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Willow shade Sep 2020
My homeland!
You have been watching your crippled borders
with wistful looks for gloomy centuries
Soon we will wipe your bloodred tears
after heroic and holy adventures

Yet you are in a deep disappointment
because of the hands lent to the unscrupulous
But never unlearn the destiny ever:
history is always betrayed,
talents are envied,
virtues are misused...
They love politics, not the history,
'Cause they have a historical fear
and it reminds them how they had been abused...
I have found even their "sumptuous" justice
which is carried in their ***** bulky pockets...

My dear,
It is very near,
In Karabakh, the stars will twinkle in a joy
50 million times I will mention your name
and to Jıdır we will be running bare feet.
The echoes will fill the preconceived ears
In Shusha, I will call you,
In Tabriz, we will meet...
solEmn oaSis Aug 2020
Katorse de Agosto
Ngayong kambal-taon
kaganapan di na wasto
para bang koraL sa taLon

Pinigilan kong huwag humawak ng pLuma
ngunit sadyang malapit sa akin ang tugma
na tila ba regalo Lulan sa loob nitong papel de hapon
Ako'y napasulat at tuluyang humugot sa mahiwagang kahon

A-kinse na pala, akin ngang namalayan
Alas-dos impunto nang relo aking tiningnan
Bagamat nga dahil sa ang hapag-sulatan ko ay kapos na
Hindi naman ito ang kataposan para sabihing ang tula ko ay tapos na...

Makandadohan man tayo sa pintoan ng kapalaran
At itrangka sa atin pati na ang bintana ng tadhana
MagiLiw pa rin akong bumabati sa bawat isa na makababasa
sa tulong nitong teknolohiya sa panahon ng pandemiya...

Kamusta na po ba kayo?
sa bagong normal na pamumuhay
Ikaw, ako, siLa... Lahat tayo !
Gawin pa rin nawang pormal itong ating buhay

Hindi man nga natin ngayon nakikita yaong kalaban...
Kinikita pa rin naman maituturing nating kaibigan !
" Siya ang Liwanag, ang tamang daan sa katotohanan at ang  B U H A Y  "
hanggang dito na lamang, hanggang sa muLi, nagmamahal... TULA~Y

© 08/15/20
solEmn oaSis
in times of pandemic
merely don't panic
for there is harmony
in every U N I T Y !
Vranda Punjabi Aug 2020
मेरी देशभक्ति सिर्फ मुज तक नहीं,
ये बात मैं भी जानती  हूँ .
हर एक देशवासी मायने रकता है
ये बात मैं भी मानती हुँ !

बात  करते  हो  तुम  दुश्मनो  की,  
हम  तोह पूरी  दुनिया  को जुंजाला  दे !
बात  करते हो  तुम  धरती की ,
हम  तोह  पूरा  आसमान  हिला  दे !

इस मिट्टी से सब जुड़े है हम ,
इस मिट्टी मैं मिल जाएगे .
तिरंगे के रंगो से जुड़े है हम,
इन रंगो मैं घुल जाएगे !

जंग के मैदानों मैं भी, भूमि-माँ ने मुझको संभाला है !
खड़ा उठ और कर देश की रक्षा ,
ऐसा हौसला दिया है !

जवान है हममैं,
जवान है तुममें ,
इस बात को अब तुम मान लो .
छोड़ो अपने ही देश से लड़ाई ,
अब एकता को तुम भी अपना लो !
Wishing you all a very happy Independence week:-)
My beloved was anger
So the sun went after
The big waves of the ocean

They said in anger
What a matter!
I will discover

Her smart was shiny
Her face looked sadly
Shame! The sin converted directly
To that spot of ready
That has red clearly
They wanted to send them in a hurry
The Arab is neglected completely
The danger was surrounded without lately

To keep your throne, sell that land widely
Its people is the worst at sight
Their sight which carries hope
And democracy also
Not killing, ruin or shot
the advanced land expressed

Liar, they will deal with them actually
As they make with red Indian
Taste their blood with cool
**** their woman almost all
And said they look like an animal

