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Wrap my wrists in silver
And see what I do.
I saw the girl and shot her;
You want me to shoot you too?

Throw on the jacket,
Surround me in white,
I'm still going to escape it.
So come and join the fight.
Sophia Oct 2020
The colors red, white, and blue all mean the word freedom...until you see them flashing behind you.
mothwasher Jul 2020
i keep my pride under house arrest

tied to an enema of ***** soda

that stops at the border of the premises

what a great laugh crawls from the nailed headboards

and sips from my resolve

i try not to show my subordinates the pressure points I worry about

but the maintenance staff knows too much

the maintenance staff keeps us up the most

they read the cracks in the plates

silverware scratched from being thrown around

every shard is collected

the professionals recommend 3 square meals a day

my pride is offered for breakfast

3 eggs, potatoes made one way, a dragonball shaped pancake

with 5 chocolate chips, and an apple skewered sideways

coffee is poured over top soul

my pride is offered for lunch

grilled cheese, something plain and boring, chips, something also plain and boring,

Gatorade, or overdone redemption

my pride is offered for dinner

grease, a good burrito with grease, an IPA,,,toast to mix things up, a joy ride with Cassidy, a waterbed of folk music, (zero ***** given), pesto penne, another IPA, a timeshare just south, and sometimes dessert

after yelling at the neighbors some

and a few reruns on adult swim

the ***** soda kicks in with a little extra

and puts us all to sleep

in 25 years

when the sentence is over

I don’t think it will find the same 3 square meals a day
Poetic T Jun 2020
She never cared what I pulled up in,
                we ad a date, 911..
on the side of our ride.

We were late blue lights
             shining bright like her eyes.

Getting  there on time, left the blue
    shining after we left,.
      Temporarily leaving the cam on..

Smile ******* this is us,
                  eyes and a  camo only seen :)

               But underneath
we smiling,
                        catch us if you can,

prints wiped..

                   Were not a bonny & clide,
The new generation,
tip-toing on the lines that blur
                                            with everyday.

I don't have a car but I'll pick you up,
            it doesn't  matter if your down,

I'll always pick you up.

            Turning that frown from

a negative to a flashing,
            whoops we have to ditch

                     before were arrested lol.
Drop in the Sea Apr 2019
I'm a murderer
I already killed so many times I can't even count on my fingers anymore
I should be arrested but I'm obeying laws with such elegance no one ever saw

But they will judge me
Just as I jugded before
but they won't **** me
Cause I'm the one , cutting me at millions pieces
Or maybe more...
Aztec Cathrine Feb 2019
Arguing with a woman
is like getting arrested.
Everything you say can
and will be used against you.
Just a short thing I found. I wanted to just post poems I have on my computer and in my book. So, if you see poems from me left and right. That's why. Hope you like this one because it is SO true.
Hannah Clifford Feb 2018
I was twelve years old when I got arrested, they brought me to the cells and took my mugshot… reminding me that I will never be free.
I learned when to speak.
Only when you're asked,
never put your head up,
don't you dare share an opinion, even if it's in class.
I learned that my life…
Was never truly mine to begin with. Just something another person can use at their whim, then dispose of.
I was twelve years old the first time I got arrested. They put me in cold metal cuffs and threw the key into rivers of tears I have yet to shed, but will come.
I was twelve years old the first time that I was arrested. My life looked bleak and I could no longer speak because my mind was not my own.
The took a permanent felt tip marker and wrote their names on me.
I was twelve years old the first time I was forced to be something I'm not. I was tortured until they found what they wanted. They proceed to shackle me with trends to follow, cover me in my prison uniform of tight skirts and crop tops, and read me my rights. Though it's clear to me now that i have none
I was twelve years old the first time I got arrested.
Change the laws and let us free. Let me once again know what sunlight feels like upon my shoulders without the restraints of people trying to diminish difference in the world, when all I wish to do is preserve it.
I was twelve the first time I was arrested….
I was charged with the act of being myself, and sentenced to life without parole.
imnthea Apr 2017
when you try harder and its not enough
just stop trying and do it!

when you are not even trying
and  way passed the deadline
only questions remains
what am i doing?
only if i had at least one answer
answer to why i feel this choke?
and my tears just ready to flow
why this reluctance ?
why can't i point out what is it
and after all that questions without answer
what now?
what i think i should do?
why can't i move?
which excuse is it this time?
that's holding me here.
why am i arrested within?
why i feel like i am devouring my own tail?
yet the circle remains the same
and if this is true, why can't i stop?
why this choke is not enough ?
why it keeps suffocating and not just end it?
why can't i just even try to stop?
what do i need to stop?
why my question only have vague answer?
and why every unsure answer have another question?
why that question leads to more questions?
does it ever end?
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