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Andy Chunn Jul 2022
Butterscotch for me
The best as you will see
So brown and sweet
A masterful treat
With flavor flowing free
CIN Mar 2022
Remember that night?
The soft glow of the tv reflecting blue on the walls
Our tongues dancing to the music
That played in the background
I had you pinned the wrong way round on the bed
Your head between my arms
Every part of us touching
I could feel the heat on your skin
The melody of your heartbeat
You tasted like the cherry sucker I gave you
An hour before
Oh, how I used to drown in your melancholy

Yet now all I feel is water
Little drops from the shower
While I stare at what never was
The music of your breathing still plays in my ears
When the night is quiet enough
Sometimes I swear I still feel your skin
But the moment passes and I’m left with this cold sort of feeling
An empty swell in my chest
A tingle behind my eyes
You are nothing but dull memories now
Nothing but a thought of remembrance
the events are fiction but the emotions are real
Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things can get weirder than ever---and I like it<3

welcome to the nation savor

a whole new destiny like a cinnamon flavor

although some rainy a bit abnormal to my harbors

yet that blond charm made it hard to delete from my markers

everybody wants to swim

in a world to bond and have a friend a twin

afraid if I was about to miss the rocking riff

I don't know if I can handle yellow anymore so stiff

                                                         ­                   ------ravenfeels
Spriha Kant Apr 2021
Withering by the prolonged waiting for someone is strangulation of euphoric flavor.

© Spriha Kant
CupcakesArePink Jan 2021
light yellow and then some
a little extra i know
this isn't real flavoring

you don't get to question it
if you aren't even real with me
xavier thomas Sep 2020
It’s round 2, time for teamwork
Cowgirl position, hit that reverse
Up and down make that thang twerk
Got wet juices all over my T-shirt
Taste so good like it’s a dessert
Tap out twice quicker then sooner
Love you babe you a trooper
I’m the present & your future
Hi, I’m Zay, good to meet ya
When we’re done, I’ll have you dreaming
Have you singing like Aaliyah
Came inside you, you a keeper
I’m a giver, not a receiver
No pressure here, I’m here to please ya
Go half on a baby, yes I need ya
Round 3 is about to have you eager
xavier thomas Sep 2020
Boo you know that you’ll always be mine
I accept your flaws, so don’t you be shy
I’m your king that knows your worth, girl
You play to much under these covers
Hit it sideways, that’s my weakness
P90-X workouts, doing fitness
Making noise like we recording a sound track
Give me your all, don’t you hold back
Got you playing “Simon says”-for the night
We “Stop, Go” like red light, then green light
Can’t go no further, so rollover
I hope I fulfilled your appetite
I just love it when you go hard
Ending the night with your lotus trump card
Time to put you to bed lil’ mama
Next time, I’ll have you on the floor crawling
xavier thomas Sep 2020
Feels so good, can’t believe that this is legal
Quench my thirst, I might need a refill
Moving your hips to make it jiggle
“Throw it back” makes you so lethal
Body language exposing your demeanor
Don’t stop, we need to finish the mission
Got you wrapped around my finger
You’re so fine you’re a s-x symbol
Hop on top, watch you go hard
Show me that special lotus trump card
Ride so wild, it caught me off guard
Foreplay crazy, place you in a choker
Got you stretching doing yoga
Too loud, we waking up the locals
Baby wait, this is becoming explosive
Reset position, time to flip you over
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