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Apr 2018 · 722
You are the one
Whom I am currently
Being encaptured by
You're my reason to
To things
To live
You're the drug that
Brings me closer
To life
You're the
Flavour of the season
Apr 2018 · 571
What is this one!
Thinking ,writing myself sometimes
A cinquain on what my body finds within itself and inherits every single day!
Apr 2018 · 530
I have something to say
Like the shell
That finds its destiny
As a conch
From the depths of the sea
The fisherman
Collects it
It reaches the coast
Lifeless but
Thankful to him
To put its mortal
Remains to
Sacred use
It is polished
Put through acid and
Hot oil
It gains some
Precious value
Now it reaches
The hands
Of the skillful
Who decorates
It with
Strands of valued
Sacred imagination
Such are its designs
A dealer is his
Next destination
He sees it
And purchases
And puts it
In a place of pride
In his shop
On display!
Now if
Some desirous
Eyes fall
On it
Its sure to be
Taken to
A shrine
Temple or home
And find
The joyous blowing
In the air which
Rushing, passes
With the
Joyous energy
Of its devoted blower!
It is considered
To purify the
Its so valuable!
So the conch
Feels thankful
To each one
Who helped it
To reach here
In its
So do I
A thank you
To all those
Whom I
Do forget to say!
Inspired by someone!Dwell in imagination?Paint it here and please find a title for this creation in its journey!
Apr 2018 · 582
A piece of our lives!
Caring mother to all
A cinquain on what we call our home in this universe as the universal set,and this solar system as a subset !
Apr 2018 · 511
That day
As we walked
In that enchanted garden
We plucked
A rose each
As we stole
Silent glances
As you put
The rose
To your face
I knew
The invisible bees
Carrying arrows
Of flowery
Had departed
From a heart
To another one!
Would the fragile
Rose be
Gear enough?
Well ,rose
Surrenders itself to
People easily
It signifies
Something special
So, the heavens
Had this
Of joy
Glowing with
A pretty
In someone's fate
Who was it?
I knew.......
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Apr 2018 · 368
As I get on my feet
To lead the day
Let me not
Forget the say
'past is a guide to
Yeah there was a yesterday
And there's a today
Just for me!
Let me be happy
And spend each moment
Of this day
With joy
Filled with the
Bright hope
Of a grander
Time flies!
Apr 2018 · 343
She wrote
Not words
But let out
My bleeding heart!
She plays
With what
You know,what?
O they're but
The very innocent
Smiling thoughts!
She touches
And makes their day
She lets people
Let their hair down
And serves as an outlet
For broken hearts
O she's poetry!
Poetry is so beautiful when manifested!
Mar 2018 · 620
Today morning
As I was taking a bath
I rubbed my
And removed the dirt
Accumulated over so many days
You know that!
If you can rub the
Walls of time
You can remove
The silt
Deposited throughout
A sad past!
Can you give me a title?
Mar 2018 · 438
A wildflower!
No one cares
'Bout him
Or her!
She blooms
In the realms
Of 'neglect'
Away from humans
And finds her
Final resort
Oh but is she so unhappy?
Nature has her charms
Her guards
And above all
Her presence
For the wildflower!
Mar 2018 · 301
I'm a flower
That blooms everyday
And goes to dust
I'm beautiful on
The tree
Where I was
But people pluck me
I think
Plucked by people
Am I fortunate!
Or mixing in dust,
Am I fortunate?
Now these
Questions go to dust
For I realize
My ultimate home
Lies in the
Oh I face the Sun
I adorn the lawn
On the bushes
At its sides
I talk with other flowers,
Ask them
Are you happy
Some say no
Call them the others
Who say
They are lucky
God's given them
Bright colors
To attract
That will
Let them live
In their
And daughters!
Some are but
Dull  like the
Maize flower
But it has its own joys
Swayed by the wind
It flies to its destiny
In joy
As others watch
Bulky bright
With parched eyes!
Oh I realize
Flowers have joys
Serving others
They lead
Their lives
For maybe
Hours or days
Just twenty
O God
Make me a flower
I bow gently!
OK I see people in the morning
Fighting over the possession
Of flowers
In gardens
What would
The flower think now?
Mar 2018 · 665
A memory!
Something special in them
An old man
Beautiful grandfather
Perched on his forehead
Sat to read the newspaper
But everything was blurry
He realized
Where were his spectacles?
