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Marlo Cabrera Feb 2019
the concept of Death is as solid as mist can get
We see it, we understand it but not completely
and just like mist we can never fully grasp it.

living is too.

It baffles me to this day
of how something
so tangible
can spirit away
never to be seen or heard from ever again

There will be days where you will have things to talk about
with a specific person
only to remember that they are no longer around

You ought to think what they might think of the stories you have been saving
at the back pocket of your jeans.

It hurts not to be able to share things
with a person who is no longer around.

Their voices that were once a treble now have turned into a faint echo
only to be heard in the hollow hole that they have left in your heart
where their glow once stood

Their warm touch are now but a lingering sting on your skin
Seething pain that come and go with every memory that pass through
the tunnels of your cerebrum.

It’s unfair of those who have gone before us to be able to still see us
for them to spectate as the years, months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds pass.

but I recon it must be as painful for them as it is for us.

to be able to see loved ones, loved things and not be able to interact
and live life with them in the present.

But such as all things, this is merely but the passing of time.

and our time will come too.

and maybe then it might not be a goodbye but a sweet hello
as we peer into the void and see them at the other side
A joyous reunion

the concept of Death is as solid as mist can get
We see it, we understand it but not completely
and just like mist we can never fully grasp it.

but one day we will
only when we have crossed to the other side of the twilight.

You won’t be able to understand the rest of the story until you flip to the next page.
Just lost a dear friend.
Marlo Cabrera Nov 2018
Look how far we’ve come.
from an idea, a desire we came from
materialized from conception and now have take form.

Life is fascinating
No matter how much I want to die
existence always amazes me.

Life is treads exactly on the boundary of reality and illusion.
What so real can seem so unreal.
Like the mist in the cold morning.
It exists for us to see but slowly disappears with no trace.

The past seems so distant and the future oh so near.

Sometimes I catch myself asking the questions of whether or not
the things in the past happened or if it was just a figment of my imagination.
Memories that I have crafted for myself.

Makes you wonder
what wisdom trees hold
as they withstood the test of time.
living and dying through the seasons

Memories they have kept as time did not stop.
I wonder if the trees ever miss the people who always pass by them
Their voices, their faces.

How every day must be a nostalgia trip as they live the present and the past at the same time.

Death still boggles me.
How one thing that used to be alive is no longer around.

Only records of them stay.
Pictures, videos, voice recordings
and their words immortalized in things like letters and poems.

How dead beings still walk the living present by nothing but records

Maybe I’m just thinking too much.
Maybe all of this doesn’t make sense.

Maybe this pale form of a poem is just a way to convey a feeling
that we have not come up a name for.

A feeling stronger than Nostalgia
but weaker than being sentimental.

I don’t know.

I maybe be gone tomorrow.
Maybe in a few minutes.

I too will become something that is and will turn into what was.

Who knows.
I guess life really is a mystery.
Marlo Cabrera Oct 2018
Sometimes I get sad
like REALLY sad

Actually not just sometimes but all the time

my chest would feel like an empty grave
screaming for it’s tenant.

The gaping hole that longs for someone to cradle into the night
A lover longing for it’s beloved.

I would have thoughts of the things I have lost
like a tree wondering where it’s leaves have gone in the fall.

I have memories and feelings that I have flung to the back of my head
like ***** laundry that just waits for me to deal with it.
I know one day I will have to pick them up and shove them into the washing machine
but here I am just ignoring it.
I am running out of clean clothes to wear
and have a mountain of ***** clothes to face

I have sorrows that I have coated in caramel
like candied apples
thinking that they’d be sweet but they still taste so bitter.

My heart was burning house filled with people dancing in it
The people have grown tired have left
and the firemen have arrived.

Now it nothing but a soggy dance floor with a shattered disco ball.
A sun that has exploded and have become a super nova
reminiscing what it once was and mourning what it will never be.

I hope day I won’t feel as much sad
that one day I will have enough motivation to face that mountain of ***** clothes.
I hope that one day I will be brave enough to be happy.
But till then I hope y’all keep me company.

