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Achick Jun 27
The back of my head slammed into the wall.
My body slides down the wall in a daze.
I snapped back when I felt hands around my neck.
Grasp getting tighter.
His eyes growing black.
Body is frozen.
Mind is racing.
Martial arts techniques cycle through my mind.
Ways I can over power you.
My only reality is I have to **** you, consume you, and then become you.
I let you decide my fate.
I stared into your evil grinning face.
You loosen your grip, when you decided I had enough.
You stood over me like you won.
I didn't even cry.
I was ready to die.
Achick Jul 1
I am the lady with a purple fingernail
I can be your safe haven if you want me too
I will fight your battle along side with you
If you’re  not ready to fight that’s okay too
I promise to encourage you
I promise I will never leave you
You can say anything to me
The good
The bad
The ugly
It doesn’t matter
I’m here for you
You don’t have to be beaten and bruised for me to encourage you
No matter what,  I’ll open my heart to you
I can be your pillar of strength
Or your silent ear
You don’t have to trust me right away
But I’ll always believe you
If you see me on your journey
Don’t be afraid to show me your true feelings
I will accept you for who you are
Scars and all
We can count them one by one
Or sit in silence and wait for your voice
I promise to be gentle and patient
I swear to you, I will always be in your corner
It’s a lonely and cold world out there
I swear, you don’t have to go through this alone.
This is my vow to you
If you need me I’ll always be here for you
No strings attached
Just me and you

I will fight for you
I would die for you
You may not know it
But I already love you
If you need me, I’m here just inbox me here or on facebook
LN Jun 18
See for yourself
As the beauty bleeds blue,
The spark long gone
From the gaze lingering on you.
Her smile doesn't touch
Her eyes that once twinkled
As she pastes it on to pretend
On a face bruised and wrinkled.
"I'm happy" She says,
Filling the world with her excuses
While she pulls on her sleeves
Enough to cover her bruises.
A low groan settles
In the depth of her throat
Recalling the horrors
Of being used and left to rot.
"Reminders" She calls them
The blank "I love yous" She gets to hear
Of the man that you are
And the pain she has to bear
Yet she keeps mum
For the small reminders in her head,
Smiling at the monster
That lives on her bed.
This is about domestic violence.
It really breaks my heart how even after so many fights and revolutions to empower women and humanity, we stand at square one where domestic violence is still very much prevalent in the society.
A local girl was shot in the head by her boyfriend
All I can keep thinking is I'm glad you didn't **** me
And im glad I didn't **** myself trying to get away from you
They say,
"childhood is  kingdom where nobody dies"

mine wasn't.

I was forced to grow up too fast
a 5 year old in a 30 year old's body
who couldn't take a joke
who was too sensitive
who was a scaredy cat

but they didn't know
the horrors i saw
the the terror i felt
the trauma i live

they will never know
the blood shed
the tears cried
the screams of pain

my childhood was not a dream
it was a nightmare
This is very personal, and I have been wanting to say this for years, and i am glad to get this out
Lemonade Jun 1
My friend puking out her Christmas dinner like a little girl trying to scrub off that uncle’s touch who tells her she is his favorite kid.
For her dad fat shames her every day.

My friend’s parents sending her to therapy because they don’t get how she can like a boy as well as a girl. Or rather don’t try to, because calling it phase is so much easier than explaining to the neighbors how that is who their daughter is. They are oblivious to what it is like to live in a home where you are treated like a victim of your existence.

My friend needs help, a little attention and someone to talk to.
His family is ashamed, how they could have done better for him, how they’re responsible for the things inside his head and I still don’t know what depression does to him, his family doesn’t like to talk about it.
They’d rather consider him possessed because anything is better than people knowing that he needs therapy and love and care. “Their son can’t be suffering from mental illness, they’re a happy family.”

My friend tells me she’s turning into her mother, and her mother let me tell you, she’s fabulous and fierce for she has been through things harsher than a lover who never says,'I love you’ but wants you to be their ***** little secret and you love them a little too much to deny. My friend, she had an anxiety attack last night for she can’t go out with her guy friends, neither talk to a classmate for too long because her boyfriend might start ****-shaming her. I disapprove and tell her she is not turning into her mother but when I sit in their living room, and aunty brings me snacks while talking to me about life within these faint green walls of the house and what did I eat for breakfast. I ask her to go out sometimes because there are so many things out there that she’d be experiencing and creating, friendship, weather, languages, people, art, emotions. And smell some sunlight in the lush greens fields. She says she’s not allowed to, like a kid calling its mother, "Ma". Her husband loves his ***. And her helplessly hazardous heart, too drained to take ‘harlot’ for a word from an alcohol-soaked throat.
The same walls that once adored their wedding photographs now question their love.

