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Raiford Brown IV Sep 2015
Like wax that doesn't melt. Under no circumstance will I loose my disposition, after heat is applied. Building a box I can't be in the box if I made it. If Acquiring knowledge isn't cool. I'm building a box for books so I guess I'll never fit in. While my flame continues to burn I'll stand alone and lighthouse you here.
Lighthouses knowledge
Raiford Brown IV Sep 2015
Head on my chest as she's dancing to the cadence of my heart. The colors of our auras wraps us In a blanket. The euphonious sounds of your moans replay in my head. The act of our bodies crashing still vibrating your hips. Gravity dessolves along with lights from clapping. Transition supine your spine becomes the mattress. Coitus embraced you as we cascaded into a golden basin.
part 2. Enjoy!
Raiford Brown IV Aug 2015
often times I find myself thinking we've learned to speak the ambivalent language of love well to fluently. Too much is expected of integrity so it left. The dejection of our hearts leaves us with a watered down version of ourselves loathing on sight our perspective is just an unhealthy juxtaposition of a realm and reality. Fighting for what we thought was right can lead to fighting on the wrong side.
Raiford Brown IV Aug 2015
like the way your brain works when you commit the wrong hand shkae. My ability to require the need to respect you is irrelevant. rhymes don't matter if the concept doesn't solve the problem. rhetorical questions make no impact. We idolize things and narcotically twist them just to boosts or sense of ignorant cognition. generations passed down only to be cut in half. Sizing up improvisation, we panic and anything is released.
While my third eye is open
Raiford Brown IV Aug 2015
In a weary series of redundant repetition.
I feel less of a hearty player, but more of
a lethargic field whos reapings are to far from succession.
Evolution happened somewhere along the
Somewhere along the way we forgot there's nothing more powerful than the verbosity of our name.
Raiford Brown IV Aug 2015
A dress of smiles covered her face
as the curiosity of the taste of her
lips crossed mine.
As love lingured and the ambiance
changed from dark to light.
Rays played hop scotch on her skin
as I fell in an event horizon.
part 1
Raiford Brown IV Aug 2015
A white dove turned black yesterday
and I wonder if peace can be a piece of me. If my  body gets broken down into segments and thrown in a body I'm pretty sure I'll come out the soil of my mothers land.
Less recarnation but more invention.
Ideas thought about for a long time only to be released by another mind.
See thats the problem we hold on the tightest to things that carry less weight. See Gravity  can be a real *****,
but I love the way it holds my mind in place.
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