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Amanda Aug 29
i lie awake at night
and replay it over and over

the way you slowly undressed
my heart and mind
and stared at me silently
before penetrating my soul

and oh good god it felt amazing

the way it hurt a little at first
letting another person inside of me
like that
but you opened me up
and loosened
my tightest thoughts

the way i couldn’t get enough of it—
giving you more of me
day and night
letting you into places
no one has ever gone before

and then waking up one day
to realize
that no one deserves to know me this way
at least...
not someone who’s in love
with someone else
i would be less broken
if you had just f*cked my body
instead of my mind
Ben Jones Feb 2013
There's a fella you've all heard of
From a sandy foreign place
He was sent down by his daddy
From somewhere in outer space
He died and he came back again
Then he hit the dusty road
Now he's there for me with a helping hand
When I've almost dropped my load

Jesus is my barman
I munch his salty nuts
He fills me up with lovin'
Till it rumbles in my guts
He's my one almighty Hoover
He ***** off all my sin
To all my tricky crevices
He bravely enters in

He eases through my tightest spots
He's always got my back
He lubricates my passage
Down the narrow winding track
He tinkers with my plumbing
Removes my stubborn stains
Then with his holy implement
He firmly rods my drains

Jesus is my bell-boy
In his elevatin' craft
He pushes on my button
Then he takes me up the shaft
He's my fire fighting saviour
When flames begin to roar
He grabs his mighty helmet
And he breaks in my back door

He's captain of my ******
Commander of my boats
Don't worry if you're sinkin' fast
Cos Jesus always floats
If you're cold and need to light a fire
The lord is right and good
There's one thing he's remembered for
It’s always having wood

Jesus is my dentist
He drills me with his bit
He fills up all my cavities
Then I gargle and I spit
And one day when it’s legal
We'll end our secret fling
With his ring on my finger
And his finger in my ring
A country/western style song about loving Jesus...
Diana Oct 2018
I once read the lines
“Practically on top of us
is a girl
with long brown hair
a black hoodie
and the tightest jeans I have ever seen
I automatically hate her
because those jeans
make her look good”
From a book

This mentality bothers me
I mean
Why can't we
Admire another girl's beauty
Instead of becoming jealous
Or envious of it
While attempting to find
A flaw of theirs
To counteract their beauty
Why can't we just appreciate it
While loving ourselves
Without making ourselves feel less
Or desirable
Or worthy
Because they have something
That is "better"
Which is entirely subjective
Due to the fact
That there are many opinions
Of what being beautiful
Aesthetically means
Since there are many people
In this world
Which in itself
Is beautiful
We should feel empowered. There is nothing aesthetically that can make another more "woman" than another, so admire another's looks while confidently rocking your own.
JB Aug 2018
Red Night-
Dead Anger-


“look out for
sharp corners”

(the tightest turns)
Jy May 17
I was left
Felt every piece of pain you gave me
Keeping it by myself
Kept it in a bookshelf
I'm hurting inside
A secret I hide
It's all in my mind
This grotty piece of canal
It is filled with blues
And overflowing thoughts
Hoping it'd stop
Hurdle it with stones
I'm sick of it
Tired of everything
The world's in my head, running'
To the pain you've caused me
Yet you didn't even say sorry
I ain't waiting for you
I was waiting for fairy God Mother
Will she grant me a wish?
Just like poor Cinderella did?
A wish to shift all my anger
Dispose every sadness
Inside a big, big balloon
Tie it with anguish
Tie it the tightest
Through the darkest night
With these eyes close
I'm willing to let it go
Be it free
Swallowed by the darkness
Be it unseen
I would leave out all the rest,
If fairy God Mother comes
Sydney Scott Sep 2018
My sister never used to shut up
And I would scream until she would stop.
The people on my morning bus
Who refuse to read the paper silently
Often are met with my glare.
I spend most days telling people
That I do not care about their
Mundane lives, as a way to be honest-
I hate people who talk too much.

Yet the other day I found myself
Enamored by his voice,
As he pondered out loud what he
Should have for lunch.
As we sat together I only got
Three words in-
Not that I was counting-
But for the first time, I did
Not mind.

