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Eva 2d
I learned the hard way
That it’s okay
To cut your losses
And to cut ties
With parasites.
Eva 7d
I wish I could have a conversation with
The girl I was ten years ago
And the woman I will be in ten years.
Eva Jun 13
Was busy chasing waterfalls
Got caught up in it all
Until I looked up and saw
The extravagant brown;
In other eyes never found.

I looked into your eyes and I knew
That to you I could not lie,
Nor ever deceive you,
Will never let you go but
Will never let you get too close.
Eva Jun 13
You told me about your nightmares
So I made it my mission to be your dream.
Eva Jun 11
For the ones who told you to dim your light,
To you for believing your light shines too bright.
I couldn't protect you from the cruel world and all its might.
They convinced you that your love was both too little and too much.
That your hopes and dreams got crushed
And your jump into the real world was rushed.
That I even have to be sorry.
Eva Jun 11
This is the part where you tell me
All that I need to know.
No lies, no more hiding,
Just bring your honest self to the table
And feed me your truth.
I've been starving and you knew this.
You just now want to feed me truth like we ain't been through this.
You're ruthless.
But I knew this.
I'm not one to play innocent
But the time we spent
Was wasted
You saw that I was suffering
You turned my world black and blue
With splotches of red from the blood my heart bled for you
You never touched me, but you starved me
Of the truth you should've been serving me
My friends look at me sideways and ask me why I stay
I tell them things with u and me weren't always this way.
They pity me; I would pity me too.
A limitless woman should never be confined to you.
So when you ask me what I want from you,
I want you to keep my suffering in mind
Before you fix your lips to feed me another lie.
This one is for a few "exes" of mine.
Eva Jun 11
You wrote about me
As if I were some kind of beautiful tragedy
And it makes me wonder
Who and what I was to you.
Whoever, whatever woman you wrote about before
She's not any of those fables anymore.
You no longer know the intricacies
The beauty of my pain
The pain I once confused
As love and adoration for you.
You'll never find another woman,
You'll never find another spirit,
You'll never find another entity
To reach you when you hide yourself,
To touch you outside of the physical world,
To mend you when you are a jigsaw puzzle of a man.
Not even the woman of your tales
Can do all that I can.
This was written with an "ex" of mine in mind.
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