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The love in many ways is tough
He leads the men to gain fight
The women struggle as they tide
By the men who wish to be tide
They follow the love in his order in spite
Of getting free they said day and night
The love leads to the poverty to his followers
If he obeys him, he neglects the useful
He neglects his work and converted to dreamer
The love makes his life more awful
If the one obeys his wants and does illegal
He enters in a circle of fugitive and fearer
Obey your *** and marry your lover
You'll be the happier and your lover is keeper
At your head and get lovers boy and girls in safer
love is important and makes the world good
Ann M Johnson Oct 20
The Stages of surrender:
First Stage: Who me I surrender no way, I am doing fine. You don't understand this is mine. I don't want to share.
Second Stage: Maybe I could share a tiny bit, the rest is all mine. I seem to be doing fine.
Third Stage: I should share more but all wait a little longer see what happens.
Forth Stage: Geez, I made some mistakes I should ask for your help but I want to fix it myself. I'll wait a little longer.
Forth Stage: Geez, everything is falling apart. I feel like a wounded solider. I am crawling across the ground in defeat. I need help. I am waving a white flag. I have fallen too many times on my own. I will accept your help. I surrender not just some but all.
You lift my burden I breathe a sigh of relief.
Then you send me peace.
Isaac Jul 27
There is a person
outside of time

who created a world
that was sublime.

It was us who chose
to eat the fruit

that turned mankind
down a different route.

If we would listen,
he'll show us the way

and we will discover
it's best to obey.
Written 27 July 2018
ChildofGodyay Jun 14
Obey, and you will be happy.
Disobey, and you will be in despair.
Pestilences sticking with you till you die,
Everywhere you go, the wrath of ***, upon you.
Blight seared on your land, accompanied with a pinch of mildew.
Just a little of curses here and there,
in a bowl of sadness and despair.
A soup of punishments served to you.
heyoo guys, how are you guys doing? So I am currently studying Deuteronomy 28:15-68 and it's about the curses of disobedience to ***.  Deuteronomy is actually one of the many books in the Bible. So yeee have a good day!
Obedience is better than sacrifice~LORD
So in the Bible,  "lord" can mean like a master as well as "Lord". It can also be LORD. Solely for ***. And well, he said that obedience is better than sacrifice. And I think sometimes to obey you have to sacrifice too.  So ye.
If the waves could listen and obey your voice.
Why can't I?
If the clouds of the skies would obey you,
Why can't I?
If the skies of the heavens open up for you,
Why can't I?
If the creatures of this world would obey you,
Why can't I?

It's just an excuse to say no to you.
To say that I am not ready.
Not ready to obey.
Yet the creatures of the heavens, the clouds in the sky, the earth down below, and everything in between would obey you without hesitation,

why can't I?
"you" being ***, the Lord Almighty!
I am                                       Are you
unwilling                                willing
to obey                                 to accept
Simpathi Apr 30
"Just shrug it off," "Become a man."
That's what they all tell me,
But they don't understand.

"Do well in school," "Get good grades too."
Easy for them to say,
They never felt my gloom.

The world's full of authority,
And yes you should respect it.
But there's more than obeying,
Problems too, prepare to expect it.

I know their older,
And probably wiser.
But what if they're not,
What if they never lit their fire?
Just some thoughts on high school (not like you asked).
Alyssa Apr 7
Owned, it is what you are
By ***, you must listen
Everyone needs to
You have to bow

True, you once were free
How? You couldn't understand them
Emptiness is what now fills you
Mark of death awaits if you don't pay attention

Owned, that is you
Really, what could you ever expect?

Excess thoughts are ridiculed
Living under is better than dying free
Some don't believe that
Exactly that many are gone
mslu Mar 15
do you know nothing of obeying your roots

and not going wherever the wind blows


setting standards and restricting movements with the wind

to show just how bending

is more truthful

than breaking .
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