For his voice lit up the
Spark in his eyes,
And his words were not harsh
But a melody that could calm
Even the tightest muscle in my body.
His lips moved like ocean waves, so
Soft, creating a space that felt like our own.
As I sat across from him, I thought
I could listen to this man for the
Rest of my life.
Like the dance of a song bird
That whistles its secret
Over an icy lane
And believes  
In a wishing plea
Wish on a pine tree
Just for me
Wish down a well
But never tell
Wish on a star
Hope it goes far
Wish on a birthday candle
May it return that which
Only you can handle
Something that brings divine bliss~~~
Did you wish for a chocolate kiss?
Wish on a penny
May it fill your cup with many
Wish on founded feather
May hearts bond forever together
Wish on a four leaf clover
Don’t forget the songbird’s flyover
Wish on a dandelion
Wind carries its seed to fresh pine
Wish on an eyelash
Maybe for a little cash
Wish on a turkey wishbone
Before desserts blueberry scone
Colored rainbow high in sky
A wish to gratify~ oh my
Wish on high moon
Above a blue lagoon
Wish on digital eleven
To be granted by seven
Wish on flying ladybug
May it be returned with the tightest hug
Wish on a stone’s flat side
For a spiritual guide
Wish on coins in a fountain
Picturesque terrain
Of water~ not champagne
Acorn wishing tree
Better wish more than three
Wish as you move necklace clasp
Held tightly in your grasp
Believe in a secret you’d like to tell
One you said by a wishing well
That wishing tree
With your written ribbon of plea
Is nothing like ~~~
The wish under bright fireworks
As your angel quietly smirks...
Anthony Aug 18
Part I: Introduction

My sweet Knight, my dearest Ant,
This introduction is more of a self-induced and frustrated rant.

Your patience and love is much appreciated,
I know that you have been waiting for this for a while now, so you must be elated.

Please forgive me for taking so long,
I wrote this in sections so you can understand my heart and where in it, you belong.

It is more of a letter than a poem, but I still wanted to rhyme,
Sorry for my continuous and endless rambling, and for wasting time.

Please excuse my disorganized thinking,
I will admit that some parts were written while I was drinking.

I hope that you enjoy it, despite this unsatisfactory effort to help you see,
The ways that I adore you and how special you are to me.

Part II: Fine Arts

I promised to write a poem, a special one just for you,
Writer's block hindered me, so I turned to art hoping it‘d grant me a different point of view.

I find the best ways that I express myself is through music, writing, and fine arts,
But all I could do was write your name in calligraphy, followed by endless red hearts.

Colourful paints on a eggshell white canvas could never capture your essence,
Your soul shines brighter than the pigments that could never glow with such iridescence.

I could not paint my adoration, so I picked up my pencil and held it tight,
And sketched until the side of my hand and wrist were completely covered in graphite.

I felt defeated in expressing myself through art because I could not get it right,
But if I am being honest, the most difficult thing to endure is having to say goodnight.

I will to show you the art I have created with you as my inspiration,
But for now I will move on to music, so make sure you tune to next station.

Part III: Music

I cherish music that resonates and reverberates in both our soul and our being,
Through auditory stimulus, it expresses such beautiful and affectionate feeling.

Feelings that are hard to put into words, or painted, or drawn,
But three minutes of a dedicated love song ends in a silence that seems to drag on.

If I were to compose my own, I would play in on my own delicate heart strings,
So you could clearly hear the way my heart flutters for you, and soars with its own wings.

I would sing lyrics that were as fluid as the strum of a guitar,
I would gladly endure the pangs that stung from plucking of various notes until it left a scar.

I trust that you would tend to my wounds and listen intently to my song,
I would compose it into a lullaby to help you rest all night long.

I would gladly jam to classic rock with you all day,
And dance for you as you watch my body move in a gentle sway.

Take my hand and let us dance together,
We can do it outside as we feel our worries dissipate despite the rain and cold weather.

Our warmed blood and rhythmic movement will help keep us warm,
Along with our own bodies that merge when we hold each other and we unify to one form.

I am overwhelmed with happiness at this sweet thought,
And if anyone interferes, the space between their eyebrows will be my next headshot.

Speaking of murdering to satiate my lust for death and blood,
I will move to the next section, when their bodies hit the ground with an echoing thud.

Part IV: ******

I reject slumber to hear your animal noises and witty puns,
I find comfort in our oddities, and if anyone tries to belittle you for it, I will ready my guns.

My axe and shield are ready and hang down each side,
My claws sharpened to easily slice through ill intentions and obnoxious pride.

Your shhhh’s and Daddy voice help keep me sane,
When I have a fury inside of me that craves slamming my shield into their brain.

