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Guntang Jul 2020
is the raging swell upon my ribs?
be it
is the raging swell upon my ribs?
so be it
the dark
navy-blue haze
Cox May 2020
Eyes a devil blue.
Drowning those who swim in your hue.
A captivating, gorgeous blue.
Distracted by the iris, the pupil a black hole- a virus- ******* the stars out of people.
Pulling them to the edge of your eye, you watch them from afar, as they try and survive.
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2020
She told me that she loves deep
& the swell of her heart
Holds so much water.
I myself never believed that
The world was round.
The clouds themselves
hang their shoulders
Out the dresses the sun has woven
& the sky proves that night gowns
Are not only brought in stores.
She told me that she loves deep
& the swell of her heart
Holds so much water.
With the stars of her eyes
Lighting the way.
I'll find a way
If she were to close her eyes
& the stars were to disappear
From the sky.
I am forever thankful.
Adorned in the swell
Of her heart
Julie Grenness Aug 2019
Here is my home, swell,
It is where  I do dwell,
I fit into this 'burb real well,
In summer, hot as hell,
I sit here with my coffee,
To gaze at society,
You do appear strange to me,
Want to know what I think about thee?
My home is here, all is well,
I fit into my little town real swell!
My little town,  a blithering suburb. Feedback welcome.
Anastasia Jul 2019
To see you
My heart
It swells
At the thought of you
9:31 a.m.
Devin Ortiz Apr 2019
Just outside the sea stained window,
An ocean swells into divine ascension.

Blue heaven.
Blue hell.

The impending crash will never come.
Delia Darling Dec 2018
Up and on my feet
Falling, thrill of the initial fall
To catch the ride
Colliding currents crash waves
Into mental deadlock days
Winter swells come at shore break
Building momentum and grind
Like breaks at homesick Pipeline
Ride, curl and slide
Sweep the sides
Don’t choke this good vibe
Stay on this wave
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Cloud’s hot teardrops fall,
Polluted lake swells and sighs,
Dark waves lurk beneath!
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
Awake in pain
My body in the midst
Of fight or flight
And I choose to fight
This crippling anxiety
That has caused me to flee
For years I’ve lost count of
Remembering my childhood
Crying incessantly
But never knowing why
My heart would not stop racing
Now I know the truth
But I must state
Awareness never makes this easier
Feeling the panic swell
Gripping my muscles
Flooding my brain
With unwelcomed memories
I believed I’d pushed past
Buried in the depths of my mind
Waiting for the moment
When my defenses were lowered
The minute I close my eyes to rest
The second I decided it was time
To shut off for the day
My stress picks up the signal
And shakes me loose
From my restful sleep
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Swelled water made hell!
But it couldn’t **** the will;
We float, stay bonded.
The state of Kerala, South India has endured and just came out of the worst flood in a century, resulted in widespread land slides, deaths and destruction,caused by climatic change.
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