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Sophia 5d
You told me you'd never put me in pain.
But tell me, What's your idea of pain?

Because to me,
Pain is sitting at my kitchen table,
Writing about someone who promised me the world,
And then took it back.

To me,
pain is never looking at your friend's eyes the same way,
Because they always remind me of you.

To me,
Pain is thinking someone loves you,
Until they don't,
With no ifs or buts.

What is your distorted,
Idea of pain?
Sophia 7d
Today is my not so sweet 16th birthday.
Sophia Sep 13
I'll start reading a kindle when they make it smell like a book.
Sophia Sep 10
Sophia Sep 3
Normal people kissing:
Butterflies in your stomach
You're the only two people in the world

People with glasses kissing:
Ok let's take them off
Wait, where'd you go?
You feel cold
Oh, that's a lamp.
Sophia Sep 3
Me: Has tons of favorite songs
Person: "Whats your favorite song?"
Me: Forgets every song I have ever heard
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