He looked around
Couldn't find them
Called his daughter
Asked her the same
A moment of joy!
Take her hand
Did she
To his forehead
And brought back
The glasses
Straight to his eyes!
What was radiant
And infections
Was the gentle
Smile on the old man's
And his daughter's faces
One being  happy at
Someone's childishness
The other
In child like
Childhood and old age
Both are joyful!
Mar 2018 · 262
Not helpless
The person was not  crying
His eyes were
Loosing their beauty
His ears were
Going deaf
His senses were
I asked him
Frail did he hear
How will he sense
What's around him?
He'd learn Braille
Like Keller did
But his answer
Surprised me!
Said he
Oh my wife and son
Sold our land
She gave away her jewellery
My son
Left his job
To come to me!
I'm sure
They will
Be my eyes
And ears!
What a determination!
Mar 2018 · 249
Worship it
Your body!
It deserves
Your attention!
The natural work of art
Which your soul
Endures forever this life
Should be serene
Just like a temple!
What d'you think?
Mar 2018 · 224
Friction between those glances
When produces a spark
Fair speechless messages
Are secretly passed
Ok if you don't feel bored
You enjoy
Getting lost
In those eyes
In those black curls
Love to graze in that
O you are special!
Oh Adonis' are not needed to
Sustain this world!
Mar 2018 · 203
It takes
Just a tumble
Of fresh water
Mind you inverted
To freshen me
Fills me with energy
Charges the pulsating
Blood in my veins
Soothes me
OK in winters
As the drops of water
Flow down my body
Oh oh.......
From the hair
To the forehead
Back and in front
Of the neck
Oh what a shiver
It arouses me
Down the collarbone
My chest
Like mountain streams
Down my heaps
Of body tissue!
To the navel
Now wait:-) :-) :-) :-)
Down and down it goes
To the thighs
O what joy it is
O guys
OK to the
Lower legs
Oh nothing is left
Water has so less
Cohesive force
It ascends with the sap
Up the plants
Abounds in our body
Keeps me alive!
Oh I forgot
Such is its dance
I love water
And with summer
I'll do pitter patter
Just with my friend
In pools
My sweating body
Running out of it
And in the
OK we should save water.Its the elixir of life.But do enjoy the sustainable watery works with fun in this summer
Mar 2018 · 306
Take off the mask
It hinders your task
Show yourself
For that's what
Are you!
Your mask has just
That will die with you
Why to have complexity?
When you can endure
Essential worldly simplicity!
O people!
Mar 2018 · 321
Now we will
Get into each other
We don't need anything else
But just words
Ok start
                     You ****** an arrow
Of enchanting
                     Thoughts into me
Make me intoxicated
                       With it's poison
I endure your efforts
                        As I look into your eyes
Filled with so much
                        Of that sweet poison!
When you become tired
And thirsty for something
I satiate you
I drive myself into you
As you shed tears of joy
Now you find you
In my body
We become one
As I shoot that
Of desire
To enjoy
Every moment
Of this encounter
With me!
I am.........
What d'you think?
Mar 2018 · 178
Now she's a wild one
Whom I can't hunt!
Just makes you chase her
Like mirage
In a desert
She's real
But becomes
Very soon
She'll make you
Run Run and run
To chase her
She's beautiful
Has a hide
Of real gold
Body of thoughts
Of beauty
That do but
Touch the ground
Very rarely
Ok now she'll make you
Kneel down
Surrender to her
Oh she wants to enjoy
You and your attention
She's a whimsical
Attention seeker
Ok you close your eyes
And when you open them!......….
She's not there
Disappeared into
A land unknown
I know she'll
Come again
But when
And will she stay?
Now one really knows!
Ok you need for her
Some gunnery of
Real words!
She's poetry!
What d'you think about her?
Mar 2018 · 270
I'm a rose
You touch my
Body's beauty
I'm just so soft
Your thought gets
Entangled in me
I absorb you
We become one
But as you sink to
The realities
Of my bottom
Prickly thorns
***** you
O baby!
Be careful
Sweet roses
Can take life
Out of you!
Roses are beautiful...but what d'you think?
Mar 2018 · 582
Main Hoon Kahan?
Are kitni kaatil hai yeh duniya
Iski adayein anginat samajh na aate!
