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ShowYouLove Feb 2019
The mouth speaks what the heart feels
And hidden truths are now revealed
Our words can give life or bring death
The power of God is in our very breath
What is in our hearts comes out of our mouths
We have control over what is allowed
If we are what we consume
There shouldn’t be any room
For vileness and hatred to take residence
When we show the overwhelming evidence
Of love and truth gentleness and peace
Patience, faith and prayer that doesn’t cease
This is how they know us: they know us by our love
In this we show our kinship with the Father in Heaven above
And let us not dwell on other’s faults
But seek first to find our own
And bringing judgement to a halt
We find that we have grown
Love your sister and your brother
Though they may have a different mother
There are hundreds of languages in the world
But love is universal and a smile is unfurled
They know us by the fruit we bear of peace and unity
With eyes of love striving for a world in harmony
The outside is a manifestation of what is within
Do we reflect Christ or are we soiled by sin?
We are Christ bearers light bearers
Salt and light to the ends of the earth
We are truth sharers and Armor of God wearers
We are here to bring about a time of rebirth
So my friend guard your heart and guard your tongue
So you may stand victorious over the evil one
I pray your words would give life and your life would bless
And God provide what you need no more and no less
So Speaks the Heart
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
Won’t you take me back to a time before
When life was simple no one keeping score
When I was full of innocence and total trust
Before the dreams that I held turned to dust
I was filled with a sense of awe and wonder
I heard you in the soft wind and in the thunder
Over the years that faith has slowly faded
And life’s experiences have left me jaded
Won’t you take me back to when I was a child
Young and free, rambunctious and wild
I would leap off and with perfect faith I know
You would catch me and never let me go
You would set me right where I needed to be
I could safely be anything. With you, I could be me
I feel sometimes as though I’ve forgotten your voice
I’ve been distracted and concerned with the other noise
Help me relearn Lord like a child once again
To recognize the sound of your voice and then
To listen for you purposefully and with great care
In the stillness and silence I feel the breath of air
The spirit is moving and lifting and healing
The very word of God in truth revealing
Come upon me and illuminate the dark
I love your law for it helps me hit the mark
I know I can’t go back to where it all began
I know that it is all a part of your great plan
But if I could know again a little joy and laughter
It would help remind me why and what it is I’m after
Someday you will take me back and I’ll be home once more
To be with Him for all eternity: Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
Be merciful even as your Heavenly Father is merciful
Thy kingdom come thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven
Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
The Father who loves us died for us and paid the debt we could not pay. May we strive to be merciful, loving, forgiving for the small things. Let us be like Jesus to others. God is LOVE. The reason the world does not know God is because it does not know LOVE. And what is Love? Love is patient, love is kind, slow to anger, protects, trusts, hopes, believes, perseveres. Love never fails. Forgiveness is a great weapon. It disarms, diffuses, stuns, kills hate, squashes vengeance. It heals and sets free, but surprisingly it most often frees us. If someone can forgive you for something and move forward, never think for a second that God can’t forgive you and hasn’t already. God is so much better and so much more merciful and loving by far! The challenge is you need to learn to forgive yourself. God, help us to be merciful, forgiving, loving and kind to all, especially those who probably don’t deserve it. In these moments Lord, remind us gently that we didn’t deserve your mercy, forgiveness, love and kindness, but you gave it anyway and we aught to do likewise. Amen
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
Lord you reveal yourself to me in a way so profound
That if only I would seek you, there you would be found
For I opened the doors and there you were waiting
My steps falter and my words are now hesitating
I opened the windows and, on my heart, you alight
You were singing so happily like a bird that’s in flight
Once you were there you began to build a nest
And for now and always it is where you now rest
Lord I have found you in the hearts of the poor
And seen you dwell in those I thought were the least
I have known you when I doubt if anything is real
I have felt that when I’m hurting you helped me to heal
This is the revealing of the soul’s great lament
The moving of the spirit by which we are sent
The yearning to be united to our Lord once again
The working and waiting that we have until then
You know my inmost being Lord you know my every thought
Nothing is secret; all my efforts to hide are for naught
So Lord help me open myself to your holy and perfect will
To accept you and in my empty spots, won’t you fill
In your love and by your power, make me complete
