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Shri Sep 2022
I wish i could unlove you.
I don't wanna write for you,
I don't wanna sigh for you.

I want a conclusion

Either to get you


To forget you.
Dedicated to a poet friend i once had.
Shri Sep 2022
Out of all the seasons that spring in,
Autumn sets something deep within...
Those fallen leaves and left out scars
Gazing at the way you left for hours;
There is something familiar and soothing...
The winds blowing hard and uprooting.
For someone i loved.
Remembering the most hard but beautiful times just because we were together.
Shri Jul 2022
Do we ever learn to unlove??
Or the process of unloving even exist!??
Isn't it the core truth that we tend to love over and over again and again...
From one "and" another, "and" there after!
Love just takes birth,
It never rests in peace but in pieces..
A divine form of energy that holds on it's persistent existence!
Isn't it the eternal truth that our love can't hurt anyone outside our own body!..
Isn't it the fact that this fire soothes everything outside the owner's soul!
Shri Jun 2022

You know it is more than just two letters. It's you, It's me, it's us... the way we were.
Shri May 2022
I want you to know that i traveled 2000kms crossing 3 states JUST FOR YOU.
I know you don't love me...
I don't know if i love you!
But the way i feel about you is the way i never felt for anyone.
I found my home in your vibe,
I wanted you to be a part of my life.
I don't know if it makes sens to you, to anyone in this **** world...
But i still feel something that dwells deep within my heart
I don't know if you still read my sonnets, actually i don't want you to read it.... i miss you really bad.
I don't wanna love.. but maybe i am in love with you.
Shri May 2022
I fell soo deeply for his vibe that i traveled this far just in hope of his proximity.
The best part is he never noticed this.
I still miss him.
Shri Apr 2022
Save me from myself
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