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Unpolished Ink Jan 2021
A fish
does not want to be on your dish
for it to be obtainable
it needs to be
Nitin Raikar Sep 2020
Shade giving Sentinels
Custodians of the environment
Infusing oxygenated life
Extending canopies of bliss!

A fine interplay of synthesising solar photons
Food factories to the plant
Self sustainable gifts from the Almighty God!

Bemoan Human apathy
Fragile relations with humankind
Exponential signs of human induced Ecocide!

Oh Humankind!
Oh Humankind!
Wake up to a Nature’s clarion call
Embrace Mother Earths Sentinels

Tree Huggers of the World
Unite in Unison and Eco harmony
Save Trees!
Save Trees!
Cherish God’s Nature
Permeate Environmental Euphony
Demolish reckless Infrastructural Cacophony !!!

Biospherically Yours Forever 🙏🏻

@Nitin Raikar
Scarlet McCall Apr 2020
Environmental advice
from a re-purposed hag:
Stop driving cars.
Use a re-usable bag.
Cook dinner at home.
Adopt children, not pets.
Don't use plastic cups.
Don't eat tuna caught with nets.
Don't toss out food--
it becomes methane gas.
Stop shopping for clothes;
give consumerism a pass.
Wear natural fabrics.
Turn off extra lights.
Use solar cells.
Live the days and sleep the nights.
I admit I couldn't live without my care, but I'm a 50-something with bad knees and bad feet.
Hayleigh Mar 2019
These people, these lives, these houses, these homes, these hills, these trees, these animals, these rivers, these seas.
We are not building an empire, we are destroying one, and every living, breathing thing in it.
We are walking catastrophes, entire tsunamis tripping off our tongues, rivers rolling between our lips. Streams of change, ebbing through microplastic in our veins with nets around our necks.
Let us be the change we want to see in the world, let us plant trees, climb to the top of them and scream from the top of our lungs for every single thing we are grateful for, let this planet be at the very top of that list.
As long as we inhale and exhale every moment; every memory, every molecule on this earth, let us not forget, we belong to it, and not the other way round.
There is so much yet we can do, so many lives we can transform, entire continents we can claim and cure.
Let us find peace before we are torn to pieces by our very own hands.
Levi Windolf Nov 2018
People pacing, cattle station.
Racing to, the next location.
Jump on a crowded metal tube.
To get to work, your office cube.
You **** and moan, till you get home.
The box for your throne, is land on loan.
So set on containment and fitting in.
That we neglect our problems, with tonic and gin.
We drink to forget, all the things we regret.
We sit through each hour just to settle our debts.
See, life's not about living, not anymore.
It's about finding the time to settle our scores.
But time is running faster, than ever before.
Its nearly too late, just 12 years to the door.
We can't keep up, we thought we were winning.
But the reality is that the atmosphere's thinning.
It's getting harder to breath it's getting harder to see.
Extinction level event, that's all we'll ever be.
Each day we're alive is a day the earth's dying.
We need to take action, no point sitting here crying.
Stop single use plastics, that's the easiest tactic.
Stop clearing the forests, stop being dishonest.
The point that I'm making, that I'm hoping your taking.
Is get out of your head, less the earth gets put to bed.
a Pulitzer Prize winner
tells us in an interview
in TIME magazine
that a necessary part
of our future energy
must be nuclear

no word
     about the hazards of nuclear waste
     the advantages of alternative sustainable
          and renewable sources of energy
     or about reducing energy consumption

very strange
Camille Barr Oct 2017
I sway in the tree of dreams
Far from the ground of harsh realities
This freedom comes to mind
From a view seldom seen today
The peaceful breeze carries me,
away in a daydream
Into a new world of discovery
How refreshing it is to breathe
Deep, with no sense to hurry
The man-made deadline absent
In the nature of time aligned
In space this was created
To set the centre stage alive
This is the place to visit to remind
The mind where it ‘set in motion’
The imaginative exploration for tomorrow
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