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She’s talkin to cows again
Cattle candied side
Licorice fence
A mother hen’s
Cherry eggs
Chocolate fudge smears
On her legs
Slide over grape ice pond
Atop frosted clover
Sugared world beyond
Three soft cows before her
Describe the candied world
One says, “I produce chocolate milk just for me
A little bit of strawberry for she
And vanilla for all three”
Smooth Cocoa will flow
Sweetness will fill your pores
A crystal rain pours
Sugared quartz upon
Caramel whirlpools
Nature’s homemade molecules
Blueberry skies drip
Fields of lollipop
Glimmer rainbow sunshine
Sweetest Harvest
Candy wrappers fall
Wind blows them
Over by candy-wax waterfall
Marshmallow hikes
With chocolate pretzel poles
Strands of sugary pink glass fall From Cotton candy clouds
A new farmer’s way to plow
He says, “young lady
Do you vow
Cherish this nutritional place
And make it your Delectable space?”
“I do” she proclaims ~
“To make it mine
I have no shame
Only a request
Of cinnamon I suggest
A form of healing zest
Sprinkled on this candied land
Where you are I so happily stand
A powerful purpose
You will see
Your nose will thank you
I suppose
A Favorite of every herbivore
From a former land I will go no more
An offer of sticky bun
To sweeten the score
From here to the slushie seafloor
Of a confection land adored”
Marigolds Fever 2019
Love From Afar
Under same stars
Fall in love they might
Their families resent with fight
Conflict in distant land
Where they stand
A rich woman
Poor man
Dreams tied to hearts
Led them to part
A modest church
In historic square
Where they eloped
To become forever paired
Homes take to fertile hillside
Built with heritage pride
They start a new name
A family they became
Over large pond
A new world bond
Where life begins
A story of grins
Pasta tins
And century old hairpins
Upon new ground
In a northern town
House they found
Happy voices inside
Fill the silenced sound
Life no longer at stake
When the warm bread begins to bake
Piping hot saucepot
Decendents never forgot
Even now
As is
Forever a parking lot.
Marigold's Fever 2019
Her Diamond Mind
Rests in Pure Carbon Mine
Shining Fluorescence
Never left her with obsolescence
Light refraction
Quite the distraction
Ice rink on her finger
A monetary stinger
Gem best friend
How much did he spend?
Frozen Pond reflection
of the hardest affection
Ice rock speaks to only her
Don't be a gem amateur
Clear crystal quartz won't do Sir
with its dim blurr
Follow the four C's
Scintillation gleams
Cut determines its prism
At first sight brings hypnotism
Color - a rainbow brilliance
Smiles with each glance
More clarity for radiance
All eyes may be romanced
Be prepared for a trance
Carat weight
Might be the bait
Year after year
Continual glimmer
With every light flicker
Marigold's Fever 2019
Like the dance of a song bird
That whistles its secret
Over an icy lane
And believes  
In a wishing plea
Wish on a pine tree
Just for me
Wish down a well
But never tell
Wish on a star
Hope it goes far
Wish on a birthday candle
May it return that which
Only you can handle
Something that brings divine bliss~~~
Did you wish for a chocolate kiss?
Wish on a penny
May it fill your cup with many
Wish on founded feather
May hearts bond forever together
Wish on a four leaf clover
Don’t forget the songbird’s flyover
Wish on a dandelion
Wind carries its seed to fresh pine
Wish on an eyelash
Maybe for a little cash
Wish on a turkey wishbone
Before desserts blueberry scone
Colored rainbow high in sky
A wish to gratify~ oh my
Wish on high moon
Above a blue lagoon
Wish on digital eleven
To be granted by seven
Wish on flying ladybug
May it be returned with the tightest hug
Wish on a stone’s flat side
For a spiritual guide
Wish on coins in a fountain
Picturesque terrain
Of water~ not champagne
Acorn wishing tree
Better wish more than three
Wish as you move necklace clasp
Held tightly in your grasp
Believe in a secret you’d like to tell
One you said by a wishing well
That wishing tree
With your written ribbon of plea
Is nothing like ~~~
The wish under bright fireworks
As your angel quietly smirks...
Marigolds Fever Dec 2018
Heavenly Sweet
Fig frosted treat
With fancy minced meat
Steamy latte cup
S  biscuit
A sloppy sup
         M  aple apple cinnamon
         E  atable fruitcake panettone
         M  ound of coconut bars                      
         O  range pumpkin muffin jars
         R  aspberry peanut butter jams
         I   ced sugared yams
         E  ye candy almond brittle
         S  now butterball mouth spittle
Cherry jubilee on velvet cheesecake
A proud baker proclaims, “I make”
Bread pudding’s caramel sauce
Cannoli center chocolate ricotta gloss
Anise waffle layer powder dust
On warm iron it crusts
Vanilla cookie shape
Crystal sprinkles after it bakes
Celebration feasts
Of sinful delightful sweets!
Marigold’s Fever 2018
Heavenly Sweet dedicated to Dad
Marigolds Fever Nov 2018
Ghost chance
Translucent trance
Appear in the season
For a reason
Never hide
From a ghostly guide
Who oversees
You and me
   M  ight Be
   E  very Other You
   S  ee
   S  upernal
   A  ngel In All
   G  uidance
   E   thereal
   S   hifts
With token gifts
Of heavenly drift
Calm and accepting
Playing amidst
Maybe even kissed
By divine
Seraphim bliss
Marigolds Fever Nov 2018
Moon Shine
Blooming viridescent vine
Milky caps horizon’s roll
Love notes on kindling flow
Dance by the light
Outshine warm fire sight
Moonlight water glow
Drifting light show
Gentle satellite ray
On gratitude day
Shine on moon
Slice of lemon meringue pie
Exits the sky
White candlelight lead the way
Shine on moon
Beam on green Earth today
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