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3.3k · Jan 2018
Tere sang ishq hua re!
Tujhe chhoone par hai lagta
Tu jalti jwala re!
Tujhe niharne par lagta
Tu chaand ka tukda re!
Aisa Kya jadoo Kiya
Aisa Kya jadoo Kiya
Ore Priya re!
Tere sang Tere sang ishq hua re!
Bana Dene jaisa lagti ** tum
Ek chitra!
Are munh tumhara ek
Paan ka patta
Bana Dee gayi lagti ** tum
Ek moorti!
Sach jaisi
Konark ki kala kirti
Tujhe padhne se lagti hai tu
Sach mein  ek kahani re
Tujhe gaane see lagta
Tu ek geet re!
Aisa Kya jadoo Kiya tune
Aisa Kya jadoo Kiya toone
Ore Priya re!
**** bhar Teri
Rajnigandha ki khushboo
Teri chaal mein
Raj hansini ka chhand!
Barasne jaisa pyar tumhara
Madhu ki varsha!
Sabhi or hoti hai
Bas teri hi charcha
Tujhe tolne par
Tu lagti
Ek phool re!
Tujhe dhaalne par lagti
Tu kuchh rang re!
Aisa Kya jadoo Kiya
Aisa Kya jadoo Kiya toone
Ore Priya re!

Tere sang Tere sang ishq hua re!
2.1k · Mar 2018
Aaj Krishna khelat hori
Aaj krisna!
Dekho gopikaon ki chaal
Phenkat nandlal
Pe gulaal!
Gori radhika ke gaal
Aur balkrishna ka kapaal
Donon hi to range Hain
Laal prem ka gulaal
Aaja balika
Khelein hum daar daar pe
Phuloon ki bahaar
Rang sabke dwaar
Aanand ki bauchhar!
Aaj bajti hai
Rangon ki malhar
Are Holi hai
Mere dwaar!
1.2k · Feb 2018
A river
O Ganga!
You flow
Across the mighty
O your youthful
Playful force
Making its way
Through the
Ancient boulders
Stream after stream
Joins you
To find its destiny
In your depths
To make you
O the vast Ganga we know
The Aryans found their
Abode on your banks
You saw the rise of Jainism
And Buddhism
O civilization
Not only flourished
But flowered
On your banks!
You've seen it all!
You travel down the Tehri dam
Across Rishikesh
And Haridwar
From the cow's mouth
O the Gomukh
Where your mother
Glacier Gangotri rests!
You enter the plains
Having crisscrossed
Roads many
And lives
Of many a being
Who consider you
As mother
Worship you
You bear their brunt also
Carrying heaps of
You flow Kanpur
You see tanneries
And many more
You nourish them
Keep them running
But they end up
Slowing your run
You reach Allahabad
What's in a name
A tryst of cultures
O you have the
Gangs Jamuni doab
And Gangs jamuni tehzeeb!
Your sisters join you
And here at Prayag
You have Yamuna with you
O a mythical sister
Saraswati does find here way to you
They say
Life goes on on your ghats
As usual
People washing clothes
And people offering
Flowers and performing
Rituals on your banks
O all but consider you
As an earthly mother
A heavenly gift
Just like Saraswati
You have your place in the scriptures as well!
You also
Flow out of mythology
Into our minds
O the mighty Shiva
Took you
In his mighty curls
Of hair
To allay your spirit
As you descended
Onto the Earth
To purge peoples
The Bhagiratha's
Penance you saw then
He got back his wish
Thousand brothers
They say
O you but still see
The Kumbh Mela(fair)

So many souls
You see the serenity
Of Varanasi
The beautiful spirituality
Of its
O young wrestlers
Massaging before
The day's fight
Seers in
Deep meditation
On your banks
O you have settled
This city
You flow across
The ancient
Seen many imperial
Rise and falls
History echoes in you
You enter Bengal
The fertile
Gangetic plains
Bear testimony
To your gifts
With their lush green
And swaying fields
The Farakka barrage
Sees you in one of your
Giant avatars
You irrigate
And touch people!
You flow as the Padma in
O you know
Two lands separated
By political shadows
You flow
As Bhagirathi
In Bengal
The rice bowl!
O your Ilish(Hilda)
People do relish
You flow graciously
Flat extensive plains
Past Kolkata
The city of joy
And into the sea
At Gangasagar
Taking with you
So many memories
And promising
The continuity
Of your divine
O dear river,
You are Ganga!
1.2k · Jan 2018
oh honey child!
Oh honey child!
Whither are you going?
Your wedding cakes are on the hearth
Thither they are glowing.
People are coming
To bless you
For your bliss ahead
Oh honey child!
Whither are you going?