Phir bhi duniya
** tum Mera pehla ishq
Hai tujhe salaam!
Mar 2018 · 652
Those ones.....
I saw someone special
Today morning
OK they are daily guests
Whom I do
Love to welcome!
But they create that
Joyful music
Take away that stagnancy
Engulfing me
Create moments of
Guilty lightness
During the long hours
Of sitting in the exam hall!
The Vedas see in them
The manifestations
Of our inner self
The body ,a bird
And the inner,another
Watching the other
Enjoy fruits of life
OK let's come back
As a boy,whom
I do love to chase
And catch
O they're but
Lovely birds!
They're special everyday
I realized that today
So much can we learn
From what these birds
Mar 2018 · 341
Oh  she's a work of art herself
Her curves call upon you
In the gravest of times
To mix in her
Ok layered with veils
Of illusion
Unaware of her beauty
Simple joyous
Twinkling bright
Just like those bangles
A woman
A girl
Always in light!
So many years ago,Chipko movement had ladies hugging the trees in lively affection to keep them away from the evilness of those 'cutter' humans!Lets hug a tree ,and embrace her(you know its a many sided word) in your lives each day!
Mar 2018 · 369
Your body is your temple
Oh those curls hang down
Like those layered
Gazing down
Upon you
From the top
Of the temple!
Now your special
One lies within you
Isn't that needless to say
Without more doodlywoodlydoo!
Are hits
At least with me
OK so they're
Beyond reality
But away from
Ones born
And dying
Just between
And Fiction
OK so you call
It your truth!
Truth is truth for all you say!
You saw a peacock dance
In the enchanted garden
Your eyes were the sole photographer
Someone asks you
How'll you
Prove it!
You can't!
But it is real
OK so you call it your truth
Others call it myth!!
Now Ravanas,Ramas
In your mind
Oh you can enjoy
Them the most!
They have an endless
Sky of your mind
To explore!
Don't they!
Others are very limited
Like those MCQs!:-) :-)
Sorry to hurt anyone
But this is what I think
As I sink
Into dreams!
If you wanna share your views ,please do:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) -:-) -:-) -:-) :-)
Mar 2018 · 229
Are best in yourself
OK you are a stained
People have used which
And colored as they wanted!
You are a silver ***
You have royal poison
And perfume!
OK you maybe a hand
Who is stained
With such blood
The smell of which
Even the choicest
Perfumes of Arabia won't
OK you are a bed of roses
Which witness
The honey nights
Of beings mortal
And the end
Of those same
Mortal beings
Maybe you wish
Let them rest in peace
OK even for a criminal
At the end
You give in to his
Right to be himself
And grant his soul
You are but you!
You dispel fears
Take the lamp
Of light
In this world
But have you removed that cloth
Let the truth be naked
That you are you
You'll be the same you
After you realize this
And with new vision
To turn your sorrows
Of being someone else
Into normalcy
Inside you
Its only you who's you!
Get to yourself more!
Mar 2018 · 205
A song for me!
Someone peeps out
And says
How are you
O his eyes are
For that!
Cutting the foliage
He finds time
OK I'm
On the road
And a car rushes past
Zooming with life!!
O the bus
Which I take
Took a new way
To reach the
Same old place!
Oh all's but
Old wine
In a new glass
The days were sunny lately
Today's cloudy!
Something's feel
Monotonous indeed!
But some don't
Oh happy smiles
Are something
Seeing which
I miss won't
Golden fairies
Purple pansies
Crimson tulips
Sunny sunflowers
Are some things
Missing them
Won't want I
OK life's long
Let's see ahead
For out of fear
You just add a year
A day
Just like today
Oh between
Those celebrations
You have leap years
'Leap' ?Yes!
Feel do we
Sometimes go away
Some don't
A celebration
Is all
For which
OK you groan!
Maybe less maybe more
But this is how
You pass from
Door to door
Of the locality
Of life of
Your eternal soul:-) :-) :-)
Now you can guess something behind this poem!
Mar 2018 · 249
Sugar and spice!