Cause sometimes, most of the time
One of the main reasons I sad is because
I am lonely.
Man depression is such a ***** to deal with.
here's a very candid poem reflecting what I am feeling at the moment.
Marlo Cabrera Apr 2018
When she leaves
she will take every bit of herself
stuff it inside of her suit case and leave the front door open
all that you will be left with is a faint essence her,
the wrinkles and the weakest scent she left on your pillow.

when she leaves
she will leave nothing but strands of her hair on the floor
like a trail of bread crumbs
it reminds you that it is finished
that it’s done.

Tho she is gone and took everything with her
you will remember her.

The hoodie that you lent her will ask you where she went

The blankets that used to keep the fire that was once
you and her, will ask you why it has suddenly turned cold.

The cup she used to drink her coffee from in the morning
will have traces of her lips,
it keeps it safe, as a reminder
that all good things come to an end.
An excerpt from a poem in the works.
Marlo Cabrera Oct 2017
Darkness will slowly fall into the land,
The sky will glitter with stars,
The planets of the solar system
will turn in their places like ballerinas performing pirouettes in an astounding show of beauty and grace.
But my eyes will standstill in the direction where you are.
You are more beautiful than they will ever be.
Marlo Cabrera May 2016
Eto ako ngayon,
nakahiga kama ko
isipan ay walang laman kun’di ikaw.
nababaliw sa bawat senaryo
na kasama ka.
Ilang beses ko na naisip
at na plano ang gagawin
sa oras na dumating ang
panahon na kailangan gumawa ng desisyon
kung pagpapatuloy ba natin
ang ating pagsasama.
at ilang beses ko na ding
nasagot ang sarili na

Kase wala lang naman akong
hihilingin kung’di ikaw
na nag papatibok ng puso ko.

Ang taong pumupulot sa mga basag kong piraso,
at binubuo ako, gamit ang ginto.
Kase ang mga hapon ay may sining
na kapag ang isang bagay ay nabasag
ang ginagawa nila dito ay
ginagamit ang ginto bilang pang digit.
Para sa kanila,
ang bagay na iyon ay mas maganda at kabighabighani
kesa nung eto ay hindi pa nababasag.

Ikaw ang ginto
na bumubuo
sa mga basag kong piraso.


Mahal kita.
Kintsugi = The Japanese art of repairing with gold.
Marlo Cabrera Mar 2016
It was back in 2010,
when our first big bang occurred
I remember the first few encounters we had,
and how it was like 4 untamed interstellar hurricanes converging and forming a mega storm.
We were heading for a land fall,
in a galaxy where they have yet to know what real friendship is.

But in all honesty,
we were much more than just hurricanes.
we were cosmic storms.
sweeping across the universe,
so intense and fierce some,
but gentle not to break a single star.

we were also supernovas,
bursting at the seems,
creating new galaxies,
new frontiers for us to wonder yonder.

We were blackholes too,
******* in every single lonely thing, person,
and then crushing it with the weight of our love.
Something far more greater than gravity,
we had compassion.
Love is our greatest weapon.

But somewhere along the way,
we developed fear.
The fear of the universe,
and how we might accidentally drift away,
to the other sides of the spectrum.

Maybe the only thing we are afraid of
is not being able to see each other again,
but that the next time we do,
is that we would have changed so much.

That our constellations no longer align.
that we will only be seen in photographs,
and in the museums of our memories,
that are embedded in our cerebrums.

Only to become stories told by the ones who,
witnessed the phenomena,
and those who have experienced it.
a phenomena called brotherhood.

Just like space,
it is ever expanding.
stretching from one infinity to another,
our love for each other will remain the same.

You are all,
God’s masterpieces,
scattered across the cosmic plane.

It was a great pleasure,
sailing this wide and vast,
ocean of stars, and planets.

But each voyage must come to an end,
or perhaps take a break.

or even disband to cover more waters,
uncharted seas.

But also like each voyage,
there will come a point
wherein we must return,
to our own harbors.

When that time comes,
we will meet each other at the docks,
where we first met and left for the seas.

Till that time comes,
I will continue to write you,
telling you the stories of daring do’s.

But till then,
I will see you soon.

My Nakamas.
For people who sailed the milky way with us.
Arigato ne, Aishiteru.
Alex and Jeff. I love you guys.
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