Your wedding gown
Decked up with
The chicest of jewels
Waits in silence
To witness
As your accompaniment
The storm of joy
Of merriment
And good hope
Oh honey child!
Whither are you going?

The honey bride says
I know not what calls me
To the nature's lap
The woods
So dense and deep
Periwinkles and wild roses
Daisies and vivid poses
Of the sceneries
Of Mother nature
Oh mother
I know not
My feet are chasing
Someone unknown

Oh honey child
Marriage is bliss
Why do you face away
And give
Your life's fortunes
A 'sad' miss?
The master groom comes
Lay your hands on his
Exchange the garlands
Of love and life's vows
Find your way
Merrily with his
Oh honey child
Handsomely would he come
And take you
For he is your loving bridegroom
Honey child'honey child!
Whither are you going?

The spirits of joy
The scent of
Blissful solitude
And beautiful happiness
The song
Of the koil scented
And the unknown
Merry wilderness
Calls me
O mother
Not will I stay
I will go.....
Inspired by someone....
1.1k · Jan 2018
O glory!
The lute of my heart
Sways to sweet tunes
Come,o come
Glorious conscience
The song filled
Lotus garden
Of my heart awaits you
O one who stays
In realms unknown
Holding the lute(veena)
Of my conscience
In her hand
Under her control
Not only is she the
Manifestation of
Ambrosia filled
But the sacred
Goddess of the word
By whose divine touch
What surrounds her
Is blessed with such goodness!
Her very image
Is like the glory
Of light
Of a diamond
The beauty
Of the dreaming
Eyes of a deer
O somewhere
That radiance
Does reside
In my heart's place
By the presence of whom
This day and this night
Are sweet to enchant
To their heart's glory
O the fragrant enchanting
Touched by the honey
Of the cuckoo's song
O show yourself
O goddess
In this radiant glory
Let my eyes
Be blessed
Once by
Your divine grace
O do not
Reside anymore
In the realm
Of my mind
Under the veil of
Shadowy illusion
Manifest yourself,o Devi
Let your grace enlighten me!!
To one who is fair
Like the kunda flowers adorning her
Who is adorned by white clothes
Whose hands are always
In a posture of benevolent grace
Who sits on the white lotus
1.1k · Jan 2018
Vatavriksha:the banyan
I am a banyan(vatavriksha)
Standing like
The guardian figure
At the gateway of the village
Oh you thought
The champakas,rajanigandhas
Were envious of me
I am an old one
Seen some hundred summers
And winters
Children and tots
Playing merrily
In my cool shade
On a hot summer afternoon
The river near me
I daily see
Carries timelessness
Just like me
Lovers passionate
Passing on boats
Even in floods of fury
Dreaming of being
Radha Krishna
And gopis
What not
Do I see
Oh pralaya(destruction)
Did see Krishna
Floating away
On one of my leaves!
A baby ******* his toe
Untouched by any worry
My leaves are heart shaped
I do touch hearts of men
Read their minds
Some robust like me
Some weak
I wish to stand here
For just like holy kadamba
Under which Krishna gave gopis
Aatmananda(joy of self-conscience)
Rich with its divine glory
I am but a mere banyan tree!
Enjoy being mere?
899 · Feb 2018
O in the garden of my youth
A bird sings aloud
O darling,arise,arise.....arise!
Opening your eyes
Filled with the
Sleepiness of
Good love
O the love that
Becomes your sole guide!
O darling ,awake,o awake
O today
In this night
So playful!
Awake in the
Sweet songs
Which herald
The maniac beauty
Of phalguna(spring month)
O in that
Song ,that
Lovely strain
Of first love
O you
The doubter
Of the first flush
Of love
O in my garden
The sweet cuckoos
Call out
O darling awake,o awake!
Awake in a
New glory!
O in the fragrance
Of new bakula flowers
O in the germination
Of the seed
Of the sweet
Soothing wind!
O in unseen

