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  2d deity
we do not write poetry
we write mirrors
which are held up
to curious faces
who read
looking for their
own reflections
deity 3d
didn't realize those sounds we're coming out of my mouth
I found a tissue stained with blood
I don't remember bleeding
you asked me an innocent question
why am I playing out a fantasy
I don't know how to make myself disappear
filled with so much fear
you won't miss me
you will forget me
cover my eyes
you're an angel dear
don't pretend to be anything different
I can see your wings
unknown blood
looking deep into the words you said
I'm so confused
I'll be thinking about you on the drive back home
I'll be thinking of you
when I see the deep waters
I'll be thinking of you
you you
you won't know
deity 3d
I want to talk to you
while you're at work
I want to talk to you
when no one is around
and we're all alone
so I can have you to myself
I'm sorry I don't like sharing
when someone steals your attention
I fade away

I don't want to ask a serious question
I'm scared of the answer
we can just laugh it off
I'll sit back and
overthink about it
thinking about it
over and over

letting you have your space
I don't want to feel like a cage
what if you run away
I don't think I'll find you again

silly and cliché
I don't want to be your friend
I want to kiss your neck

I opened the windows
my feelings running free
you will never see
deity 4d
we only talk in the open
this is how it starts
two months pass
I'll make you mine

you'll be mine
just give it time

I'm patient
can't wait for October

taking it slow
I hope to see you soon

I'll let you in
no one has to know

here we go again
falling in love

here I go again
is it safe
deity 4d
you were right
I did find someone else
and I'm so happy it's not you
deity 5d
thought you were cool
I was wrong
now you make me sick

stop chasing me
I'm not someone you can keep

stop talking about me
I'll mess you up
you don't know anything

call me when you grow up

I let you
have your fun

it's entertaining
until I get bored

I can bite your lips
but I'm looking for blood

I hate being lonely
I'm stuck with someone like you
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