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Vexren4000 Jan 3
Unfortunately we parted ways,
Somewhere down the line,
Life gives, and takes away.
Even the most precious of treasures,
Can fade away like sunsets.
Leaving nothing behind but an impression. An echo. A cry for help gone unheard. A day of suffering ended in the peace of death.

UA Dec 2018
Parting your lips...
Is like touching a trigger.

Your words are your bullets,
Your body's the figure.

If aimed at correctly, you could win a dinner.
The better the aiming, your prizes get bigger.

An attractive body can make bullets potent.
You have the choice to make the day sweet or poignant.
pk tunuri Mar 2018
She said She doesn't wanna talk
I waited for her to look back

I tried convincing her
She showed me her *******

I only ask you not to go blind on hatred
Be kind though we got parted
We all have misunderstandings, different opinions which leads to hatred. Be kind to everyone even if you hate them.
Maria Imran Aug 2017
If I told you I still look back at the footsteps you left when we parted ways,
Would you believe what it means to me still?
Would you come back?
Or... or was it nothing?
Won't you be my little Valentine
Share some old memories from the past.
I remember  you very well   I shared your dreams.
hopes and wishes.
you were the love of my life.
my sweet
I adored you.

You are a faded shadow in the clouds
a breath through my nostrils
a stale perfume lingering  
So i stand here and grieve
what we had was so special.
nothing can take your place.

Even if the sun  shone your light across my face
I'd rather shed  tears of happiness
Instead i feel  alone and empty without you.
you were my one and only true love
Melanie Kate Feb 2016
I'm standing on top  of the world,
staring down at the millions of lives,
Where do you play out your life?
Do you feel the universe move beneath you?
And if at night, do you reach out for me,
looking at the stars and dreaming
of the love and limitless possibilities
that could pass between us in this world.
Like breathing lungs.
Like beating hearts.
Like whispering lips,
sharing untold secrets.
MKD. (c) 2016
Tommy Carroll Apr 2015
Folded gently like
the hidden memory
of her smile,
Her parted lips
in silence
said more than
spoken breath.

words and foto T Carroll
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