O today in the
Overflowing floral
Awake in sweet
Shivering shyness

O in the bed of my heart
In my sleep
O listen
The sweet flute
In the depths
Of my heart
Of my inner
O darling,awake,o awake!
882 · Feb 2018
Talk of their town!
A cactus asked a rajanigandha
Both were together
In one of those
Floral shows
O people say
You are so beautiful
How do you maintain it?
The bragging rajani replied
O my tale is
No less than a rich
Young maiden's
She applies make up
I put on fragrance
I have pristine white buds
Planted with care I was
O I deserve to be
Called the queen
You grow
In the sandy places
Under great heat
You are green
Only in your stems
What show do you have
The cactus had a flair
O I may not have
Your beauty,O rajani
But I do have flowers
They grow
Amongst perks
You don't
Don't forget
O dear
We all come
From the same
Of harmony
Of this earth
Beautiful creations
Do have
An unseen
Foundation stone
Hidden indeed!
Can we relate to this?
786 · Feb 2018
Sunflowers bloom
They shine
Like faces
After a honeymoon!
O the shine
Moon gets
From his Sun
So does it
Blooms when the
Sun rises
Faces away when it sets
Doesn't ask for anything
From the Sun
Except for sunshine
Is it that
The sunflower calls
O dear Sun
I need to rise
And when the Sun sets,
She says
O bye,dear
I need to bear
Another night
Of facing away
O the moonlight
Does not suit me
He is like me
He gets his glow
From you
You are,so
His cause as you're mine
So why should I leave you
And set a saga with him
He waxes and wanes
And is very'light'
Unlike you
Vigorous and radiant
Why shouldn't I be you?
What would the Sun reply
Does he shy
Does he act Herculistic
What do you say
Do you find someone
In this scene?
Scientifically Sun is the source of all energy
Even metaphorically?
Poem is a canvas of imagination.
Paint your colors!!
785 · Feb 2018
The night you remember him!
He dances
O his locks of hair
Disheveled in glory
Spread in all directions
O this universe
Is  its extent!
And it's expanding.
He is Sundareshwara
The enchanting householder
As Vishnu holds his hand
As he takes life's vows
With Parvati
He's also
The enchanting mendicant
He resides in his abode
Of tapa
Isolation, purity
Mount Kailasa
O he's but Shiva!
737 · Apr 2018
You are the one
Whom I am currently
Being encaptured by
You're my reason to
To things
To live
You're the drug that
Brings me closer
To life
You're the
Flavour of the season
726 · Mar 2018
Those ones.....
I saw someone special
Today morning
OK they are daily guests
Whom I do
Love to welcome!
But they create that
Joyful music
Take away that stagnancy
Engulfing me
Create moments of
Guilty lightness
During the long hours
Of sitting in the exam hall!
The Vedas see in them
The manifestations
Of our inner self
The body ,a bird
And the inner,another
Watching the other
Enjoy fruits of life
OK let's come back
As a boy,whom
I do love to chase
And catch
O they're but
Lovely birds!
They're special everyday
I realized that today
So much can we learn
From what these birds
705 · Mar 2018
Ithlayi rajani!
Bolat chameli beli
Are sakhi rajanigandha
Kyon ithlati **?
Rajani bolat are sakhiman!
Meri maiya bolati thi
Are bitiya sun lo na!
Kabhi mala mein goonthi
Jaakar premi ko ithlaogi
Ya kisi raja ke mukut
Prem shaiyya ki
Sartaj kehlaogi
Lekin aas ek hi rakhna
Are banmali
Us path par mujhe tum
Dena phenk
Jis path matribhumi
Par sheesh chadhane
Jaayein veer anek!
Kya asha hai rajani
Boli chameli beli
Ithlana tumhara sarthak hai
Tumhi to veeron ki mala
Ki saakhi!
Re rajani,tum **
Punyavati manjari!
'Pushp ki abhilasha ' se prerit!
661 · Mar 2018
A memory!
Something special in them
An old man
Beautiful grandfather
Perched on his forehead
Sat to read the newspaper
But everything was blurry
He realized
Where were his spectacles?
He looked around
Couldn't find them
Called his daughter
Asked her the same
A moment of joy!
Take her hand
Did she
To his forehead
And brought back
The glasses
Straight to his eyes!
What was radiant
And infections
Was the gentle