Palestinian ask God
As they have no justice at the land
The hate was planted
The terror born in fact
Defeat all occupy person

He stood beside her
Give his heart to her
She was her motherland
If your mother was rapped
You will lift up a white flag
Asking for love and mercy
Or you carry every weapon
Killing every worst one
The hate at one was growing
The fire was increasing
The one who seems stupid
Or wise wanted to get problem dissolved
The occupied has terror fact
everyone loves his laned. when he saw it occupied, rapped.
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 11/3/2019

My homeland - dear land,
where for the first time I saw the sun  
and where I came to know God;
Where my father, brothers and mother kind
taught me prayers in my maternal tongue.

My homeland - villages and cities,
planted from the times of Piasts among Lechic fields;
Rivers, forests, flowery leas and meadows,
where larks sing their sweet songs of hope.

My homeland - our forefathers' glory,
Chrobry's Notched Sword and Cecora Mace,
Knightly Spirit, noble and brave,
bitter defeats and victories great.

My homeland - quiet green fields
for centuries trampled by hostile armies,
burial mounds and sad graves
that have covered our freedom defenders.

My homeland - heroic spirit of the Polish people,
that by miracle lives amid hunger and cold;
- hope that always blooms in hearts,
with work for the fathers, and song for the young!

Maria Konopnicka (1842-1910)
The Piast dynasty was the first historical ruling dynasty of Poland.

Szczerbiec is the coronation sword that was used in crowning ceremonies of most kings of Poland from 1320 to 1764; its name, derived from the Polish word szczerba meaning a gap, notch or chip, is sometimes rendered into English as "the Notched Sword" or "the Jagged Sword", although its blade has straight and smooth edges.
Äŧül May 2019
I am a voluntary propagandist.
Run I did a strong campaign.
An enduring campaign for NaMo.
My Facebook pages are successful.
And I feel like a shadow warrior.
I don't need any prize for my efforts.
Mōđī Jī remaining in charge of India's golden future.
My HP Poem #1741
©Atul Kaushal
Teary eyes with heavy heart,
Moving towards a new land
A place where I will be called a refugee
Which is far away from my home
For which my heartbeat forever.

Other's can feel the same
But cannot match the pain
I am the one who is alien
Why this is happening
Greed for money and power
Change my heaven into the fire

Leaving my motherland to other's land,
Do they accept me as their own
I don't know what will happen
But will keep praying, one day I will
be at my motherland
And the tag will become only a word.
It try to describe the pain, dificulty and thinking of a refugee.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
सोइ नही हे आँख क्यू तेरी
आँसु गिर रहा हे , क्या कही —२

व तेरा य मेरा फिरसे कौन कहेगा
मीट्टीको कैसे, कहाँ कोइ इन्सान छोडेगा
व पहेली बक्तपे, किसने क्या ले आएँ
मीट्टीही  एक थी जो ए सोच  रहीथी —२
व पीछली बक्तपे किसने सँग क्या ले गएँ
मीट्टीही एक थी जो ए देख रहीथी

सोइ नही  हे आँख क्यू तेरी
आँसु गिर रहा हे क्याँ कही
फूलका वासमे भमरे क्यू डूले
रोसनी वाद ही चाँद फिर क्यू डुले
दर्दसेही आखोँमे आँसुव क्यू  गीरे

सोइ नहीहे आँख क्यू तेरी    
आँसु गिर रहा हे, क्याँ कही
फूलका  वासमे भमरे क्यू भूले
रोशनी बादही चाँद फिर क्यू  डुले
दर्दसेही  आँखमे आँसुव क्यू गिरे

सोइ नही हे आँख क्यू तेरी
आँसु गिर रहा हे क्याँ कही
व तेरा ए मेरा फिरसे कौन कहेगा
लहुके , रंगमे होली फिरसे कौन खेलेगा
दर्देदिल देखकर लोग फिर  क्यू  हसँे

सोइ नही हे आँख क्यू तेरी
सोइ नही हे आँख क्यू तेरी
आँसु गिर  रहा  हे, क्या कही—२
Genre: Observational
Theme: Motherland || Mud || Nature
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