Red chillies on a rooftop garden . Some of them face the endless sky while some the moving world beneath.In life too,you need some spice.Otherwise ,just like the consequences of having a super saturated sweet which 'arrests' your mouth,life too becomes boring,only with sweet things.So sometimes I(and maybe many others) feel the need to spice up life a bit.So spend warm days and take up challenges .Set up life just as fiery as these chillies,for at the end, you're gonna have somethin' sweet!Contrast brings flavor which are but made to burst in the mouth,jist like the highs and lows,challenges and victories,sweet and pungent things of life.In many households, people start their meal with something bitter.Even they know! There's just so much between flavors and life! Enjoy them!
Life is just so entangled
Like the branches
Of this grandfather banyan
Now you'll come across
So many
Peeps and others!
ߘ0ߘpߘ°ߘɊYou will wanna take someone with you
Like those takeaway counters
In those restaurant counters
Oh these men
Just sell like hot cakes
Ok next you'll wanna chill out with someone.That one will stand by you
Through the thick and thin of life and make you forget that blood is thicker than water.Oh getting too warm,like warm red blood, right? Let's move onto those who just glow like water .Umm hard or soft ?
You'll decide that better.But these dilute ones make you wanna just kiss them .Tou feel they just deserve it, forgetting yourself.Next you'll just find some many-faced ones on the streets of life.You'll find some illusory ones as well.Ok volatile liquids,you know.I know too much of sermon is all wrong, I'll end my exhortation after dinner!
By the way,I just stumbled upon some of these ones,whom did you?
ߘ°ߘŠJust written
Taking it right
O am a kitten
So smitten!!
Sorry for using this platform to post paragraphs.
Mar 2018 · 240
Shadows and humour!
O what are you!
Don't you forget
To follow me
In whatever I do?
Whatever I am?
In sleep or
In this
Joyous life
You are but mortal
Like this body!
So you tell me
Hey man!
I ne'er leave anyone's
If light is obstructed
Am I formed
Light is my enemy
He's there,
And I die
But don't
I bid you
I find my space
On another side ,right?
So till you surround
Yourself,o man!
With light all around
Umm..I won't leave you!
So ,much
Do I love you!
Maybe once had
Man challenged shadow
O I'll leave you so
You see!
He ran
To where
Wasn't there light!
But couldn't he!
Shadow won
And so it was done
That ghosts
Only have
No shadows!
Shadow is such a thing
So interesting!
Light follows
And so does shadow!
O only nights
Prove a respite
Fear Shadow's
Time of plight
Today amidst
Artifice so heavy
Numerous lights
Light our lives
Even at night!
So we endure
And welcome
Our dear shadow
With new zeal
And fun galore!
Don't we?:-) :-) :-)
just a
Light humorous thing!
My mind's but a friend of the clouds
O goes flying away
In directions of
Horizons so many!
O in the endless empty skies!
O in the music
Of the pouring Sravana!
Rimjhim rimjhim rimjhim!!
O my mind but goes flying away
Sitting on the wings of
Cranes so many!
O in the appearing and disappearing
So fast and short
Flashes of that light
In the sky!
O the beating sound
Of the cymbals
Does play the wind so rough!
In violent joy!
O kala-kala in the hymns
Of sound
Does flow the river!
As if calling
The dangerous end
To come!
O the wind blows over
The eastern seas!
O the overflowing flowing
Brimming river in waves!
O my mind sails a boat
In this brimming flow!
In the forests of
Tala tamala!
O in the swaying
Of that small timid branch!
O my mind's but a friend of the clouds!
Mar 2018 · 281
O streams of joy!
O the streams of joy flow on Earth!
O day and night
So much amrita rasa(heavenly ambrosia)
Brims out in the endless sky!
O drink do the Sun
And moon
Holding anjali in their hands!
O perpetually is lit
The permanent flame!
O always is the Earth
Filled with life and rays
Of light!
Why are you sitting
So lost in your mind?
O why are you just
Running after
Material ,self
O see in the four directions
Opening thy eyes!
Expanding your heart!
O the petty sorrows
Realizing them worthless!
O fill thy heart and soul
With but only love
In this empty life
That you've got!
Written by a maestro and life changing one who understood himself very well!
Mar 2018 · 316
Move do they!
O the flower sways,the flower sways!
Why does the gentle wind blow!
O the river picks up a sway!
O flows away with its 'gentle' noise!
O why does the cuckoo,in every garden
Kuhu, Kuhu,Kuhu, does it sing!
O why,who knows,for what?
O Haay!Haay! Does the heart?
Haay Haay is an Indian expression of surprise and confusion!