Smile on the old man's
And his daughter's faces
One being  happy at
Someone's childishness
The other
In child like
Childhood and old age
Both are joyful!
610 · Jan 2018
Main hoon dasi
Kisi ki naukrani nahin
Na koi kaharin
Main hoon devadasi
Devalayon ki shobha
Sada saanjh ko
Kanak deep jala
Devstuti kar
Khud ko bhagyawati samajhti
Main hoon devadasi
Yahi to hai mera garv
Wah din yaad hai aaj bhi
Raja ne jis din meri pratibha
Ko samjha
Mujhe devadasi ka pad saunpa
Mere premi mere devta
Sada raat ko jinke liye
Ghunghroo pehen naachti main
Lekin garima meri hai aisi
Aashiq mere anek
Naachti jab main
Mujhe dekh
Woh kya maza lootte
Mere punya ko chhente!
He prabhu
Jeeti hoon ab
Roz shoshan ke dar mein
Uddhar Karo naath
Tumhari patni nahin
Aakul bhagat ki to guhar suno
Uddhar Karo prabhu
Kehlaun mein
Punya devadasi!
Oh in these turbulent Rosy times!
Taking our moments of togetherness
Our precious memories
Making them closer to ourselves
Will we get lost in
Each other!
I am the lyric
You are the notes
Of joy
Oh my dearest!
Who is the most loving of
Oh I am the river
That flows touching the shores
And you are my destiny
The ocean!
Oh in the garden of spring
Everywhere the colours reign
I am the fragrant aroma
And you are my carrier
O dearest wind!
Where am I,O?
Oh you are the moon
Of the night
And me,
It's happy dream!
Oh you are but
The everlasting dream
In our world
We weave
Around us!
Oh in these turbulent Rosy times!
Taking our moments of togetherness
Our precious memories
Making them closer to ourselves
Will we get lost in
Each other!
In the mirror of my mind
Is reflected in happy shame
The colourful mind of your's!
Like the pearl in the
Heart of the shell
Oh dearest,you are my life!
Oh playing with laughter
And tears
Will both of us
Go away
On the pathway of life!
Oh in these turbulent Rosy times!
Oh dearest,you are the warmth of my desires!
You are the heart of my mind!
Oh having loved you
I have found myself!
Understood my dreams
Not understood.
Oh in lives after life
You being my God
Would come
In the temple of
My mind's heart!
Oh in these turbulent Rosy times!
Sorry for the length of the poem but somehow I couldn't stop myself.
597 · Apr 2018
A piece of our lives!
Caring mother to all
A cinquain on what we call our home in this universe as the universal set,and this solar system as a subset !
596 · Mar 2018
Today morning
As I was taking a bath
I rubbed my
And removed the dirt
Accumulated over so many days
You know that!
If you can rub the
Walls of time
You can remove
The silt
Deposited throughout
A sad past!
Can you give me a title?
593 · Mar 2018
Ah there he found!
The one
Without sorrow
Devanampiya Piyadassi
The beloved of the gods
The beautiful one!
So once had it happened
Such a tale
So great in amounts!
There he came
Like a wanton wind!
To the mighty Kalinga
After all
It was his 'prestige'
Oh sorry!
His people's
His kingdom's
Just at stake
Now it all began
Wardrums heard
Like the curses
Falling from heaven
'Bherighosa' was the
Order of the day!
Swords struck
People Kings
In utter haywire
To end in what?
The digvijayi
Atop his Dreamland
And a grave of dreams
Hundred thousand
Taken prisoners
Hundred and fifty
Thousand killed
This is what
Was left
To fill his 'victorious'
Stood atop
The Dhauli hill
The crown of his new
Acquired land
But God had something
Else in his hand
There went
These arrows
Of such destruction
Of crushed dreams
Hollowed desires
Of someone
Whose soul
Now had only
The pyre of his holy Land
To enjoy
Such was this arrow
Penetrating the
Deepest corners
Of the Great's
Something so fragile
Though no one knew
For all they'd seen
Was a stone
Without even a a drop
Of a rare moisture
Even a few!
But this scene
Had a profound
Just as if
A stone of
Came falling
From unknown
And stirred
A stagnant pond
Took a vow
Did he
Gave up arms
Shunned war
And spread
But only
Sound of peace
Was heard
Like the joyous songs
From heaven
For a changed one
For the Goodwill
Of all those
Who he now
