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Power play and roses

The USA has a pinball machine rigged in their favour
And pin by pin the countries in the middle- America fall
One by one the collapse when they try playing just
Against those who have stolen the mafia’s textbook.

I wonder why we high have regards for liars they are
Nothing But a soul that thinks we are expendable garbage.

Revolves around the dancefloor under candlelight
Over glasses of whisky whisper satanic conspiracies
Shiny bejewelled wives are a mere decoration
Evil men are lovers in an unbroken circle of power.

The water in the bay is deadly calm
Diamond encrusted angles mirror themselves
God is asleep if he knew he would frown
Upon such frivolity.
Yesterday I fainted blood sugar level too low
Banged my head on the mahogany table
Two men from the red cross came helped me up
Gave me an injection; oddly, I struggle
to keep the sugar in the blood from being too high
and suddenly it is too high.
Today I sit on the balcony admiring the sea view
Nursing my wounded pride.
The war of beliefs
   Hindus burn Islamic Mosques, Muslims burns
    Hindu temples of worship and
   The Christians burn synagogues and both
   The three faiths preach peace on earth.

   A shadow fled into the basement when
   The sun came full of flaming hatred.

Resolving an ancient religious problem
Obsolete as religion is made by man.
Some fanatics **** for what is a fairy tail
Exemplary atheism is never a solution.

I saw an interview with a famous singer (Portuguese)
He was talking about his childhood and began crying
Not tears in the corner of his eyes, but veritable flood
Of tears; looking at him I felt his sadness, whatever
It was that the arrow of the past had hit him hard.
This made me think of my own childhood and loses
But it was so long time ago, and I have made peace
With ancient dramas.
Nevertheless, I sometimes feel a profound sadness
Of the bygone, and that my life took a turn which
Was not the way I wanted it, but as the saying goes?
You can’t have it all; acceptance is the crucial point
That the situation you are in has to be tolerated.
Sea and people
An island came up from under the sea
And soon it became green and pleasant
Fit for dairy production, and cats that
Took care of the rat plague.

Man, and animals in idyllic harmony but
For the rats and attacking seas-birds.

Roaring sea appropriated the island
Occupied and flooded the land,
Simply retracted and made the island into a reef.
Endlessness of peace but dangerous for shipping.
One morning in August

It is early morning, but the petrol station is open
A man stands outside drinking a beer and smokes a cigarette
Not for me to be critical; he needs it to face the day
Before goes to walk in an office on the other side of the road
He is chewing gum; probably he does some tedious work
Repairing computers.
The petrol station is filling up with cars I noticed the prices
Has gone up, others hang outside drinking coffee and
Talking about how expensive it is to drive, but in our society
People often have a long way to drive to work, and it is
Too cold to be sporty and use the bicycle, even the electric ones.
I have had a shower but since my balance unsteady so early
I sit on a kitchen chair inside the tub only get up when
Cleaning parts I cannot reach sitting down.
More and more cars fill the road, and I can’t be standing
Looking out all day long I have other things to do
A rose poem
A walking cobbler came to Yasmin valley
That had a small brook with swimming ducks
Even though since everyone wore clogs
He decided to settle down in this pleasant vale

The cobbler was educated in Frankfurt and
As we know the Germans are astute workers.

Recuperating after hitting his knee on a boulder
On a bed of Yasmin, he reclined and fed by maidens
Some inhabitants came to him with clogs as a gift
Exponentially happy he cried and was a happy man.
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