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Diana 18h
how are you really doing
-> insert photo with lots of adjectives describing emotional states; if none are applicable, then just state energy level (high or low) and pleasantness (high or low)

2. share two poems: one you have recently read and one you have recently written

3. three life events that have happened
-> state whether you would like feedback or if you would like to just be listened to

4. answer four questions from the list ( if a list is not created, then just ask four thought provoking or simple questions; how did you learn to ride a bike; who makes you feel the most loved, etc.)

5. write a poem about a certain topic or style then share it with one another

6. part with asking how they are currently doing
-> state an adjective and use level of energy and pleasantness
this can be done in person, on zoom, or over the phone; feel free to use this outline with your friend.
Diana 18h
men may be the head of the household
but do not confuse
role for power
i have met egotistical dominant *******
and push over submissive women

there is purpose in roles
i do not forget this
but when one mistakes a role
in relation to an assumed power structure
foolishness emerges

it is good to be the head
it is good to be the body
for one is nothing without the other
and due to this
they must be seen as equals
with different functions
that influence each other
and work together to create a product
that surpasses anything
one party can produce alone
  1d Diana
i write about love and what that brings about
i write about the space between us and how you fill it with a smile
i write about your eyes and how i see the green in my dreams

i never told you that i write about
how his voice once sent shivers down your spine
and set a smile on your lips
how his breath fanned over your neck
and his fingertips caressed your cheek until-

until the goosebumps turned to bruises
and the sighs turned to pained whimpers
the little gifts turned to little pains in your ribs and your legs

i know, because your lips are ****** and your hands are shaking
i know, because your voice is only a whisper
and i know, because you never thought he loved you.
I know you more than you know yourself and that’s why you resent me
you are a flower
so tender and dear
as i clutch you next to my still, beating heart

you are a flower
so tender and dear
even as your petals fall apart

you are a flower
so tender and dear
dripping honey into my sincere soul

you are a flower
so tender and dear
and your beauty is vibrant, as your life fades

you are a flower
so tender and dear
beloved by many, and feared by some,

you are a flower
so tender and dear
and, your beauty eternal, as it is ephemeral,

you are a flower
so tender and dear
as my last wish is to be enveloped in your finite love

as you lay, your words i cherished are etched in stone,
you were a flower
so tender and dear

musing about
the beauty & finiteness
of flowers & life

( & a rough practice of
repetition & imagery ! )
Diana 3d
i use words and phrases
almost everyday
and yet
i find myself realizing that i do not truly understand
the meaning behind the words i use
and it numbs me
language is powerful
and yet i find myself confused of the one i possess

stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake

have i ever truly forgiven those that i told myself i have
this definition shocked me
i use it often and yet i did not even know what it really meant

the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation

the list goes on and on
Diana 3d
regarding addiction
daniel amen once said
the behavior is not the problem
it is the expression of the problem
that is not to say that the behavior is not a problem
because it possesses the ability to be one
but it is not the problem
the problem is what compelled the individual
to use the behavior as a means of coping
the behavior is an expression
of a human's attempt to find resolution within
it is the diseased leaves
that have manifested from a rotting root
yet we still like to blame and look at the leaves in isolation
we try to treat the leaves
when the root is what must be tended to
but the leaves are easily noticed
the root is not
it is buried behind weeds and soil
it requires more effort
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