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Abbas Mar 13
Tell me, was it real?
Each passing day, every fleeting moment

Did time pass us by?
Or were we just blind

To all the good times

Tell me why you left
When I know that your love never did

Growing ever more powerful
Connecting, inspiring, blossoming

Into the purest of forms

Whether happy or sad,
High or low, shining or dim,
For me it was real

You live in me, and my heart dies in you
Like the seeds of a beautiful flower

Your every move is sown deep in my being
Living, breathing, circling in my every thought

Yet I am left to wonder
What will come of us

Were we real?
Or were we a dream

It’s time to sleep,
It’s time to fall deep

Relive the dream

Lose myself in your arms
Ignore the pain

And await the sun to bring about a new day
Chad Young Feb 21
This is our last day together.
All of you I want to remember.
Parting ways, everlasting gaze,
will there be better days for us?
Or will you be the best I ever had?

This is our last day together.
All of you I want to remember.
We've had some good times together.
Remember our righteous heartache.
All light soon will start to fade away.

This is our last day together.
All of you I want to remember.
You made me sparkle in my heart.
Free now, how do I even start?
It was hard together, harder to part.

This is our last day together.
All of you I want to remember.
It wasn't about me or you.
It was about us always true.
Can I even say what will come to pass?

This is our last day together.
All of you I want to remember.
I'll be alone without you though.
Eternal tears, but feelings fade.
But I'll keep you tucked away from the storms.

This is our last day together.
All of you I want to remember.

This is our last day together.
All of you I want to remember.

This is our last day together.
All of you I want to re-mem-ber.
Song that I don't want to focus on composing.
Gwendelyn Acosta Jun 2020
We started out as strangers
Then we found out we have so much in common

Soon enough we grew closer and became friends
Now we have spoke of the basic stuff a friend should know

Then one day you was sad
So I became a shoulder for you to cry on and a person with open arms
Just in case you needed a hug
From there we became friends with benefits

We became so close we talked about other personal life
We told each other that we will always be together
I think of her as the Best bestie I could have

We talked and laughed and joked around with each other
Until one thing made us unbreakable
When I finally was able to help you
And called u my sis

Now we can’t break apart no matter who gets in our way
I know she has my back and she knows I have hers
MSunspoken May 2020
Moonlight dancing off my cheeks
A reflection of my heart
-tonight I will remember
how you tore me apart

The sun shined different in your eyes
-a good front
for all your nasty lies

Every day
I marvel in the warmth that you made
-I thought you
could take my pain away

It was you
That gave me the world after all
-too bad shiny pearls
couldn’t break my fall

So close
For all my growing years
-as it turns out
nothing was that crystal clear

Your front fell
The moment I reached out my arms
-I was too late
to hear the alarms

If it wasn’t me
You’d be called out for your crimes
-never again
will you see what’s on my mind

But this new dawn is a bright one
Not even you can bring shade
-so in the end
I hope you’re still doing okay
This one can be perceived in many ways-
but always it comes back to a road you can look back on with a smile.
Better to remember how your past helped mold you into who you are- then dwell on what once ruined you.
Zack Ripley Oct 2019
The winds of change are coming soon.
You can already see them starting to affect the moon.
The winds of change make the days shorter and nights colder.
Not that that's a bad thing.
It can make people want to be closer than shoulder to shoulder.
To the trees, the winds of change are like school bus drivers.
the breeze carries their leaves away, drops them safely on the ground, then returns them bright and new when spring rolls back around.
Change can be scary. But not all change is bad.
Just think of the pumpkins and cider and good times to be had.
Kyle Duran Feb 2020
We were young,
walking around
5th avenue

Two strung out
kids from the burbs

Sun glistening
off our glazed eyes

Driving around
in a *******
with one door
smashed in

I remember your t-shirt
It said "Send me forget-me-nots"

I always gave
you **** for it


What do you think?
Matthew Nov 2019
Dead roses with greying complexion
three stems bent their thorns to flimsy
to ***** a drop of blood posed on dry-rot table top

Sheets of memories in piles of petals turning to dust scattered like Custer's last stand, across sixteen hundred square feet of unlivable space

Lonely walls gawked by empty rooms behind door's locked and hinges rusted shut, echo no slamming laughter

Condemned hallways coloured by black mold spreading out like veiny fingers of black lung bordered corner to corner with ***** spider lace

Shattered windows lay in shards framed by broken smiles darkened by boarded up dreams splintered in night terrors

A wet paint sign flaking to the ground next to a heavy weaved mat with weak tea letters in red saying welcome

Heart stained felt torn to shunder tattered and frayed into clogged
hollow thick chambers
had homemade love
once upon a time.
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