You love that I am nurturing and kind-hearted,
But it is difficult even for you to headpat me to calmness once I get started.

If anyone were to pain or upset you,
I would rip their jugulars from their throat with my teeth and feed it to animals at the Bronx Zoo.

Speaking of animals, I know that I am your special Amazonian Witty Kitty,
I know that you find it cute when I am stubborn, and think I am so pretty.

I am an Awko Taco, but only you know this,
I trust you enough to be vulnerable and be myself freely without judgement, and that is pure bliss.

I cannot completely protect you from one’s cruel intentions once it is embedded in their mind,
But if I am there next to you, you will hear the bow creak in preparation as I wind.

No one will get away with hurting you, especially not while I am there,
But I will wait for your nod of approval before letting my arrow slice through their scalp and hair.

Part V: Patient Wolf

I hope that I have not discouraged you by making you wait so long,
To finish this inadequate poem that does not depict my love properly, it felt so wrong.

I have been wanting to scrap it completely for a few days,
Crumple the paper and watch it disappear under my lighter as it is set ablaze.

But I wanted to keep going and trying no matter what,
I know that you'd find it cute regardless, just like my Nu's and my ****.

It is specially made just for you, a soul so beautiful it shines so bright,
Even though I know that you are a Colossus-stealing, resource-hogging, filthy American Knight.

Part VI: Ecstatic Joy

I know that when I see you in less than two weeks,
I will smile from ear-to-ear until it hurts and pains my cheeks.

The days seem to grow longer and longer the closer that we get,
And when I try to sleep, I panic and think of stuff that I do not want to forget.

These thoughts have been resulting in many restless nights,
But at least I get to watch the Sun’s show of beautiful, celestial lights.

Colours like crisp golds and splendid apricots spread over the sky,
Rays sneaking past poorly placed and out-of-reach canvases on a ledge that is too high.

I cannot wait to be by your side,
We will both turn into blushing tomatoes with smiles so wide.

I cannot wait to be woken by songs of mornings and individual rays of Sun,
Beaming through the curtains of your window, one by one.

I cannot wait for the late nights and hushed talks,
The moon hanging over our heads as we lay around in PJs and fuzzy socks.

I cannot wait for the events that we have planned;
Yanni, the Zoo, and the museums so grand.

I cannot wait to pull you and Majima-san into the tightest embrace,
You will both wish that you had thought of a form of escape, or at least brought a bottle of mace.

I cannot wait to plant a kiss on both of your faces,
And exploring together and seeing all kinds of different places.

Part VII: Conclusion

You deserve so many beautiful words to be written and sent your way,
And I wish nothing but happiness and positivity to radiate in your tomorrows, but especially today.

Enjoy this very moment before pondering of what may come,
And never forget your struggles, experiences, values, and where you came from.

I want nothing but the very best for you, happiness and joy,
To appear at every point in your life, my beautiful and sweet boy.

I hope to be there through all the challenges that you overcome and goals that you complete,
Especially life’s experiences and all the hardships that make it bittersweet.

I love and adore you, so very much,
I am looking forward to holding you in my arms and feeling your touch.

With much love,
Witty Kitty
s Oct 2018
i feel so beaten up
i feel so broken down
i think about what you've done
and then i start to drown
this isn't even a poem
i'm just trying to explain my emotions
i'm trying to make you understand
just how badly you've left me broken
there is no longer any trust
there is nothing left i have for you
so now i must adjust
to being alone and away from you
and i just can't bring myself
to say a single word to you
it hurts me far too much
and yet... i still want you to
hold on to me with
the tightest of grips
i know i'm already drowning
but please don't let me sink

let me love you
let me leave you
let me love you
let me leave you

let me ******* leave you
Traveler Jan 5
Why would anybody
Gives a ****
About the misfiring
Within some worn out
Poetic man?

So if you are...
Struggling to be normal
Striving to be sane
The tightest bandages
Tighten tight
Still life
Slowly drains

So loosen up
Let your words
Pour down
In poetical rain!
Traveler Tim
Sarah Tayler Oct 2018
I tried to fool myself into thinking that the burns on my arms weren’t from playing with fire
That the bruises on my lips were from love
and not the hazy frenzy our numb minds allowed
I pretended not to have hands to hold anything possessivly
but in the end it was my legs that held you tightest
Closer that anyone could be
Too close for me to ever scrub your scent from my skin it seems
Vol II
Hold her like she’s falling apart, because well, she probably is.
I write silly dark things

— The End —