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Janette Feb 2013
Down by two
the bruised-blue flesh
of the bronze butterfly's
escape through sacrifice,
flays the emotions..

Unwholesome the silence
that goes before her,
a sound like the heart
bound to beat like butterfly wings...

Gently her absence quick
upon me, inhales the night
and swiftly, the dark
sees only ease to relinquish
her candles sheathed in glass
epitaphs that collapse like veins
to fill the fluent air with the spare
embrace of the blue elements...

Down by two in the bottom of the ninth,
two out, two on, two strikes,
the soul's too tragic abhorrence of details
fails to deliver the impossible syntax
of apocalypse, on the lips
of a courteous Christ, crucified
by light, the night fades
far into the furthest exile...

Under a tropic of cancer,
her un-obscured brilliance
pierces the vault of heaven's vast
gathering of angels,
and their illegible scripture...

Shatters the soul in one primal
instant grand slam dream, quicksilver
through her midnight moment's landscape,
every cherished feature in flight, the light
of the bronze butterfly's escape
through sacrifice, to the silver flame
of moonlight's crucial adieu....
Dedicated to the memory of my beautiful Grandma
Janette Jan 2013
Watch me as I unwrap... passionate,
In the drench of our rain.....

And night falls...

A silent murmur
Where the heart pauses,
A malachite shadow
Penetrates fire,
A flame's fierce lick
Beneath pulse...


His smile touches
Warming the red sea of my heart
Pulsating ripples, spread
Soliloquies upon my skin
Orated in Southern sighs...


Desire engages,
******* hardening
Under tongue's brush;
Moist ripe, swollen folds
Tempt his lips to kiss my yielding
Where breath catches,
And I ... smolder within each touch...


My scent quivers languor,
Drowning pools, orchid petaled
Finger parted... tender;
Under sweet seduction,
Stirring the supple bloom,
Tasting the restless currents
That throb through my milky sea...

Small moans...

Electric blue hangs the air..
Primal lust etching curves,
Tracing dewy flesh,
Skin on skin,
****** scent….arousing,
Tongue brushed hardness
Between dampened lips...


The scorching sear... stigmata
Sin licks along thighs,
Essence, dripping,
S  W  E  E  T
Sensory overload,
Breaking my binds...


My appetite,
I am.. lashes soft, licking thoughts
No words
No words...


Feed the need that overwhelms,
Grow inside me,
Fill me once again.......
Stay with me tonight...whisper soft kisses against the folds of my silken shoreline... lap the waves that you winter storms pulse through me...... J
Janette Jan 2013
Breathe the silk impression of this skin pressed into you,
Infuse my dreams with reality.......rose

Strip me, one sense at a time;

Touch me...

Touch me...mould me into your open arms...

Paint me with the trail of your tongue....

I will dance for you,
Body sways, that beg you heed
My hips whisper of fiery petals, leading you
To temptation's gate...

A savoured decadence,
Your shape shadowing mine,
Lowering into my waiting arms
Skin upon skin...

Run the tip of your tongue along my spine
Ride my pulse higher,
Wash over me
Leave me wet and wanting
And I will devour you with my hungry mouth...

My probing tongue,
Surface scanning your skin,
I will sink beneath your hidden desires
My playground, here inside your sighs...

Envelope my breathy willingness,
Awaken to your addiction in devil’s thighs...
Sip my liquid gift
And know, I burn....

I burn for you....

My soft glisten, a pout upon swayed surrender,
Melted beneath a ride of skin,
Craving....craving always the singe that
Trembles these silky strands...

Your electric essence,
Painted red... mind hungry,
Where eyegasms impregnate the heart of this woman.................*rose
His silhouette hidden in the waterfall of my hair.....whispers within brush strokes...where his lips are but a breath away....*rose* J
Janette Jan 2013
There came quiet
the colors of your cinnamon skin,
its taste, persimmon
spread in red syllables
and quicksilver spills
in the folds of this tickled silence,

Laden with prophesy
the white thought of love
leaps through the tamarack pastures,
suet to the shadows of dahlias, flesh
you say, is water
and its symmetry, a penetrating
sound of pure ebullience,

Love, in the pale baton of light
you coax from cognac eyes,
open my veins to every thorn in the garden,
rumors of rain,
say nothing and endure,

Spread over panes of glass
where butterflies drown
in the sweat of our charms
and moths drop from the true color of lunacy,
cold depths lapse softly into my flesh,

