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Mel May 2018
Do you ever get lost in the moment?
Everything but your mind is completely still,
and everything seems to just pass you by.

Just sitting there,
with your mind fixated on one thing,
drowning everything else out but that singular thought.

Your feet are on the ground,
but you’ve never had your head float this high into the clouds.

Then all of a sudden you realize
just how far away you’ve gone.

You begin to see in slow motion,
drowning out all of the sounds.

You’re completed suspended in your own little world,
just waiting to come
Mel May 2018
Ends frayed,
We were unraveling.
Piece by piece,
Thread by thread,
We were becoming undone.

We never cut ties,
You just stopped.
But maybe that was because
Anything we ever had
Had already died.
Mel Sep 2017
Loving you was like the ocean
I fell deeper every second
Engulfing waves crashing over me
Drowning me in the thought of you - of us
I looked up at the sky above me
Clouded by the fear that you’ll leave me
And after you made me face my fears, by leaving
The rain came down through my eyes
It poured for days, months
And it kept on raining
Oceans, the sky, the rain
They were all the same
They were all blue
And loving him was no different
Loving him was blue
Mel Sep 2017
Interconnected webs of string,
strategically woven and knotted,
and adorned with beautifully painted beads.
Some way, somehow,
this hand-crafted creation
is said to hold captive
all nightmares that had ever dawned on me.
What an immaculate thing
this could turn out to be,
if it were to play its part,
even when we are not asleep.
Because truth is,
the real demons that we have,
are not only those that appear in our nightmares,
but rather the ones we fight
day to day.
Mel Jan 2017
You broke my heart and stole pieces from me
Secrets, my body, and even my memory.
Now it feels like there is a hole in my chest
this sick, sad feeling I can not put to rest.
I need to fill this void quick
perhaps this Little One will do the trick.
Mel Sep 2016
Sulfurous smell
Please seal your lips
Not a word you shall tell  
Nobody would heed your tip

Narrow mindedness,
Selective thinking
Has caused you blindness
Do us a favor - please stop speaking
Mel Sep 2016
We could a learn thing
or two from nature
Darkness is truly reassuring
Look to the fall of night
For that is when all is brought to light

Watch how the winged
creature flutters
Forget all that you have read
Good things never last
That's why fireflies flash
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