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Melony Martinez Mar 2021
I don't understand where this came from
This space between us
Interrupting connection
I can't reach you, though you are right here
I hear your words
I feel them
And then you're gone
Slipping through my hands like silt
You speak, but you're a million miles away
You don't want to be
I see you fighting it
I know you are exhausted
I know you need me
I'm hoping this is a temporary trip
That you'll return to me soon
And I'll recognize the excitement in your eyes
The feeling that enveloped my soul the day we met
And has carried my heart each day since
Come back to me, love
When you are ready
I want all of you
Colm Nov 2019
Deep and somber currents cold
Turn beneath a calming surface young
As darkness subsides above as below
No older have I grown

The vision - A Pond Slowly Settling and Freezing
Poetria Sep 2019
i am the silt of the ocean bed
falling into places i am not meant for
swept away from where i would like to be
floating, drifting into scene
sinking, falling back to sleep
pun intended
Today morning
As I was taking a bath
I rubbed my
And removed the dirt
Accumulated over so many days
You know that!
If you can rub the
Walls of time
You can remove
The silt
Deposited throughout
A sad past!
Can you give me a title?

— The End —