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SophiaAtlas Oct 2023
Paranoia is healthy in small doses.
What does it mean to you?
SophiaAtlas Aug 2023
Hey, I'm backkkkk

It's been a while.
I haven't done anything on here for like a year almost. Really miss this.
SophiaAtlas Dec 2022
Tinkerbell has always been there for Peter.
And Peter..?
He chose Wendy.
SophiaAtlas Oct 2022
Imagine if men were more disgusted with **** as much as they are with periods.
SophiaAtlas Oct 2022
If you consider a woman less pure because you've touched her,
Maybe you should take a look at your hands.
SophiaAtlas Sep 2022
Are you really an extrovert?
Or are you secretly an introvert that
Becomes an extrovert when surrounded
By other introverts?
SophiaAtlas Sep 2022
My body may be a temple
But I am the goddess
To whom it is devoted.

Do not presume to tell me
How I should decorate my altar.
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