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lua Sep 12
Love feels like fire
Like fire in my skin
It's tingling,
And aching all over
But it's warm

Love feels like lightning
Like booming thunder
Rattling and nervous
But after the storm,
Comes the rainbow

Love feels like water
Like water levels rising
And it's frightening going down
But the currents are calming
And the deeper you go, the more to discover

Love tastes sweet,
And bitter, and salty, and sour
It's a flavour no one has ever truly tasted
But everyone will say it tastes like everything
Everything and anything and nothing at all

Love sounds loud
But quiet too
Like hushed whispers,
Sweet nothings,
And screaming into megaphones

Love is the colour red,
And blue, and green, and yellow
Love comes in a spectrum of colour
Filling each space like colour-by-numbers
It's everything we see

Love is everything.
Carl D'Souza Jul 25
I am eating delicious
sweet corn and chicken soup:
sweet crunchy corn,
soft flavorsome garlic,
stringy delectable egg,
tasty chewy chicken,
and hot savory broth
which warms my torso;
I am enjoying
the experience
of being alive
while eating.
Dominoes On Pizza

Look at you,
You look so delicious.
No one can hear you,
You are godless.
Oh little pizza,
You look so tasty,
All I want to do is put you in my mouth!
The taste and feeling,
Takes me to my higher self!

I like to play dominoes on pizza,
Adds another dimension of flavor!
A nice thick base!
With tomato paste!
Clothed in cheese!
Sporting meaty toppings!

I like the taste when it’s fresh outta the oven!
Not when it is reheated the very next morning!
Oh my sweet little pizza!
You bring a rainbow of flavor!

I lift you gently up to my face,
A quivering lip reveals my excitement.
You look like a great appetizer!
You shall sedate my endless hunger!
At least till the next one.

Slice them!
Dice them!
Eat them!
Digest them!
I love the taste of a screaming pizza,
It brings in a very interesting flavor.
Anastasia Jun 12
i like
peach: the color
peach: the flavor
peach: the scent
Anastasia Jun 6
her soul was the flavor of anarchy
and he knew he wanted a taste
silver roses and bloodred flame
to win her heart was a lovely game
he kissed her in the rain
and she touched him without shame
he wanted her heart
but only got pain
she played around
with the strings of his heart
but she sometimes feared
she would tear them apart
a flicker
or flame
a bite
and a taste
of her
i've had the words "anarchy soul" in my head for a while, so i decided to make a poem. have a lovely day <3
Savouring  ever
The behoof of cheer
White crane of hunger
***** the peach bitter
The desire went sour
Alleging for better
Written in Lai Poetry form.
The lai is another French form. It’s a nine-line poem or stanza that uses an “a” and “b” rhyme following this pattern: aabaabaab. The lines with an “a” rhyme use 5 syllables; the “b” rhyme lines have 2 syllables. It feels kind of like organized skeletonic verse.
Egeria Litha May 6
Our personal tragedy must fit our personalities

Ripped in two
or smashed to pieces
destroyed all the same

She committed suicide
or left me for another man
she left me all the same

He didn't make it first
or murdered before the finish line
regardless, he failed in rage

I lost him to the sea
I lost him to cancer
loss as the answer

will an increase in self-awareness
cause bliss or the enemy of it

a myriad of pathways to the same place


Does it matter what color and form pain takes?

Would you prefer strawberry
or vanilla flavor
****** up?

No, we don't make our syrups here

And one last thing,
would you like fries with that?
Thoughts on american culture and how there are so many ways to experience essentially the same feeling.
contemplating how to prepare the words
that have racked up in your stomach.

Short breadths,
breathing to settle these words
as they rest on your tongue.

Those loaded lips,
speaking that final word
breaching your own code of conduct.

Comprised in haste,
you find that final word
has a nasty aftertaste.

This flavor,
is racking up in your heart
like a spice rack of Pride.

Filled and full,
tasting bitter, spicy and dull
this flavor has managed to take control.

On this flavor's original day,
a subtle sprinkle
started your foolish way.

The oft' familiar taste,
of this embarrassing heat stages under your eyes
as a glance of regret.

Hidden within a secret sauce,
displayed on a plate of words you have prepared;
this dish is for someone else eat it.
Proverbs 16:18
"Pride goes before destruction,
and a haughty spirit before a fall."

I find my self writing this poem in the midst of a fallen state. It is much easier to swallow pride before it has a chance to act out and affect others. After it is out and exposed, the taste is ever more bitter. But by the grace of Jesus, that bitter flavor of pride can be overpowered and southed with grace.
BlueInkDitty Dec 2018
The comedown is the hardest part,
When you find yourself a broken heart,
But you're more than brave and you may be smart.
Choose how they'll taste your flavor,
How they'll taste your flavor.
One day they will understand,
Why you stood up to them 'til the end,
And you will find some other men, better friends.
Choose how they'll taste your flavor,
How they'll taste your flavor.

Deflecting now,
Fight in the words of other,
Deflecting now,
So you can become a keeper,
Deflecting now,
See without their glitter,
And if I were you, I would love me better.

A word who falls into the past,
Has no one there to help him last,
You should say it and say it fast,
To choose how they'll taste your flavor,
How they'll taste your flavor.
If you decide to write a different tale,
Write one where love and light prevail,
And when nights are cold and your dreams are frail,
Choose how they'll taste your flavor,
How they'll taste your flavor.

Deflecting now,
Break the chain of your anchor,
Deflecting now,
Sail to the island of dreamers,
Deflecting now,
All the waves inside your matter,
And if I were you, I would love me better.
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