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Water Street
After the rain
Is where wayward teens
Ride their bicycles
On damp pavement
Under staggered lamps,
I never knew,
Before seeing from the 2nd floor
That 2am
Is when lost youth roam.
Solaluna Jul 2
You are not the main character,
But among all characters you are deep,
Your thoughts are uncommon,
And undoubtedly unique.

Little by little,
Worlds are built,
By words that are uncanny,
Still, you insist.

A mysterious character,
Surely, you are.
Crossed with a curious persona,
What a dangerous plot.

It feels like we're playing,
A game of hot or cold,
But that's an understatement,
For it's freezing wherever I go.

I don't understand you,
And prolly never will,
For your walls are high,
And all entries are sealed.

You are not the main character.
But even I, the writer
In regards to all of you,
I am left dumbfounded.
Cutezeni Sep 2020
My father who art in heaven
May he be also a masterpiece
Like eleven
May my main man also join the skies
That part the seas like milky lights.
May my man bring with him me
As a tourist of the nightlife.
Wife me up and hold me tight
Like the stars cling onto the duly skies.

May my main man be the mainest of them all
Sure a little mean isn’t bad at all
Nay he never become a Mayfair sayer
Or a naysayer to his wife’s call.
Today I call upon thee
To help me free fall.
Tall and fully
In love with you truly
You are my one and only all.
peter Aug 2020
speed it up,
faster faster FASTER FASTER!

i'm the main character,
speeding down the freeway.

hitting 200 on the speedo,
not caring where i even go.

no traffic, no lights, no laws,
who knew loneliness could be so fun.

no music, no talking, no one,
not even the police to outrun.

how can this get any better?
my friend tugged on my sweater,

"hey peter, get it together,
it's only first period."
i just don't want to work on my college work right now, so i wrote this
Natasha Aug 2020
I met you in September
When the leaves were just tempted to change
I met you in September
When the earth felt like autumn in the rain
I met you in September
3 months shy of my birthday
I met you in September
apart from headache or drama
I met you in September
listening to Frank, Kendrick and Lana.

I met you in September
and so I say it clear
I only met you in September
because it's my favourite month of the year.
I met someone, but not in September. It was actually in July 2 years ago.
Serendipity Nov 2019
Welcome to the dark side of the moon
where angels
**** devils
and the grey morality
of their children
is our main show.
Àŧùl Nov 2019
The sun knows where my truth is,
Higher than any other thing,
Exactly beside itself.

My thirst for your love
And company so pure
Is just unquenchable
Not permanently though

Miss Universe you are
In my life & future
So soft are your thoughts
Sitting in my mind
Injected into my veins
On the occipital lobe
Not doubtful if it's love

I am so lucky yet so unlucky
Not having you near myself

Multilingual I am although
Yet to meet you in person

Lies I do never utter
I only have the truth for you
Fostering this bond now
Empire of our love is founded

I desire to be your angel
Still is my thirst unquenched

Joyful I am in love
Enticed by a dove
Never sad these days
In my beautiful life
Far from reality is our dream
Although surely reachable
My HP Poem #1804
©Atul Kaushal
Flower speckled plum.
For once it was the flower,
And not the whole field.
Plum is referring to the deep purple colour.
Also, I have a second version where in line one the word “speckled” is changed to “coated.”
I had ***
To the heartbeat of
Your favourite song
Just the other evening
Drunk on tea
And forgotten memories
I swore so long ago
That not another word
Of you
Would ever pass my fingertips
But you
You take the main stage
Use my eyelashes as curtains
To put on a show
Every night when
I close my eyes
I'm never coming home
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