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Apr 2018
I have something to say
Like the shell
That finds its destiny
As a conch
From the depths of the sea
The fisherman
Collects it
It reaches the coast
Lifeless but
Thankful to him
To put its mortal
Remains to
Sacred use
It is polished
Put through acid and
Hot oil
It gains some
Precious value
Now it reaches
The hands
Of the skillful
Who decorates
It with
Strands of valued
Sacred imagination
Such are its designs
A dealer is his
Next destination
He sees it
And purchases
And puts it
In a place of pride
In his shop
On display!
Now if
Some desirous
Eyes fall
On it
Its sure to be
Taken to
A shrine
Temple or home
And find
The joyous blowing
In the air which
Rushing, passes
With the
Joyous energy
Of its devoted blower!
It is considered
To purify the
Its so valuable!
So the conch
Feels thankful
To each one
Who helped it
To reach here
In its
So do I
A thank you
To all those
Whom I
Do forget to say!
Inspired by someone!Dwell in imagination?Paint it here and please find a title for this creation in its journey!
         Debanjana Saha, ---, Bipasha Dutt, Fawn, --- and 19 others
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