Won’t you melt and refine me and turn up the heat
By the power of your passion, your burning love and desire
Burn me and brand me with your Holy Living Fire
Little by little you restore and reveal and I am being remade
Some things are sharpened and some places seem to fade
One day when this life is finally over
And I go walking through the golden field
Questions will be answered, eyes will be opened
And that which once was hidden, in truth, shall be revealed
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
I need someone to lean on and to trust
I need someone who will love me no matter what
I need someone who will find the hidden beauty
Someone who helps out of love and not simply duty
I need someone to defend me when I am under attack
Someone who is in my corner and who always has my back
I need someone to see the real me and still not leave
I need someone who will also give back not only receive
I need someone who is gentle and yet strong
I need someone at my side as we walk along
I need someone who will listen to me when I need a friend
Someone who is faithful and true to the very end
I need someone who will treat me the way that I deserve
I need someone who is willing to surrender and serve
I need someone I can turn to in any situation
Someone who will share in both sadness and elation
I need someone who understands what makes me what I am
I need someone who will be with me to hold me and take my hand
I need someone can tell when something isn’t right
Someone who will watch over me both by day and by night
I need someone who will tell me that things will be okay
I need someone who isn’t afraid to kneel down and pray
Someone to forgive me and help me forgive myself
Someone who makes me feel like there is no one else
I need someone who knows I am special and unique
I need someone who will be my light when life is bleak
I need someone to care to act with loving kindness
Who will open my eyes to see and remove my blindness
I need someone so rare there might be only one
And I pray it’s not too late before the search is done
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
Lord right now I’m lost and confused
Hear my cries Lord I’m begging you
My life was going so well and you turned it upside down
And now I can’t tell which way is up and which is down
Lord I’m trying so hard to understand
How this all fits into your grand plan
I feel you calling me to be to be a husband or wife
I feel you calling me to married life
I know I ought to trust but right now my heart is as dust
To follow you I’ve tried and tried
But what you want I can’t decide
I’m hurting Lord can’t you feel my pain
And world is gray and my sky is all rain
Help me Lord I don’t know what to do or where to turn
What is it Lord that you want for me to learn
Part of me should feel happy but part of me feels dead
The days are painful reminders and most nights I cry in bed
Oh Lord my God why must you wound me so
Please hold me close and never let me go
There are moments when the pain is too much to bear
And when I pray I don’t seem to feel your presence there
I know you love me and you are by my side always
And, if you chose, could turn this protest into praise
But even if you don’t right now I know I’ll be alright
And from this darkness deep inside will come a brilliant light
I’ll be there eventually, but right now what I really need
Is your patience, your guidance, your love, and your lead
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
I know. I was there. I am here.
You are never alone. Turn to me and I will be your comfort and your peace. One day I will dry your eyes and the joy will never cease. I know you feel pain right now so deep and so profound. Caught in the undertow of sorrow and feeling like you’ve drowned. I know. I was there. I am here. I have never let you go. You have never left my sight. Trust in me and everything will turn out all right. I know it seems like the end right now but you don’t know the plot. Please believe me when I say that, the end, it is not. I was there nailed on the cross and I felt all: the pain the sadness the loss. I took it all so you that you could understand and place your hand in my hand. I have danced. I have laughed and I have wept. I understand how it feels to lose someone you love. But I also know they look down from above. No more hurt and no more hunger no more older no more younger. No more sickness no more death. Only joy and praise with every single breath. I know sometimes you wonder about the meaning of it all. And sometimes you question whom and when I call. I know it seems impossible now, but you must remember and move on. Remember that nothing is impossible with me. I know. I was there. I am here. On the days when it gets too hard, lean on me and I will help you up. I will give you the strength you need as you eat this bread and drink this cup. I know. I was there. I am here. Let this be a gentle reminder not to take life for granted but to live each moment out. Live each day as if today was your last day; make every second count. I know. I was there. I am here but do not live in fear. I am with you now and always even through the end of the age. The world and it’s things are fleeting and will eventually pass away, but the word of the Lord is eternal and His love is here to stay. I know. I was there. I am here. I love you. Be at peace.
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