monthly income barely covers what everyone needs.
I am so tired…
I give my all but it is not enough.

Maybe God does not like me!
It’s the truth.
I am a divorced mother of four.
I have no family no help.
I already work two jobs at least 75 hours a week.
I have no time to sleep.
When I do I have night terrors.
My husband did not want me.
Why would anyone else.
My kids they love me but they go without things they need.
I am about to pick up the 3rd job tomorrow.
I can’t do anything right and I am ****.
Tell me he loves me?
No one loves me….

I have begged him for years
Where was he when I lived on the streets when I was 12?
Where was he when I was ***** when I was 17?
Where was he when I needed him to take me from my husband?
And was stabbed two times in the chest and one time in the kidney?
Where was he when my husband punctured my lung and broke my ribs?
Where is he now?
When I am out of medication and have no help no family?
Nothing to tell anymore…

I  am alone…
I will always be alone…
I am but a speck of dirt to God.
All who are heavy burdened, come to me and I will give you rest.
I use to be a Sunday school teacher.

I am sorry…!
I am so sorry...!!
Rah maybe God will help me one day
I wish God will take away this life *****
He is the Almighty.
Yes, I do believe in God.
Sorry I have to find time in-between work and taking care of the kids.
It’s not as easy for me as to be for you.
I don’t have much time.
Pauline Russell Jun 2016
Here I stand at the edge of the woods, hands trembling
At the thought of entering
How am I gonna do this
My sanctuary I miss

But it was taken away
One evil dark day
Once what brought me joy
Now seems to destroy
No longer happy memories
Me in his clutch is all I see

Please my friend take my hand and lead me
For the images he left are beastly
Hold me tight while I grive
For his dark deeds seethe
His putrid touch I still feel
It's to much, to real

I want my sanctuary back
I don't want this beautiful place to turn black
I want to hear the nightingale's song again
Watch the fish in the creeks swim
Watch the breeze
Play about the tree's
I want to once again sit quietly
Seeing the deer walk about so skittishly

Please my friend hold me tight
So these thoughts of his invasion I can fight
Please stay right beside
So when it gets to much in your arms I can hide
This time the darkness I can't fight on my own
For the cut he left was down to the bone
So grip my hand tight and lead me in
One deep breath let us begin
Confronting the memory where it began
Hold on to me so I can stand
Help me dear friend take back this land
Pauline Russell May 2016
Let me take you to the dark side of the woods
All that dies here is the good
Let me show you that spot
This is where I fought
He had me tied, I could go no where
I was terrified and scared
He did his deed
And left my soul forever to bleed
It will always seep with rage and anguish
Part of me will always remain and languish
There in the dark side of woods
That day all that died in me was the good
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