What d'you think?:-) :-)
Mar 2018 · 494
O where's he?
O the man of my soul is in me
Thus I see him everywhere!
O he's in the stars of my eyes,in the waterfalls of light
So does not he get lost!
O so do I see him
Here and there
In whichever
Direction do I see!
O would I hear the sounds of his mouth's words
Thus did I go where...where...
O couldn't I,couldn't I
So today having
Come back to my land,
Today having
Come back to my land,
O do I hear
In my song!
O who you all
Search for him?
In the garb of
Poor men
At every door!
O he isn't found,isn't found!
O come you all, come you all
O do come fast,
Look through your eyes!
Into my heart
O y'all look through
Those two eyes!
O he's but somewhere close to you,me and everyone!
Mar 2018 · 674
Ithlayi rajani!
Bolat chameli beli
Are sakhi rajanigandha
Kyon ithlati **?
Rajani bolat are sakhiman!
Meri maiya bolati thi
Are bitiya sun lo na!
Kabhi mala mein goonthi
Jaakar premi ko ithlaogi
Ya kisi raja ke mukut
Prem shaiyya ki
Sartaj kehlaogi
Lekin aas ek hi rakhna
Are banmali
Us path par mujhe tum
Dena phenk
Jis path matribhumi
Par sheesh chadhane
Jaayein veer anek!
Kya asha hai rajani
Boli chameli beli
Ithlana tumhara sarthak hai
Tumhi to veeron ki mala
Ki saakhi!
Re rajani,tum **
Punyavati manjari!
'Pushp ki abhilasha ' se prerit!
Mar 2018 · 467
O friend!
O friend Radhika!
Now do look intently!
In a sweet gait does
Shyam come!
Singing the sweet melodies!
O on his neck
Shines the flower necklace!
O the beautiful blue hued
O beautiful!
Apply the vermilion
On your forehead!
O friends all dance,dance!
Sing the strains of
Coming together!
O the flowing beats
Of the cymbals
Encapture the skies of
The garden!
O friend now decorate
The temple
Light the golden lamps!
O fill the garden abode
With fragrance
Spilling fragrant
Water all over!
O mallika,chameli,beli
Pluck the flowers,
O child!
Make a string
Of juthi,jati
And the bakula!
O with thirsty
Sees the path of
The garden!
O in a sweet gait
Does Shyam come
Singing sweet melodies!
The special side of a great man!
Mar 2018 · 204
My place!
The sky filled with the Sun and stars!
The world filled with life!
O amidst that have I got
My place!
O in wonder!
Thus rises my song!
In the dance
Of the unbounded time
In the rise and fall of tides
The Earth thus sways!
O in the flow of blood of
My blood vessels
Have I got its force!
O in wonder!
Thus rises my song!
O on the grass have I
Put my feet!
To go on
The forest path!
O in the fragrance
Of flowers
The glow
Touching me
Has my mind
Swayed by joy!
O isn't it spread
The gifts of only joy!
O in wonder!
Thus rises my song!
O have I put my ears to
Opened my eyes
Added to pouring life
On the heart of this Earth!
O amidst the known
Have I got the
Of the unknown!
O in wonder!
Thus rises my song!
Have you felt the presence of that unknown?
Mar 2018 · 594
Ah there he found!
The one
Without sorrow
Devanampiya Piyadassi
The beloved of the gods
The beautiful one!
So once had it happened
Such a tale
So great in amounts!
There he came
Like a wanton wind!
To the mighty Kalinga
After all
It was his 'prestige'
Oh sorry!
His people's
His kingdom's
Just at stake
Now it all began
Wardrums heard
Like the curses
Falling from heaven
'Bherighosa' was the
Order of the day!
Swords struck
People Kings
In utter haywire
To end in what?
The digvijayi
Atop his Dreamland
And a grave of dreams
Hundred thousand
Taken prisoners
Hundred and fifty
Thousand killed
This is what
Was left
To fill his 'victorious'
Stood atop
The Dhauli hill
The crown of his new
Acquired land
But God had something
Else in his hand
There went
These arrows
Of such destruction
Of crushed dreams
Hollowed desires
Of someone
Whose soul
Now had only
The pyre of his holy Land
To enjoy
Such was this arrow
Penetrating the
Deepest corners
Of the Great's
Something so fragile
Though no one knew
For all they'd seen
Was a stone
Without even a a drop
Of a rare moisture
Even a few!