Had in his heart
Allayed with
A few drops
Of just
Something so precious
After all
Had he
But gathered it
In just a few moments
O man!
Prosperity and joy
Are just awaiting
To follow
Your footsteps
Find it somewhere
For it is
So close to you!
Find it!
Relevant even today
When we wage wars
For what???
What d'you think?
585 · Mar 2018
Main Hoon Kahan?
Are kitni kaatil hai yeh duniya
Iski adayein anginat samajh na aate!
Phir bhi duniya
** tum Mera pehla ishq
Hai tujhe salaam!
578 · Jan 2018
Ishq e Zindagi
Kya sitam dhaya toone
Na to tagaful karoge tum
Lekin hum khaak ** jayenge!
566 · Apr 2018
What is this one!
Thinking ,writing myself sometimes
A cinquain on what my body finds within itself and inherits every single day!
516 · Mar 2018
A great ghost!
As my grandpa
Called it!
The broken ghost
Like the
Of black pottery
Are it's weights!
O there the puffs
Of mighty
Nature blow
O I wonder
What is next!
I feel flowing
With the wind
In a moment
Drops pour
Till they satiate me
O it takes
Just a few moments!
O it arrives!
This is my
Local rainfall at the arrival of summer in eastern India! Really scintillating!
503 · Apr 2018
I have something to say
Like the shell
That finds its destiny
As a conch
From the depths of the sea
The fisherman
Collects it
It reaches the coast
Lifeless but
Thankful to him
To put its mortal
Remains to
Sacred use
It is polished
Put through acid and
Hot oil
It gains some
Precious value
Now it reaches
The hands
Of the skillful
Who decorates
It with
Strands of valued
Sacred imagination
Such are its designs
A dealer is his
Next destination
He sees it
And purchases
And puts it
In a place of pride
In his shop
On display!
Now if
Some desirous
Eyes fall
On it
Its sure to be
Taken to
A shrine
Temple or home
And find
The joyous blowing
In the air which
Rushing, passes
With the
Joyous energy
Of its devoted blower!
It is considered
To purify the
Its so valuable!
So the conch
Feels thankful
To each one
Who helped it
To reach here
In its
So do I
A thank you
To all those
Whom I
Do forget to say!
Inspired by someone!Dwell in imagination?Paint it here and please find a title for this creation in its journey!
497 · Feb 2018
O Kali
O Kali
You hold the world
In the fleeing fleeces
Of your infinite
Black hair
You hold the the power
Of control
On this world
For your
Protruding in glory
Points to the annihilated
Darkness of the world
You stand dramatically
One foot ahead
On your spouse
O he is no less
The mighty Shiva
As her and his eyes alike
Meet each other
Non contact forces
Working light years away
Hail you and him
O the Satan's head
Lies chopped
In your lotus palms
Yet they hold controlling it
With such a charm
Your glorious eyes
Glazing with the Kohl
The adsorbed sorrow
And dearth of your
Devotees' lives
You bless them
With your lotus palms
Which points but
Oh this world but
Is bound by gravity
Oh that Satan's blood
Also falls
Under gravity
Signifying continuity
Of ones like him
Being born
And you
Annihilating them
Again and again
O Devi
Your rawness
Is so charismatic
You shelter your
Under the drapes
Of your clothes
The sword in your hand
Dispelling all evil
Let you guard and nourish as all
O Kali!
Jayanti mangala Kali bhadrakali kapalini
Durga Shiva kshamadhatri swaha swadha namostute
We hail you,o Goddess(Devi)!
495 · Apr 2018
That day
As we walked
In that enchanted garden
We plucked
A rose each
As we stole
Silent glances
As you put
The rose
To your face
I knew
The invisible bees
Carrying arrows
Of flowery
Had departed
From a heart
To another one!
Would the fragile
Rose be
Gear enough?
Well ,rose
Surrenders itself to
People easily
It signifies
Something special
So, the heavens
Had this
Of joy
Glowing with
A pretty
In someone's fate
Who was it?
I knew.......
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
470 · Feb 2018
O splendid!
O my Veena(lute) arises
Playing which tune?
In which new
Playful verse
O my heart vibrates
In the beats
Of the
All encompassing
O come which youth
So devoid of calm

