Are hits
At least with me
OK so they're
Beyond reality
But away from
Ones born
And dying
Just between
And Fiction
OK so you call
It your truth!
Truth is truth for all you say!
You saw a peacock dance
In the enchanted garden
Your eyes were the sole photographer
Someone asks you
How'll you
Prove it!
You can't!
But it is real
OK so you call it your truth
Others call it myth!!
Now Ravanas,Ramas
In your mind
Oh you can enjoy
Them the most!
They have an endless
Sky of your mind
To explore!
Don't they!
Others are very limited
Like those MCQs!:-) :-)
Sorry to hurt anyone
But this is what I think
As I sink
Into dreams!
If you wanna share your views ,please do:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) -:-) -:-) -:-) :-)
Are best in yourself
OK you are a stained
People have used which
And colored as they wanted!
You are a silver pot
You have royal poison
And perfume!
OK you maybe a hand
Who is stained
With such blood
The smell of which
Even the choicest
Perfumes of Arabia won't
OK you are a bed of roses
Which witness
The honey nights
Of beings mortal
And the end
Of those same
Mortal beings
Maybe you wish
Let them rest in peace
OK even for a criminal
At the end
You give in to his
Right to be himself
And grant his soul
You are but you!
You dispel fears
Take the lamp
Of light
In this world
But have you removed that cloth
Let the truth be naked
That you are you
You'll be the same you
After you realize this
And with new vision
To turn your sorrows
Of being someone else
Into normalcy
Inside you
Its only you who's you!
Get to yourself more!
Someone peeps out
And says
How are you
O his eyes are
For that!
Cutting the foliage
He finds time
OK I'm
On the road
And a car rushes past
Zooming with life!!
O the bus
Which I take
Took a new way
To reach the
Same old place!
Oh all's but
Old wine
In a new glass
The days were sunny lately
Today's cloudy!
Something's feel
Monotonous indeed!
But some don't
Oh happy smiles
Are something
Seeing which
I miss won't
Golden fairies
Purple pansies
Crimson tulips
Sunny sunflowers
Are some things
Missing them
Won't want I
OK life's long
Let's see ahead
For out of fear
You just add a year
A day
Just like today
Oh between
Those celebrations
You have leap years
'Leap' ?Yes!
Feel do we
Sometimes go away
Some don't
A celebration
Is all
For which
OK you groan!
Maybe less maybe more
But this is how
You pass from
Door to door
Of the locality
Of life of
Your eternal soul:-) :-) :-)
Now you can guess something behind this poem!
Red chillies on a rooftop garden . Some of them face the endless sky while some the moving world beneath.In life too,you need some spice.Otherwise ,just like the consequences of having a super saturated sweet which 'arrests' your mouth,life too becomes boring,only with sweet things.So sometimes I(and maybe many others) feel the need to spice up life a bit.So spend warm days and take up challenges .Set up life just as fiery as these chillies,for at the end, you're gonna have somethin' sweet!Contrast brings flavor which are but made to burst in the mouth,jist like the highs and lows,challenges and victories,sweet and pungent things of life.In many households, people start their meal with something bitter.Even they know! There's just so much between flavors and life! Enjoy them!
Life is just so entangled
Like the branches
Of this grandfather banyan
Now you'll come across
So many
Peeps and others!
ߘ0ߘpߘ°ߘɊYou will wanna take someone with you
Like those takeaway counters
In those restaurant counters
Oh these men
Just sell like hot cakes
Ok next you'll wanna chill out with someone.That one will stand by you
Through the thick and thin of life and make you forget that blood is thicker than water.Oh getting too warm,like warm red blood, right? Let's move onto those who just glow like water .Umm hard or soft ?
You'll decide that better.But these dilute ones make you wanna just kiss them .Tou feel they just deserve it, forgetting yourself.Next you'll just find some many-faced ones on the streets of life.You'll find some illusory ones as well.Ok volatile liquids,you know.I know too much of sermon is all wrong, I'll end my exhortation after dinner!
By the way,I just stumbled upon some of these ones,whom did you?
ߘ°ߘŠJust written
Taking it right
O am a kitten
So smitten!!
Sorry for using this platform to post paragraphs.
O what are you!
Don't you forget
To follow me
In whatever I do?
Whatever I am?
In sleep or
In this
Joyous life
You are but mortal
Like this body!
So you tell me
Hey man!
I ne'er leave anyone's
If light is obstructed
Am I formed
Light is my enemy
He's there,
And I die
But don't
I bid you
I find my space
On another side ,right?
So till you surround
Yourself,o man!
With light all around
Umm..I won't leave you!
So ,much
Do I love you!
Maybe once had
Man challenged shadow
O I'll leave you so
You see!
He ran
To where
Wasn't there light!
But couldn't he!
Shadow won
And so it was done
That ghosts
Only have
No shadows!
Shadow is such a thing
So interesting!
Light follows
And so does shadow!
O only nights
Prove a respite
Fear Shadow's
Time of plight
Today amidst
Artifice so heavy
Numerous lights
Light our lives
Even at night!
So we endure
And welcome
Our dear shadow
With new zeal
And fun galore!
Don't we?:-) :-) :-)
just a
Light humorous thing!
My mind's but a friend of the clouds
O goes flying away
In directions of
Horizons so many!
O in the endless empty skies!
O in the music
Of the pouring Sravana!
Rimjhim rimjhim rimjhim!!
O my mind but goes flying away
Sitting on the wings of
Cranes so many!
O in the appearing and disappearing
So fast and short
Flashes of that light
In the sky!
O the beating sound
Of the cymbals
Does play the wind so rough!
In violent joy!
O kala-kala in the hymns
Of sound
Does flow the river!
As if calling
The dangerous end
To come!
O the wind blows over
The eastern seas!
O the overflowing flowing
Brimming river in waves!
O my mind sails a boat
In this brimming flow!
In the forests of
Tala tamala!
O in the swaying
Of that small timid branch!
O my mind's but a friend of the clouds!
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