But this scene
Had a profound
Just as if
A stone of
Came falling
From unknown
And stirred
A stagnant pond
Took a vow
Did he
Gave up arms
Shunned war
And spread
But only
Sound of peace
Was heard
Like the joyous songs
From heaven
For a changed one
For the Goodwill
Of all those
Who he now
Had in his heart
Allayed with
A few drops
Of just
Something so precious
After all
Had he
But gathered it
In just a few moments
O man!
Prosperity and joy
Are just awaiting
To follow
Your footsteps
Find it somewhere
For it is
So close to you!
Find it!
Relevant even today
When we wage wars
For what???
What d'you think?
Mar 2018 · 236
The tree and it's planter!
What he does who plants a tree!
O he plants
The seeds of
A better Earth
A peaceful abode
For sweet arial
The best place
To nurture
The mother Melody
Of Mother Nature
From these creatures!
He who plants a tree
Infuses a cylinder
Of unending supply
Of life to this planet!
He plants cool shade
And tender rain
Soulful Melody
And sweet grain;
He who plants a tree
Not only with goodness
But also loyalty
Doesn't just add someone
To his family
But beyond it
Does Civic good
Under hood!
In the hollows of that
Mighty being
Lies the blessing hand
Of Him
He who plants a tree
Does so much
Do you see!
Trees are indeed our friends!
And the most essential ones!
Mar 2018 · 516
A great ghost!
As my grandpa
Called it!
The broken ghost
Like the
Of black pottery
Are it's weights!
O there the puffs
Of mighty
Nature blow
O I wonder
What is next!
I feel flowing
With the wind
In a moment
Drops pour
Till they satiate me
O it takes
Just a few moments!
O it arrives!
This is my
Local rainfall at the arrival of summer in eastern India! Really scintillating!
Mar 2018 · 162
I travel!
Travel do I
Places and people
From one to the other
Watching those waves
The heart dances in glee
O but I carry
My vices,wits
Joy's and what not!
Happy times, flowing rhymes
O humanity hath
An ancient interest
In what?
Travelling ,
That timeless good old
Yes,my dear!
Mar 2018 · 235
Give me shore
Of thoughts and love
The rivers of imagination
Where flow galore
Where a self like me
Doesn't bore
This will be the
How I wish
The winds of expression
Making me fetish
Would carry me in their arms
The sails of the boat
Of this body
In all their charms
Oh but no alarms
And no mighty
That tumble these
Will be to hard
Oh like those
Rams seeing
Tendrils and branches
Gave eanlings
Streaked and pied
My imagination's streams
Would overflow
The branches
Of this tree
Would break
All barriers
And be warriors
On the cheek
Of the turbulence of
Times immemorial!
Mar 2018 · 170
O mother
Give me the moon toy
Drink will not I
Dhauri cow's milk
Nor will I
Plait my hair!
Now will I
Roll up on the ground
I will not come
To your lap!
Neither will I
Take the pearl necklace
Nor the jhanguli one
Will I be called
Nanda's son
But not yours!
O Jasoda takes him
By his ears!
And says softly
Oh baby don't tell your brother
More beautiful than the moon
Will be the bride
I'll bring you
Hearing this he spake
Oh then,ma Get me
Wed just now,not late
Soor friends all will be
The groom's companions
And thus sing
Auspicious strains
Without suspicions!
Nirvana you want
As God's grant
O those faces
Of relieved 'pupils'
After heavy days
Of an exam
Their minds not jammed
O have your thoughts crammed!
Buddha saw four sights
That caused him plight
Luxuries of palace
Couldn't prevent him
He took his flight
Into a world of light
Unknown as you might
In search of ultimate truth
Of this world's delight!
He was changed
Will you?
He formed a sangha
Oh not him
His pupils
So as we might
Remember something
From our book
Its heights!
Let's read and
Learn something
From around us
Let's form a sangha
For doing this
In this light!
Reading this
Caused you much plight
Like a plant afflicted
With blight?
I know it,right?
Some weirdness of thoughts!
Mar 2018 · 372
Amit Narayan Satpathy   Poems  
Published 51  Drafts 7

Amit Narayan Satpathy now
O the sky has filled me with light
I will fill the sky with songs
O the colours of notes
Will I cut through
The winds!