Flying across the vastness
Of the enchanted area
Of the region
O in the dance of light
The ends of the forests
Are joyous
In playful glee!
O in the premises
Of the sky!
O the mighty cymbals
O in that flow of beats
O applause
In the abundance
Of leaves!

O in the touch
Of house feet
Hope in the
Strands of grass
O the overflowing
O the wind
Without any boundaries
Is so pepped
In which fragrance
Of the forest!
468 · Jan 2018
As you sing ,I hear
As you sing,
I hear
I love to do that,
O my dear!
Have heard songs
Of this world
For so long
Some plagued
My ears
While some did
Enchant them
I loved their
For if you can
Get amrita(liquid of immortality)
Not by mouth
But by ears
Won't you
O my dear?
So my ears
Were blessed
Serving as the passage
Of some thing so dear!
But more than
Anything else
Your song is dear
I knew you'd
For this
Is song no mere
It is the expression
Of one so near
Looked upon
With such discrimination
He cannot
As you and I do
But this doesn't mean
The end of creativity
In his mind
God has gifted him
A great vocal chord
To produce tunes
Parts of a
Mellifluous song!
Why won't he?
His mind grows slowly
He becomes hyperactive at times
But this is his life
He's not disabled
Born to carry the glory
Of being specially abled
So as the unknown boatman
Of the boat called life
Moves ahead in its journey
Let me listen
To his songs
Let his melodies enchant me
Oh he's nothing
Just one of
God's creations
With autism!
I stand by such souls
Who face sorrow
Being lost at times
Due to unnecessary
Furies and tides of the world
Plaguing and worsening
Their lives
455 · Mar 2018
O friend!
O friend Radhika!
Now do look intently!
In a sweet gait does
Shyam come!
Singing the sweet melodies!
O on his neck
Shines the flower necklace!
O the beautiful blue hued
O beautiful!
Apply the vermilion
On your forehead!
O friends all dance,dance!
Sing the strains of
Coming together!
O the flowing beats
Of the cymbals
Encapture the skies of
The garden!
O friend now decorate
The temple
Light the golden lamps!
O fill the garden abode
With fragrance
Spilling fragrant
Water all over!
O mallika,chameli,beli
Pluck the flowers,
O child!
Make a string
Of juthi,jati
And the bakula!
O with thirsty
Sees the path of
The garden!
O in a sweet gait
Does Shyam come
Singing sweet melodies!
The special side of a great man!
446 · Mar 2018
A wildflower!
No one cares
'Bout him
Or her!
She blooms
In the realms
Of 'neglect'
Away from humans
And finds her
Final resort
Oh but is she so unhappy?
Nature has her charms
Her guards
And above all
Her presence
For the wildflower!
437 · Feb 2018
Tere husn ki khushboo
Ne Kiya mujhe fanaa
Are yeh ishq hai
Tere libaas nahin
Tera **** aankhein
Hee Hain Tere
Ki wajah
Teri rooh hi hai
Meri pannah
Are mohabbat
Aaja mere
Toohi hai
Meri ishq
Ham Hain
435 · Mar 2018
O where's he?
O the man of my soul is in me
Thus I see him everywhere!
O he's in the stars of my eyes,in the waterfalls of light
So does not he get lost!
O so do I see him
Here and there
In whichever
Direction do I see!
O would I hear the sounds of his mouth's words
Thus did I go where...where...
O couldn't I,couldn't I
So today having
Come back to my land,
Today having
Come back to my land,
O do I hear
In my song!
O who you all
Search for him?
In the garb of
Poor men
At every door!
O he isn't found,isn't found!
O come you all, come you all
O do come fast,
Look through your eyes!
Into my heart
O y'all look through
Those two eyes!
O he's but somewhere close to you,me and everyone!
432 · Feb 2018
O house dweller!
Open the doors...o open the doors
Waters ,lands the vast woods
Are swayed by spring
Open the doors!
O house dweller
O the coloured smiles
In amounts so paramount
In the ashoka ,palasha(flowers)
O the colorful addiction
Mixed in the clouds
In the dawn sky!
O in the new leaves
Reigns a new swing!
Open the doors
O house dweller!
O the flute is heard
In the jungles
Gently swaying to the
Southerly winds!
O the butterfly
Swings on the grasses!
O honeybees go about
Taking flowers gifts!
O in its wings
It plays
A beggar's veena(lute)
O in the jungles
Of the madhavi flowers
The air is heavy
With such scent
Open the doors...
O house dweller!
The beggar ...roaming nomad
Gets a song on his heart
For the nature
Without the wit
Of human
Heralds the coming
O spring!
383 · Mar 2018
Your body is your temple
Oh those curls hang down
Like those layered
Gazing down
Upon you
From the top
Of the temple!
Now your special
One lies within you
Isn't that needless to say
Without more doodlywoodlydoo!
371 · Jan 2018
I am a flower
That doesn't need
Someone to be it's
Someone to show him the
Someone to care like
Eager ghosts
Oh all in this world
Are but hosts
As she let's her virginity be lost
By the kiss
Of the bees
She turns into frost
She nurtures a baby
Provides her food
And colour
To enchant this world
I look and look
And get lost
Oh sweet flower
You are so
Beauty unspoken of
Numerous flowers
Die daily
In forests of ignorance
Their glory lost
Let's find them!
#flower #beauty
364 · Jan 2018
Oh my evening play!
Oh my time fades away
In the evening
Tuning myself
To your tunes!
Oh a string of the ektara(a stringed musical instrument)
Cannot bear!
The melody
Of this song!
With you
Again and again
I have accepted
My defeat
In this playful game!
Oh tuning myself to your tunes
Oh this string of mine
Is tuned to a note so near
Oh that flute but plays far
Oh on the shores
Of the glorious acts
Of this melodious song
In reaching there to be lost
In you
Can everyone succeed?
Oh in the palace
Of the heart of hearts
Of this world
To weave a mesh
Of soulful raga-raginis(tunes)
Oh tuning myself to your tunes
Happily I do get lost
Oh my time fades away
In the glories
Of this evening!
360 · Apr 2018
As I get on my feet
To lead the day
Let me not
Forget the say
'past is a guide to
Yeah there was a yesterday
And there's a today
Just for me!
Let me be happy
And spend each moment
Of this day
With joy
Filled with the
Bright hope
Of a grander
Time flies!
342 · Apr 2018
She wrote
Not words
But let out
My bleeding heart!
She plays
With what
You know,what?
O they're but
The very innocent
Smiling thoughts!
She touches
And makes their day
She lets people
Let their hair down
And serves as an outlet
For broken hearts
O she's poetry!
Poetry is so beautiful when manifested!
336 · Jan 2018
He was a little child
Who loved chocolates
His dreams were
To be among the 'greats'