My friend’s girlfriend telling him she loves him but they can’t be together because she’s doesn’t want to be seen with him in the streets. But she seeks his warmth in the winter and leaves right before spring. He loses a little bit of himself every time she does that. He blames himself for what love does to him.

The woman who wears a heavy heart to the bed, finds it difficult to put herself to sleep, holds her dog for a little too long. Whose husband refuses to try therapy.
For I can't margin in metaphors, the agony within the wives who haven't been touched for years.
And the woman who feels a little less human after every night her husband forces himself on her. Because she's, his wife. His. Possession not prized but objectified.
The wife whose husband refuses to wear a ******, she gulps down pain every morning with the pills.
Families of these women, who were taught to think that is how the society functions and who are unwilling to unlearn.      

My friend’s brother asking her to stop wearing that short skirt around guests. There's a hole in her heart every time she remembers the traces his hands left on that infertile body of the kid that looked just like her. He pretends like it never happened.
Tell me the things I can change to make this piece of writing better.
Remembering those that are keeping it all together whilst being screamed at, humiliated, insulted, offended and hurt.

Those who feel like screaming but holding the meltdown in check.

Those who are frustrated and trapped and killing somebody seemed the best option but just do not have the right state of mind.

Those whom in the ugly face of violence, are still fighting for their right to freedom of choice.

Freedom for a right to live equally because, life has dealt them a hard hand. A right to be who they dream to be.

Those that are being mistaken for their tears as mere weakness.

Those that have lost their spirit to fight but are hoping-still.
Those who are in their lowest now but still faithful and pressing on despite everything.

Those that feel the need to cry but had to smile instead.
Those who live within their means but wish there could have been more or be more because of another brother, sister, relative in need.

Those who put every one elses need ahead of their own.

Lest we forget, you are remembered today.
I wonder where the prayers went...after years spent sitting in the darkness looking for a change that never never came...and...
Where Is My Diamoonnnd!!!!???
All I Have is coal...
And why....
Why can't I have 3 wishes at least?...
Because change never never came...
Only the Storm remained.
But when being present was a requirement, there transpired a lucid calm...
If only it could be grasped like bed sheets the night the Storm was conceived...
Oh I wish those knees could have been broken!!!...
So they wouldn't have opened to receive...seed...or conceive...
Forgive me..
I pray for a mime to be a fly on the wall of these thoughts!!
I pray the clouds part so the sun can shine and you find rest..
Everything's better when you are asleep...
Suffering through your Own nightmares...
What happened to the maternal instinct purposed to protect you, nurture you to a point of functionality?
Is there such thing as functional with you?...
Did you wear out your place of origin to where you're no longer sought for or welcomed?
Was it a joy to desert such a never ending storm?
Is there no remorse?
Not for your abandonment...but for society...
No thought for the trail of derailed strangers who will never forget the name of the tornadic soul who impacted them tragically...?
Your calms last long enough to fall in love with the beauty in between..and it is so beautiful.
Not long enough to prepare for your next season...and...
Why won't you learn to warn your lovers?
So they may brace for...
The sun...
The sun is coming...
The heavens still love me...
Since the sun is out,
I love you...
Sweet dreams.
~Say Dat~
This is dedicated to those who have suffered emotional abuse....
A woman sits in the dark, talking to her drunken sleeping abusive lover...
“Husband murdered wife over domestic dispute”

Witnesses say they heard yelling getting clearer
The community is shocked and never expected this terror
A husband was angry over losing his kids to his wife
He drove eight blocks to take her life

He broke into her house and broke many things
She came downstairs and the fat lady sings
He knocks her down to the carpet
At three in the morning the air remains scarlet

He strangles her on their couch
Blood filling up in her mouth
At three in the morning she left this life
Why do we do this to our women?
© Thorne J. McFarlane
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