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psykhe 9h
hurts when I cry

I know these aren't my last tears

it's only wednesday

I believe I have two hearts

overflowing with anxiety

I fall outside catching my breath

hurts to cry

I won't tell you why

nothing I wish for comes true

maybe I deserve this misery

maybe I don't
psykhe 13h
I wonder
is there somewhere I can love you freely
psykhe 13h
you know I'd let you rip my heart in half
psykhe 13h
my heart is bitter
the coffee
you make for me

one more time
I lied to you

this house is not a home
you're so ungrateful

my heart is dark
like the coffee you make for me

take all the good pieces of me
look now the monster you made of me

partly afraid
you'll drown without me

I'll untie myself
hold onto someone else

asking questions
with answers
she and I both know

I'll miss drinking coffee in the morning years from now
psykhe 14h
hug my bones
still cold

I cut off my tongue
long ago

there's something wrong
there's something wrong with me

not even I
or you can see

my veins are lovely
why do I want to cut them open

don't worry about it
the pain will fade

even if everybody knows
don't cry

oh my mistake
I know it's all my fault
psykhe 22h

it hurts I can't speak

everyone asking me

can't feel my hands anymore

I only feel real standing with the wind

don't count on me

I don't look both ways

if we crash

walk away
psykhe 22h
my lies run far

fitting in


what will my brain say

I avoid the truth

can't be honest

but I hate liars

like myself
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