He loved his mom
And other family members
His birthday was just celebrated
With the family he remembers

Went to his school happily
To learn
Life's lessons
And be good in turn
But such was goodness
Who would know
His dark chocolate love
Would bury his life
In a brutal snow.

A bus conductor
Who had on him
Dark deep eyes all day
Just like an eagle
Who waits for his prey.
He was 'chocolate' uncle
To this lil one
So that day
He had some dark fun
Called him to the washroom
Tempting him
To his love chocolates
Smiling he went
Unknown that
His life would be
In a shambles

Out came the knife
Then you know
Severed was his throat
Left we're his eyeballs
Horrifyingly slow
Before this
Did he see
Dark fun
If the uncle
As he played
With his childhood
And right through his pants.
But know
Won't be seen
His happy face
Brimming with joy
And dream's play
Oh society
Do you grow
So grey
With neglect
With ***** minds?
This is what I see
And wish to so
For we don't know
This li'l soul
Would be born again
Or no....
This one is about violence children face every day
And unknowingly fall prey
To such pseudophiles.
334 · Mar 2018
Amit Narayan Satpathy   Poems  
Published 51  Drafts 7

Amit Narayan Satpathy now
O the sky has filled me with light
I will fill the sky with songs
O the colours of notes
Will I cut through
The winds!
O the colours of dance
Cut through the air!
O palash,o palash
O the peaks of
The coloured colours
O you spread fire
In directions
All that are there
O the raga raginis
Of my heart
Are colored
With colorful tunes!
O in the southerly winds
The shivering flower
Forests don't stop!
O in the golden radiance
In the blue skies
The nupur of young leaves
Is heard!
O shirish,o shirish!
In the interval of gentle smiles!
You fill the airs
With your scent!
O your scent in my words
My heart pulls me there!
322 · Mar 2018
Oh  she's a work of art herself
Her curves call upon you
In the gravest of times
To mix in her
Ok layered with veils
Of illusion
Unaware of her beauty
Simple joyous
Twinkling bright
Just like those bangles
A woman
A girl
Always in light!
So many years ago,Chipko movement had ladies hugging the trees in lively affection to keep them away from the evilness of those 'cutter' humans!Lets hug a tree ,and embrace her(you know its a many sided word) in your lives each day!
312 · Jan 2018
Cooking moments!!
I watch cooking for joy
I love it
When vapours rise
The scintillating smell
Fills and arouses my nostrils
And my mundane mind
I like being blown away by this juggernaut of joy,aroma
Sensual satisfaction
I enjoy
The spurt of cumin
In rich oil
I love the
Dance of
Mustard crackling
How asafoetida
Sets the stage on fire
How curry leaves sound
Being sauteed
Only to come out
In an enchanting form
The fairies take centrestage
In this cooking dream
In vegetables
As they simmer
And get coated
With raisers of
Your taste buds
And assume
Magnified beauty
The *** turns into
A flurry of colours
You seem to get lost
As you gaze in wonder
Then the splash
Of tangy lemon
Juiced to Glory
Comes only
To leave you amazed
Fresh coriander
Basking in glory
Of it's green leaves
Makes it's debut
To leave you amazed
Your senses overflow
And in case you're
Not done
With this
Mesmerizing magnificence
The Majesty of food
Has more to offer
Your mouth starts watering
And you slurp it down
Enjoying every moment
Attaining some containment
In the form of good food!!
Sorry for forgetting
Something necessary
Salt it is called
To be put for sure
But without haste
To suit ones taste

