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Spriha Kant Apr 12
Withering by the prolonged waiting for someone is strangulation of euphoric flavor.

© Spriha Kant
light yellow and then some
a little extra i know
this isn't real flavoring

you don't get to question it
if you aren't even real with me
xavier thomas Sep 2020
It’s round 2, time for teamwork
Cowgirl position, hit that reverse
Up and down make that thang twerk
Got wet juices all over my T-shirt
Taste so good like it’s a dessert
Tap out twice quicker then sooner
Love you babe you a trooper
I’m the present & your future
Hi, I’m Zay, good to meet ya
When we’re done, I’ll have you dreaming
Have you singing like Aaliyah
Came inside you, you a keeper
I’m a giver, not a receiver
No pressure here, I’m here to please ya
Go half on a baby, yes I need ya
Round 3 is about to have you eager
xavier thomas Sep 2020
Boo you know that you’ll always be mine
I accept your flaws, so don’t you be shy
I’m your king that knows your worth, girl
You play to much under these covers
Hit it sideways, that’s my weakness
P90-X workouts, doing fitness
Making noise like we recording a sound track
Give me your all, don’t you hold back
Got you playing “Simon says”-for the night
We “Stop, Go” like red light, then green light
Can’t go no further, so rollover
I hope I fulfilled your appetite
I just love it when you go hard
Ending the night with your lotus trump card
Time to put you to bed lil’ mama
Next time, I’ll have you on the floor crawling
xavier thomas Sep 2020
Feels so good, can’t believe that this is legal
Quench my thirst, I might need a refill
Moving your hips to make it jiggle
“Throw it back” makes you so lethal
Body language exposing your demeanor
Don’t stop, we need to finish the mission
Got you wrapped around my finger
You’re so fine you’re a s-x symbol
Hop on top, watch you go hard
Show me that special lotus trump card
Ride so wild, it caught me off guard
Foreplay crazy, place you in a choker
Got you stretching doing yoga
Too loud, we waking up the locals
Baby wait, this is becoming explosive
Reset position, time to flip you over
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2020
Our energies peaked in perfect synchronization
The ultimate pinnacle of all elation
Nothing in this world has a flavor as sweet
As your sensual lips when our mouths gently meet
Something a brain can't neatly put into a box and hide
Futile analyzation of the tangled emotions kept inside
What is the origin of longing I fail to repress?
Desire too powerful to accurately express
Confident your heart holds identical emotion
Bound to each other by endless devotion
Like the moon and the sun we set and we rise
Take turns being the light in each others skies
I look at your face and my breath is taken
Right out of my chest
I let you break-in
Nobody else on Earth could unlock the door
Though many have tried to find the key before
You were the first to successfully step inside my soul
And the last
Because you have finally made me whole
For my soulmate
Carlo C Gomez May 2020
Don't just settle
For being someone's
Flavor of the month

Learn what it takes
To make love stick
Michael R Burch Feb 2020
Love has a Southern flavor: honeydew,
ripe cantaloupe, the honeysuckle’s spout
we tilt to basking faces to breathe out
the ordinary, and inhale perfume ...

Love’s Dixieland-rambunctious: tangled vines,
wild clematis, the gold-brocaded leaves
that will not keep their order in the trees,
unmentionables that peek from dancing lines ...

Love cannot be contained, like Southern nights:
the constellations’ dying mysteries,
the fireflies that hum to light, each tree’s
resplendent autumn cape, a genteel sight ...

Love also is as wild, as sprawling-sweet,
as decadent as the wet leaves at our feet.

"Love Has a Southern Flavor" has been published by The Lyric, Contemporary Sonnet, The Eclectic Muse, Better Than Starbucks, The Chained Muse, Setu (India), Victorian Violet Press and Trinacria
lua Sep 2019
Love feels like fire
Like fire in my skin
It's tingling,
And aching all over
But it's warm

Love feels like lightning
Like booming thunder
Rattling and nervous
But after the storm,
Comes the rainbow

Love feels like water
Like water levels rising
And it's frightening going down
But the currents are calming
And the deeper you go, the more to discover

Love tastes sweet,
And bitter, and salty, and sour
It's a flavour no one has ever truly tasted
But everyone will say it tastes like everything
Everything and anything and nothing at all

Love sounds loud
But quiet too
Like hushed whispers,
Sweet nothings,
And screaming into megaphones

Love is the colour red,
And blue, and green, and yellow
Love comes in a spectrum of colour
Filling each space like colour-by-numbers
It's everything we see

Love is everything.
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