I hurt, in that quiet shatter of light,
and from moth-eaten thighs
you soak the ****** of earth
with velvet tears and lavender,
spread its dark balsam to quell the quick faith
with sighs, as reluctantly,
the soul speaks what the body has written,
and gives-in to its asylum....
Janette Jan 2013
"You tempt in me…so much…
a sparrow...a lamb… a tenderness… and the captive heart… that beats against my palm…
the bonds…. of trust.. surrendered"

to the silver nepenthe of your voice,
stricken upon the thick red heart
I've pinned to a map,

See, it emits grace
beneath the molten glass,
strung through harp strings and stretched
as sutures ,the solemn musculature of ecstasy
bound in golden ropes and belladonna dreams,

Let the white darts fall
where they may

This silence belies the song
in my throat, hovering
like a silver bauble, your face
is dark, back-lit, harbouring
the terror of words that burn...

My heart
holds the cinder of secrets,
and little poison idols of hematite
and gooseflesh...

Our dream box collects its damp light
from the dark corners of our prison,
as you coax a banyan tree
from its arousal...

A totem filled with marzipan,
and trembling, but to split
its lip upon glass cages,
wrought with jade...

Hold the sparrow face-up,
let the furrow of its wings, tempt
the fates, as it sings to the same scythe
that chimes against the dead angles of the soul's crucified geography....
Janette Jan 2013
"Run your pulse across my tongue  
Pour your love into me  
I thirst for you"......


Veils of gossamer silk
Spin in shades of night
Submissive acquiescence
Smoulders bare feet ...

Iridescence dances in captivated eyes,
Lips full
Licking the shimmer-gleam,
Anointing skin
Ravishing enchantment...

He trembles her heat
Scorching flesh wrapped bone;
Joining fantasies played against silky thighs
Capturing her allure;
Manipulating the tenderness of her need ...

Night drips beauty from a silvern moon,
Nakedness meets
Open desire
Firm against softness
His lips seeking,
Vanilla tears
Melting on his tongue like snowflakes
Touching passion's fire...

Fingertip moments
Pulsing rhythms;
Aching depths craving
Sinking into moist folds
Undulating movements
Swollen, locked around a flowing pearl...

Mesmerising connections sparkle,
Gasp breathlessly,
Arching into body quivers;
Nails claw the spine

She is
Weakness to his will........
On your exhale alone...I am one with you...where dreams and reality collide....... J
Janette Jan 2013
Whispers carry whispers from the corners of yearn....into night, beyond where stars beacon light,
Where rainbow hued visions lend their voice to the chorus of flower songs that filter the moon-strewn path
Carrying me into the heart of him....

Colours within colours touch softly in between, where butterflies meditate and bees indulge their mystery,
Dancing wild in friendly shadows, where whisper-webs sway,
So delicately time is spun, setting me amidst a breathless dream....

Yet I am shy-skin, when sleepy eyes canvas the soft earth of my body, delicately fierce,
Lifting to touch his mouth in my quiet passion,
I am blushed in a pool of desire's wake, where embrace-touch corners my flower, suckled....

Hip-rocking  skims wetness' swallow with a voiceless tongue, to render the moan of rushed inferno,
Poised upon the brink of swollen intimacy, sliding deep into rivers of pleasure, where warm waters rage for a slow ****** baptism toward Nirvana;
Wet lipped, whimpering licked to rain....

Darkness presses against my lips, sliding my tongue, and I draw it in like a feast
Aroused by every touch, my mouth thirsting, body suppliant
Savouring the feel of it in my mouth....again, and again....

I quiver in silent silk, crushing gartered sin,  passion clenched hips moaning lip-speak;
And the moon screams its own lust, an opalescent spinneret, shimmering,
Diamond speckled, beyond the night...beyond dreams.....into the still of mirrored light....

Waiting, always waiting,
I weep for the beauty you pour
Raining me..........................................
Brush back this sheet of sigh, black silk drapes my dreams......passion embraced, wrapped in the strong arms of desire, breeze kissing my skin under moonlight.....pressed against your chest, my head on your shoulder.....eyes locked....whispers caught in the satin curve of my throat.....the caress of my skin on yours made more precious by your lips on mine....
lost in hunger upon velvet......your soft murmur upon my flesh releases the flight of my heart.......I am lost in YOU....where I will always be.....where YOU are lost in ME.............. J
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