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Harumi Ikeda Jan 2012
It's been a long time.
You still look good.
The house is still the same.
The carpet still has that one juice stain
And the picture frame still tilts at that weird angle

I feel old.
But i'm really just a part of the stupid youth
Looking for something that is never found.
How have you been?
I really did miss you.
I just had some growing up to do.

The night is young
But I'll sleep it's loneliness away
Because tomorrow will really only be just another day
Although for the first time in a while
You'll be here so i'll wake with a smile.
i've been gone a while, haven't i?
Harumi Ikeda Jul 2011
Sarah grew up alone.
With no siblings
Distant parents
And no one to call her own

So she birthed a baby
A beautiful baby
With blue eyes
And no regret to her name

She grew up
And despised her mother
When she spoke
"I hate you"
Were the few words she choked out

Sarah laughed
A sad, self deprecating laugh
And said, with a smile and half,

"I had no one
I was on my own
So i decided to have you
And raise you ti'll you were grown
But you've come to resent me
And i don't know why
The child i birthed for love
Was a waste of my time"
Harumi Ikeda Jul 2011
Your face.
The look on your face
Is as if you bear the weight of the world
On your dainty shoulders.
What's wrong?

This is me.
Eternal bystander.
I don't think anyone notices
That i don't fit in
Because the puzzle is solved
And my piece was never attempted to be added.

I feel it.
But pain isn't a foreign concept to me.
It's a lifestyle
That dulls to indifference
Because you start realize
Why should i care
When no one else does?
Harumi Ikeda Jul 2011
This is the beginning
Where the words would go
Where you'd realize this isn't half bad
And start to pay attention
To the words
That were just filler before

This is part is next
Where it all starts to tie together
A reference to the tittle
Would be thrown in right now

I don't know what to write
As i'm typing this now
Nothing comes
This is the end.
Harumi Ikeda May 2011
Every heart has a path
One on which it will get lost
And very confused
It'll get scratched by the thorns
And cold from the strong wind
But if you're one in a million
And there are 7 million here
There are 6 others like you
And they're all lost too

What is love?
What's it about?
Is it about security?
I think it's something you don't know
Until it finds you
And then you still won't understand
Because you'll be too busy being consumed by it
And the lovely feelings will engulf your soul

There's gotta be one person out there
Who truly cares for me
Even if they don't know just yet
Because i can feel them weep when i'm hurt
And laugh at my jokes that are never funny
He holds me when i need someone strong
And keeps me warm when i'm cold
When the world turns it's back on me
He grabs my hand
And makes me touch the sky
Just for a little
So i can see the bright side

He's not looking for me
Nor am i for him
But i see him in the twinkling of the distant city
Just outside my nighttime window
We'll live there together one day
With beautiful babies
That have beautiful smiles
And eyes of diamond

That's what love is
To me.
Sorry it's so long, i got really inspired.
Harumi Ikeda Apr 2011
I want to let beautiful words
Escape my lips
And stick with your heart
So you know my love
Because to me it's quite clear
And i know my heart beats for you
But you can't hear it
Although it's quite hard not to

I've made myself now paper thin
To match my heart
Which is being torn apart
So won't you take it
And fill the spaces
Maybe then ours will both beat
At similar paces
Harumi Ikeda Apr 2011
I am
A swan
Swimming in a ***** pond
I'll never fly free
Past the plushly leaved trees
Just watch a beautiful reflection
Die with a murky deception
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