O the colours of dance
Cut through the air!
O palash,o palash
O the peaks of
The coloured colours
O you spread fire
In directions
All that are there
O the raga raginis
Of my heart
Are colored
With colorful tunes!
O in the southerly winds
The shivering flower
Forests don't stop!
O in the golden radiance
In the blue skies
The nupur of young leaves
Is heard!
O shirish,o shirish!
In the interval of gentle smiles!
You fill the airs
With your scent!
O your scent in my words
My heart pulls me there!
Mar 2018 · 160
Amit Narayan Satpathy   Poems  
Published 50   Drafts 6

Amit Narayan Satpathy 32m
O today spring awakes
At my door!
O in your bounded
Hounded life
Don't let it
Stop o please!
O open the doors of heart
Today open!
O today forget mine and yours
O forget!
O in these
Song swayed skies!
O let the waves of your scent
Go up
O this outside world
Losing its direction
O unleash
Your sweetness
O unleash!
O this forested sorrow
In the midst of woods
O plays itself
In every leaf
O looking in whose path
In the distant skies
O the southerly winds
Have touched my soul!
O they travel
To whose doors
Asking for what?
O this night
Overflowing with scent
O under whose feet
On the earth
Have they risen!
O beautiful appealing
You call out
In a deep voice
To whom?
Mar 2018 · 2.0k
Aaj Krishna khelat hori
Aaj krisna!
Dekho gopikaon ki chaal
Phenkat nandlal
Pe gulaal!
Gori radhika ke gaal
Aur balkrishna ka kapaal
Donon hi to range Hain
Laal prem ka gulaal
Aaja balika
Khelein hum daar daar pe
Phuloon ki bahaar
Rang sabke dwaar
Aanand ki bauchhar!
Aaj bajti hai
Rangon ki malhar
Are Holi hai
Mere dwaar!
Mar 2018 · 324
O on the blue horizon
Today the fire of flowers flares!
O the flame of the
Scent of spring rises!
O the sky is is flaring
The sun rays are bound!
O do I understand
Asked for itself
It did
To the Earth!
Thus rose
As the blossom
In the field of mustard!
O in the blue horizons
My streak of sorrow
Shows itself
O the words of heart
Of long times
O comes the wind
That gets lost
O the wind of which phaguna?
O I understand
It asks for itself
From that phaguna!
Thus rises as a wave
In the fields of mustard
O on the blue horizons!
Phaguna !
O grace with your glory!
This person
With a somewhat
Flaky skin!
Feb 2018 · 249
O in the new joy of phagun
O am I weaving a song
In a tune!
O the forest path
He hears the sounds
The blessed beauty
Of the kokila!
O the forest filled
With the fragrance
Of the bakula!
O the honey filled spell
Of the madhavi blossoms
Fills the horizons
With varied colors!
O my words pick up
The buds of palash!
O I will tie them
Around your
O in the new joy of phaguna!
phagun or phalguna is the Indian spring month!
Paint your colors as you wish
This spring!
Feb 2018 · 472
O house dweller!
Open the doors...o open the doors
Waters ,lands the vast woods
Are swayed by spring
Open the doors!
O house dweller
O the coloured smiles
In amounts so paramount
In the ashoka ,palasha(flowers)
O the colorful addiction
Mixed in the clouds
In the dawn sky!
O in the new leaves
Reigns a new swing!
Open the doors
O house dweller!
O the flute is heard
In the jungles
Gently swaying to the
Southerly winds!
O the butterfly
Swings on the grasses!
O honeybees go about
Taking flowers gifts!
O in its wings
It plays
A beggar's veena(lute)
O in the jungles
Of the madhavi flowers
The air is heavy
With such scent
Open the doors...
O house dweller!
The beggar ...roaming nomad
Gets a song on his heart
For the nature
Without the wit
Of human
Heralds the coming
O spring!
Feb 2018 · 767
The night you remember him!
He dances
O his locks of hair
Disheveled in glory
Spread in all directions
O this universe
Is  its extent!
And it's expanding.
He is Sundareshwara
The enchanting householder
As Vishnu holds his hand
As he takes life's vows
With Parvati
He's also
The enchanting mendicant
He resides in his abode
Of tapa
Isolation, purity
Mount Kailasa
O he's but Shiva!
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