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self discovery,
is a strange path
a winded one

its hard to grasp
and will escape your fingers
at any possible chance it has

why is it that
the true version of yourself
tries so hard to get away

skewed by society
warped by our own reality

perhaps our real selves,
aren't real at all

how do i tell
who is the real me
with questions from me, to me x
Druzzayne Rika Aug 2020
I was a mystery
   To you

But I was a broken piece
   A tired soul
     feeling unease

I closed doors
built fences around my home

all I wanted was control
  Of the car
   My life was driving

and wasn't it nice
      every other sunsets
   a shadow beneath the surface
we collided

a disruption
    my routine gone
   and back to drama

It was uncontrollable
  the fifth gear
    I am scared

The wind flying my hair
    car radio, top volume
it was going too fast

   It was beyond
me, my white fences disappeared
and my living room couch is occupied
        Why cannot I stop this mess

Soon it will be too late
   A repeat of fate
       Or maybe this is not a mistake
Nicolás Ponce May 2017
you and I are two different souls,
living on two separate worlds
that collided once
just to be parted
and never meet again.
Dita H Aug 2016
I see the fighters waging their wars
against unseen enemies,
against the very air they breathe,
against the bodies that pull them down.
I hear their battle cries.
I hear the swords clashing.
They are on a mission:
to bring you down,
to bring all of you down.
No one dares to stop them,
Not even the blood they bleed.
They're here and they want to make it known.
They have found voices inside the caves you closed them in,
They have found freedom in the clothes you put them in,
They have found truth in the mouths of another,
They have found strength with hands collided,
They have found love in eyes intertwined.
They have found each other.
So to all the world: beware!
Beware, be alive, be awake!
For true love is waking from its cave,
Dormant all these years,
it wakes, with hunger
unforeseen, with thirst
It wakes.
It opens its eyes to the world
Its ready.
Its awake and ready.
Beware, beware those who have tried to pull it down!
Its the tree of life,
it lives well on,
after you’re gone.

— The End —