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Put my red lipstick and boots on, I was ready to party until dawn.
Had a good time on a Saturday night.

Had my best lady there and flowers in my hair.
Had a good time on a Saturday night.

Danced like a fool 'cuz tequila is fuel.
Had a good time on a Saturday night.

The caged bird was freed, like a well watered seed.
Had a good time on a Saturday night.

Drank, sang, danced, and played.
Had a good time on a Saturday night.
This is my first attempt to write off the top of my head in years. It feels like I am coming up for air after being in the darkest depths of the ocean.
Took a chance, and it went well. First time I have done that in a long time. I need to take more chances.
Abby williams Mar 31
The breathtaking moments r the ones that count
The ones where time stops and your heart just wants to shout
Cherish the magic, and savour the beauty
For as suddenly as they happen
As unexpectedly can the world destroy them
Capture the laughter, and remember the love
That precious moment where your heart skips a beat
And u feel endless joy from your head to your feet
Hold on to that feeling
And never believe your heart is beyond healing
Your world may shatter
Your soul may darken
Fight these times, they're not what matter

The moments that count are the ones where time stops and your heart just wants to shout
Aaron LaLux Mar 15
Let’s put the pieces together
form the remnants of our broken hearts,
let’s tear down these walls,
without tearing each other apart,

pulled in several different directions,
by several different girls,
each one of them in a way a reflection,
of every emotion that’s ever occurred,

so each one of them is special,
which is why the Single Life is preferred,

On a rooftop in Brisbane,
livin’ the business but the thrill is gone,
still I B.B. King,
still I Stay Calm & Carry On,

no crown though,
but best believe beef still gets ground slow,
all I know is Life’s a trip,
so what kinda trip are you on?

∆ LaLux ∆
Brisbane 2019
Jack Shannon Feb 4
I remember days spent rocking to and fro on a boat with no particular place to go, just waiting for the next race, sandwich in hand which is somehow filled with sand, though none is in sight. The massive grin as I almost fall in, and a look of disappointment as he realises I’m not completely soaked to my skin.

I remember nights spent under electric lights, rolling bowls down an artificial green, and seeing him clap and cheer if I got anywhere near.

I remember piles and piles of meat being grilled, Ivor looking perfectly chilled as the barbecue flamed around his ears, always calm and happy to be cooking, ribs and burgers and sausages and steak, always burnt a few by ‘mistake’ which just happened to find their way to the dog.

I remember him smiling.

I remember singing with him in the car, on our way to do something somewhere, voices raised high, without a care for the tune, or pitch, and even the lyrics were mostly substituted with anything we came up with at the time. Belting Les Mis together for the 42nd time that trip because we had forgotten to take any other CD’s.

I remember how proud he looked when he showed me the first Potato he took home from the new allotment, trying to justify the days of work digging and toiling, plowing and boiling in a summer heat that couldn’t seem to keep him inside, for the sake of more courgettes than you could shake a stick at.

I remember crying, and him telling me it was okay to feel this way, that it just means we cared, and not to be ashamed to let the tears fall.

I remember watching him sit in the garden, Toby at his feet, content to just watch the world go by, only the occasional fly to bother him. He just sat, a small smirk on his face, happy with the pace of the world as it was, the afternoon sun just starting to sink. I wish I could remember what he said as I joined him.

I remember him as he was, as he will always be in my mind and my heart.
A poem I’ve written (and still editing) for my Step-Dad’s funeral next week. Pretty depressing, but I felt like I wanted to get this out now, rather than bottling it up.
ThatBrokenOne Jan 10
It feels like rainbow and sun shine
Like a pup feels when surrounded by other pups
Like a kitten feels when following that red dot on the floor
Like a rabbit feels being above the ground for the first time
Like a bird feels when flying for the first time
Like a cow feels when going outside for the first time of the year
Like a person feels when being surrounded by friends

It is in those moments when they are not
Surrounded by other pups
Following that red dot
Being above the ground
Going outside
Surrounded by friends
They feel alone and down
Depressed and sad
Eve Stumpges Nov 2018
I am in constant search for a break in the storm,
But once found the boat stops rocking.
I have time to breath in my chosen surroundings.
Peering down over the edge exposes a glassy image of my reflection.
Uh oh, wasn’t what I was hoping for.
I **** back in objection,
Evoking the initial waves of the next storm brought upon by my cyclical tides.
Tighten the shackle, raise the mainsail.
Tis a sailors life for me.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
I had made a promise, Never forgotten to remember never to forget of all the good times In our lives we  shared every precious moment spent
 together Special times never
to be taken for granted
once in a lifetime
moments thought
at the time
neve to
But after that day as long
since past looking back  
and wishing we had
made more of the
day and of so
many more
just like
Should have more of our time If only I knew
Steve Page Aug 2018
A quote from a lovely movie, Lean on Pete:
"The nightmares are going to get better. They might not go away completely, but they're going to get better the more good times you have. And we're going to have good times, Charlie.  I promise."
We all need an Aunt Margy to run to.
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