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Drop in the Sea Aug 2019
Inferno we bring into our lifes
While we speak the sweetest lullabies
We do care about the  buildings we made
But the biggest rainforest is not interesting as Notre Dame
What is more important , our biggest rainforest or some piece of architecture? So how it is possible I heard about Amazon rainforest fire after 2 weeks  and Fire about Notre Dame exactly the same hour it happened..
Drop in the Sea May 2019
.       left
in rain  ignoring my      
left without right is nothing just a meaningless word
left without right is nothing just a meaningless crime
Drop in the Sea May 2019
Should I try harder?
Who can tell me this?
I got doubts and doubts got me
Should I try to kiss?
Tell me...
Drop in the Sea May 2019
.                                 left
left                       ­                 left
          ­                        left
Confuse me
Drop in the Sea May 2019
Well somebody said
Cars are for strong men
You can't love your car
If you do not spend

Hours of attention
Stacks full of money
But I was born to love you
And you to make me happy

Calling for my attention
Calling for my love
As close as we could be
I saw note , sticked on

I wanna be the one with unbreakable field
Wanna be the one, simply by nature
I do wanna be the one
Knowing how to stop my heart

Car price is going high
******* right at me
I can't still believe
What it is doing to me

Im starting to tremble
I'm starting to care about
But Inside in my hearth
I know I'm not alright
This is lyrics for song. It is recorded but not public. My first song ever recorded with my own band , but we are separated already.
Drop in the Sea May 2019
You are heading right
uoy dael em tel os

You don't understand
Cause the second part
     Is not your life
Drop in the Sea Apr 2019
until(citizen = listening OR died){
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