PrttyBrd Jun 22

I believed
Everything you told me
You let me

PrttyBrd May 31

There was music in his voice
as he whispered his name in ancient tones
straight through my core

My spirit danced
as it basked in familiarity
and pain

I could feel the music reconstitute
a desiccated heart
as it regenerated belief in him

In an instant, I knew what I was once sure of
I knew that, sight unseen, I was bonded
with a soul born in tandem

Circumstance be damned
there will be love
for I already loved you

The second your name sung to my essence
and I realized...

you loved me

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PrttyBrd May 25

Every time your eyes touch me
my skin flushes hot and my heart tears open
making room for the love you pour into me

Every time you gift me affection
my energy reaches through miles
holding your pain until it heals in the depth of my truth

Every time you bare more of yourself to me
you fill my essence with your light
making me strive to be better than I thought I could be

Every moment you love me more intensely than the one before
it surprises me anew
proving minutes of pure love are stronger than a lifetime of tepid affection

PrttyBrd May 24

I can't drown the noise that fills the gap between breaths
Everything has a voice tied to a heartbeat
that bludgeons sanity unrecognizable

The soil once tilled for the garden last Spring
is the perfect patch of defiance
in the form of ragweed and allergies that mask fruitless tears

Places yet unseen carry life in the air
Breathing in impossible memories of tomorrows unseen
of dreams that haunt each breath with a beauty unsurpassed

Time was silent once, in your arms
Now, I can't drown the noise that fills the gap between breaths
that feel like razorblades to the eyes of what's left of my soul
And the only hint of peace I find is in the clothes that still smell like you

PrttyBrd May 24

Blistered by acrid words
that swathe the air in impotence
I breathe the rancid syrup
that once begged to be lapped in carnivorous need

As verbal warfare turns disdain into silent art
Sickening orange blossom undercurrents
return deserts to waterfalls
in a futile battle of willpower and desire

Hunger breeds contempt in savage instincts
that brew both lust and loathing
Lurid fire burns the forest leaving ashen shame
that swathes the air in impotence

  May 23 PrttyBrd
Jude Allen

I re-read her texts, over and over-
like classics penned by the greatest
authors they keep me engrossed;
Each line seemingly fresh and new with every pass of my eye...

I gaze at her pictures, over and over-
studies of DaVinci and Michaelangelo
could never hold my imagination so;
Each curve graceful, supple- traced with every pass of my finger...

I listen intently to her, over and over-
a siren's song, her voice an orchestral
score Mozart only dreamed of creating;
Each note resonating, full and free like
a symphony to my music starved ear...

I dream of her, over and over-
she fills my nights with burning desire,
ruling my thoughts, her eyes and lips
beckon me closer to warm embrace;
She is art in purest form, and I love her.

Inspired by her...
PrttyBrd May 23

4X6 inches
of perfection on a screen
a hint of tortured possibilities
carried in the pocket
of a life built
through blinders and
the most beautiful denial

4X6 inches
of hope undeniable
the foundation of dreams
dragging rough
through cascading walls
of a substandard fairytale
that twisted joy unhappy

4X6 inches
of a smile through a hurricane
bleeding pain through evaporating tears
a reality forged through time uncountable
landing in the rays truth created
when love proved
the existence of fate

4X6 inches
of peace over pain
a wand in magical medicinals
crashing through solitary anguish
with eyes piercing armor
weaved in passive aggression
leading the lost home

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