Foodgasm someone?
310 · Mar 2018
Now we will
Get into each other
We don't need anything else
But just words
Ok start
                     You ****** an arrow
Of enchanting
                     Thoughts into me
Make me intoxicated
                       With it's poison
I endure your efforts
                        As I look into your eyes
Filled with so much
                        Of that sweet poison!
When you become tired
And thirsty for something
I satiate you
I drive myself into you
As you shed tears of joy
Now you find you
In my body
We become one
As I shoot that
Of desire
To enjoy
Every moment
Of this encounter
With me!
I am.........
What d'you think?
304 · Mar 2018
I'm a flower
That blooms everyday
And goes to dust
I'm beautiful on
The tree
Where I was
But people pluck me
I think
Plucked by people
Am I fortunate!
Or mixing in dust,
Am I fortunate?
Now these
Questions go to dust
For I realize
My ultimate home
Lies in the
Oh I face the Sun
I adorn the lawn
On the bushes
At its sides
I talk with other flowers,
Ask them
Are you happy
Some say no
Call them the others
Who say
They are lucky
God's given them
Bright colors
To attract
That will
Let them live
In their
And daughters!
Some are but
Dull  like the
Maize flower
But it has its own joys
Swayed by the wind
It flies to its destiny
In joy
As others watch
Bulky bright
With parched eyes!
Oh I realize
Flowers have joys
Serving others
They lead
Their lives
For maybe
Hours or days
Just twenty
O God
Make me a flower
I bow gently!
OK I see people in the morning
Fighting over the possession
Of flowers
In gardens
What would
The flower think now?
301 · Mar 2018
O on the blue horizon
Today the fire of flowers flares!
O the flame of the
Scent of spring rises!
O the sky is is flaring
The sun rays are bound!
O do I understand
Asked for itself
It did
To the Earth!
Thus rose
As the blossom
In the field of mustard!
O in the blue horizons
My streak of sorrow
Shows itself
O the words of heart
Of long times
O comes the wind
That gets lost
O the wind of which phaguna?
O I understand
It asks for itself
From that phaguna!
Thus rises as a wave
In the fields of mustard
O on the blue horizons!
Phaguna !
O grace with your glory!
This person
With a somewhat
Flaky skin!
301 · Mar 2018
Move do they!
O the flower sways,the flower sways!
Why does the gentle wind blow!
O the river picks up a sway!
O flows away with its 'gentle' noise!
O why does the cuckoo,in every garden
Kuhu, Kuhu,Kuhu, does it sing!
O why,who knows,for what?
O Haay!Haay! Does the heart?
Haay Haay is an Indian expression of surprise and confusion!
What d'you think?:-) :-)
295 · Feb 2018
O priya!
Loved have I you more than me
If you get it,o get it priya
My world has separated me
If you see,o see priya!
On every road
Every crossing
Your memories
Stop me
Is your touch
Loved have I you more than me
If you get it,o get it priya

I was alone a lonely bird
You extended your hand
Called and brought me
O you taught me
Such giving
O howsoever I try
Can't forget you,can't ,O priya!

O my mind is today
So unstable
Without you
Am I empty
O in my chest
Smoke unknown
Fills up!
Loved have I you more than me
If you get it,o get it priya
O the path doesn't end
The feet move on
I feel really
I have lost
The address
O the night doesn't end
Dreams don't come
O I doesn't know
How many moons
Of tears
O yesterday
Was my love
Today it
Feels so far
O the touch
Of memories
Unending !
Loved have I you more than me
If you get it,o get it priya!
Priya is related to Indic languages(some).
Find out if you love them!
295 · Jan 2018
This world's a stage
Where plays myriad happen
And actors plenty get wages
Wages of love
Of sugar parted breath
And sweet distances
Between two loving souls
Sometimes this distance
Sweet as honey before
Becomes ugly
Attraction becomes repulsion
Sometimes you feel your soul
Crushed like a plastic can
Words parting for breath
Having run a marathon be expressed!
Sometimes you feel cared
As if someone's hand
For you is always there
Soon you realize
He was a figment
Of nothing but surprise
You do the running
And find
All but human beings
Are so blind
Sometimes you do feel
Everyone's but a guest
Of two and a half days!
One to be born and brought up
Another to near death
O man!just don't give up
In the half for you left
Finally I come to the point
To everything
How easy it is
To say an
The world revolves around me and this poem is just a reflection.
Is it OK?
288 · Mar 2018
Take off the mask
It hinders your task
Show yourself
For that's what
Are you!
Your mask has just
That will die with you
Why to have complexity?
When you can endure
Essential worldly simplicity!
O people!
O I know you,know you,know you....
O the one from another land
O you live across the river
O the one from another land!
O I have seen you in a dawn of autumn
O I have seen you in the fragrant flowery honey night!
O I have seen you in the midst of the heart
O the one from another land!
O laying my ears on the sky,I've heard,heard your song
O I have given the soul to you
O the one from another land!
O having gone round the world,at last
O have I arrived at a new land
O I am the guest at your door
O the one from another land!
Have something similar from your journey?
Paint it up!
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