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  21h Diana
kiran goswami
He belonged to the universe
that hid inside her eyes.
  21h Diana
kiran goswami
You search for him in the poems you read.
And he, well, he writes them.
Diana 2d
It's okay to let loose
Live life
Allow the responsibilities of life
Blur into the background
And live in the present
Diana 3d
Be with someone
Who makes you question
Whether you've ever been in love
Diana 3d
He could make such mundane tasks
Look so interesting
  7d Diana
You smile that smile
And I fall like rain
Harder than it does
During a hurricane
Diana 7d
I look forward to holding you
I look forward to playing with your hair
I look forward to kissing your neck
Whenever the urge strikes me to
I look forward to
Oh wait
I think I just met you
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