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Levi Windolf Nov 2018
People pacing, cattle station.
Racing to, the next location.
Jump on a crowded metal tube.
To get to work, your office cube.
You **** and moan, till you get home.
The box for your throne, is land on loan.
So set on containment and fitting in.
That we neglect our problems, with tonic and gin.
We drink to forget, all the things we regret.
We sit through each hour just to settle our debts.
See, life's not about living, not anymore.
It's about finding the time to settle our scores.
But time is running faster, than ever before.
Its nearly too late, just 12 years to the door.
We can't keep up, we thought we were winning.
But the reality is that the atmosphere's thinning.
It's getting harder to breath it's getting harder to see.
Extinction level event, that's all we'll ever be.
Each day we're alive is a day the earth's dying.
We need to take action, no point sitting here crying.
Stop single use plastics, that's the easiest tactic.
Stop clearing the forests, stop being dishonest.
The point that I'm making, that I'm hoping your taking.
Is get out of your head, less the earth gets put to bed.
a Pulitzer Prize winner
tells us in an interview
in TIME magazine
that a necessary part
of our future energy
must be nuclear

no word
     about the hazards of nuclear waste
     the advantages of alternative sustainable
          and renewable sources of energy
     or about reducing energy consumption

very strange
Camille Barr Oct 2017
I sway in the tree of dreams
Far from the ground of harsh realities
This freedom comes to mind
From a view seldom seen today
The peaceful breeze carries me,
away in a daydream
Into a new world of discovery
How refreshing it is to breathe
Deep, with no sense to hurry
The man-made deadline absent
In the nature of time aligned
In space this was created
To set the centre stage alive
This is the place to visit to remind
The mind where it ‘set in motion’
The imaginative exploration for tomorrow
Matthew Harlovic Jul 2017
i am leaving soon
so forgive me if i speak bluntly
but what are we achieving in this country?
to think, we hung the moon and stars.
i’m stung by the pungent stench of cars.
fix the carbon sink or tend to the garden.
lend a hand out to those who are starving.
Darwin would loathe our progress.
i thought old growth was both
a blessing and a curse
but things only worsen
the more we nurse them.
clip the wings of a serpent

© Matthew Harlovic
watched A Day The Earth Stood Still and was inspired
Scarlet McCall Oct 2016
walk with me
down the open, crumbling road.
We’re two surviving souls--
billion year old
molecules binding
our hearts, muscles,
bones and nerves winding--
let us go back to the beginning,
before the time of sinning,
to the start of our creation,
before government or nation,
to find the garden and lose regarding--
regain our innocence.
The sun, rain and wind will test us--
we’ll build shelters of hides and bones,
pick berries and sharpen knives with stones,
play bone flutes and gut-stringed lutes,
and **** nothing without reason
and prepare for each change of season.
We’ll take our water from the glacial melt.
Our fashion will be the furry pelt.
Of course, we’ll remember poem and song--
for they were never wrong;
art was blameless.
It was the only thing
“Civilization” left us.

We’ll spark fire with pegs and strings
whirring, friction, small kindlings
into fire; we'll sit round and tell our history--
marvel at our ancestors’ folly, what mystery...
We’ll write dramas and dance;
we will honor this second chance.
English we will remember.
And French and Arabic, Latin and Hebrew.
We’ll start a new language, or two.
We’ll wash and sew condoms from intestines;
this time, what we’ll invest in
will be sustainability.
No need to propagate the earth--
it is fruitful enough already.
Only to be in harmony, a place neither above, nor below, others--
the animals and plants, who are our sisters and our brothers.
Wrote this a few years ago and it's already out of date. The arctic ice is melting along with most glaciers. The apocalypse, or the death of life as we have known it, will be here in about 35 years. Hopefully I'll be dead then because this is just a fantasy of what I would like to happen.
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