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Tommy Randell Mar 2019
I thought it was Saturday
But it's Thursday -
That's officially the earliest
Any weekend has started this year
And it's only March -
Where the hell is my life at?

Is it a Déjà vu do you think
To fall madly in love
With someone on the subway
And for the whole experience
To be an anticlimax
Because they have red hair
Like all the other ones?

It's got to be clinical
Me wanting to save The World
One poem at a time -
I mean even supposing
I write one every day
What's the odds
Me staying on message?

( I should say about now
   It is often at this point
   In the telling
   I wish any poem I am writing
   Was only 4 verses
   And about something more
   Than my surreal ramblings
   Of my Day In A Life...

   But to continue this poem of focii ... )
It is the equinox, and even the clocks
Have bumped an hour forwards -
So the days don't start too early
And the afternoons get to drag on -
In this country that's how we hang!

So, to bring things to a close,
My new Varifocals are just the job -
Fast moving though it is
The World is clear to me
With nothing but a flick of the eyes -
And, now I can read their lips,
People are saying the most wonderful things!
Who knew?
stopdoopy Jun 2019
Little girls
Run home
Into my arms

The man
They met tonight

Was always
A monster
Just hidden inside

Had bled
Blue and Red
Having Known him

I could
I would
**** for them

Would take
It all
For those girls

Sweet, funny
Precious friends
Deserved much more

All I
Can do
Is be here

To how
They weep
And feel disgust

Bodies no
Longer theirs
But now spectacles

It really
Happened" someone
Mocks them cruelly

No big
Deal" another
Sneers so violently

Whether they think
So or not

I am
Here for you
My dear sisters
Something special in them
An old man
Beautiful grandfather
Perched on his forehead
Sat to read the newspaper
But everything was blurry
He realized
Where were his spectacles?
He looked around
Couldn't find them
Called his daughter
Asked her the same
A moment of joy!
Take her hand
Did she
To his forehead
And brought back
The glasses
Straight to his eyes!
What was radiant
And infections
Was the gentle
Smile on the old man's
And his daughter's faces
One being  happy at
Someone's childishness
The other
In child like
Childhood and old age
Both are joyful!
Nathan Raux Jun 2017
From thin to thick,
Varying in width and height,
Glasses they cater,
Like food in a buffet,
To that lacking in eyesight that shows beauty and color,
True color as I believe,
Can only be seen by the blind,
To learn to appreciate what you have none of,
The advantage of that of the unseeing,
That is what we should truly see,
Like expecting the unexpected,
We should see the unseen,
And with that,
Love is blind.

— The End —