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Bolat chameli beli
Are sakhi rajanigandha
Kyon ithlati **?
Rajani bolat are sakhiman!
Meri maiya bolati thi
Are bitiya sun lo na!
Kabhi mala mein goonthi
Jaakar premi ko ithlaogi
Ya kisi raja ke mukut
Prem shaiyya ki
Sartaj kehlaogi
Lekin aas ek hi rakhna
Are banmali
Us path par mujhe tum
Dena phenk
Jis path matribhumi
Par sheesh chadhane
Jaayein veer anek!
Kya asha hai rajani
Boli chameli beli
Ithlana tumhara sarthak hai
Tumhi to veeron ki mala
Ki saakhi!
Re rajani,tum **
Punyavati manjari!
'Pushp ki abhilasha ' se prerit!
promising cloud bands
filled with a moisture salve
veer away from here
Äŧül Apr 2017
My list of antonyms of death,
Include not just life or birth,
Still not limited to just alive,
Some others I include in the list.

Youth is one of those,
Old humans never get,
Unyouthful they become.

Marriage is a name for youthfulness,
Youth never fades in faithfulness.

Loneliness never haunts few lucky,
Over the years of separation,
Veering away from love never,
E**spousing the spouse forever.
My HP Poem #1513
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —