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Sep 16
Medicine Man
Medicine man
No breath on his lips
Sloshing liquid in his throat
Rise and fall in each step
Malady withers and blooms
As he walks up the cliff
A smudge on a ledge
A smidgeon of hope
No claws on the man
Toss away, toss away, go home
Tomorrow he’ll open his eyes
The medicine man
With no breath on his lips
a rise from the lone
In a yard full of bones
Dew on his fingertips
Oh medicine man
Take away, take away what he knows
Low, fly the crows
So long, hope grows
smidgeon of hope
You see,
I seem to have caught
the deathly hug of hubris
I know everything
But what does it all mean?
The pleasures of life go right above my head
And time drips from my fingertips
Plip, plop, plip
I am a blip
And this hug,
Why does it make everything so sad?
Apr 26 · 975
Secrets after dark
this is where all the secrets are held
in the smell of yesterday's rain in the air
in the dark, and in that pool
in the little moonlight patch falling on my bed
with the window open and the air cool
and the night young and wild and a fool
midnight in a college dorm room
Apr 26 · 734
Sour Love
There’s a bottle of my mother’s love
Sitting on the kitchen table
It’s gone sour
It’s Sunday morning,
In the piercing comfort of a place
I once would’ve called home,
And the world woke up and walked out on me

The aftermath of July grows right outside my bedroom window
While I sit on a desolate strip of imaginary sand,
With my head in a water cooler
As significant as an ill-fated horsefly
Apr 16 · 874
A vision at midnight
We were in a painting, the two of us
She was holding my hand
In the soft glow of our own bodies
And the warmth of her palm
I felt it in my throat, and on my face

We were in a painting, you and me
And the way you lay in my arms
I felt, a stranger in my own home
Who are you, who are you?
In one strange city of love, I found you
More on the theme of paintings
She stands in the distance,
The smell of a memory on her hands
Old blankets and old incense,
Old meals and tangerine melancholy and wick-fire soot,
The smell of sharp turpentine and paint
Reaching for me, like tentacles floating in the air.

She stands in the distance,
Sunbeams dripping from her fingers
She stands, with a question on her face
And I watch her, and I can only imagine
Time standing still, frozen; my soul immortalized in a single stroke of tantalizing yellow
I am made of paint and light.
Mar 2021 · 99
These are the Dark Days
Radhika Krishna Mar 2021
It's four in the morning
How did I come this far
Things splattered on the ceiling
My limbs all fall apart
It's four in the morning
Where did the sun go now
I gathered all my feelings
I wanted you to know somehow
I told you mother
I've never felt so dark
My hands were shaking
Pale and white and stark
And I dropped the spirits
They came crashing to the ground
I raised my head and felt so dizzy
Oh, all the places the blood had turned and found
It's four in the morning
Now I'm scared of my ceiling
My heart beats in agony
Time only crawls away from me
And on my walls, I find it perplexing
That I see the pictures of another
All the books on the shelves
They seem to be melting into the ether
I keep dreaming of a home
With a traffic light of it's own
All the roads meet their end
At my feet, and it feels set in stone
I've prayed to all my gods from the sky
I've cried my pleas clear and high
Tell me what I have done wrong
My sweet, sweet mother
Oh song of silence, won't you take some rest
For days and days, I've beat my breast
For and end, for and end
I look for the end
Say you'll walk with me mother
I need to find the end
Jan 2021 · 412
Stale Light
Radhika Krishna Jan 2021
The hospital lights blink and open their eyes
It's alright
I'm here in disguise
The fever is rife
It spreads in the walls and the life
It falls in a trice
I don't do enough talk
But  I hear you after all
Why do you cry
When the world isn't right
And there's red light in your eyes
Where's your god from the skies
The window at the end
Has a halo that was sent
And it lies, in the dark
With the fireflies
Do you find it alright
That the dark isn't right
And your night doesn't seem to arrive
Well you do enough talk
And I'm still in your sight
So why don't you just write
Out, your heart on my rock
And I'll be here by your side
While you wait for the sky
To give you all the good signs
And I won't be singing in song
But you won't be waiting for long
Till I give you all my love
Jan 2021 · 211
Descent into Hell
Radhika Krishna Jan 2021
Good Evening,
I hope your journey was pleasurable
Would you like any refreshments?
A hot cup of blood perhaps,
Or some freshly brewed darkness?
Radhika Krishna Dec 2020
Deep under by the beautiful waters
Hidden away from the gloom and fog
And the sound of the throbbing earth
People have gathered to live
For in life they wasted away
And the spirits, they formed restlessly
They seek to avenge themselves with immortal fervour
Salvation awaits and song thrums from their airy hearts
The water sparkles, the trees whisper no secret past their leaves
The ground is beating its drums to the beat of their feet
Dun Dun Dun-Dundundun
Dun Dun Dun-Dundundun
Hear them sing
A song of love and peril
A song of courage and passion
A song of the living and dead
Harken their cries
For in the land of the dead
There shall be no fear, no sorrow
And eternal damnation be ******
In the dark of their strongest creation
Where the blood doesn't flow
Their souls will  be forever alive
Dec 2020 · 73
Sleep, Fair Lady, Sleep
Radhika Krishna Dec 2020
Sleep, fair lady, sleep
The floor will be good to you
No need to wax sorrowful anymore
The temple stone is cold on your cheek, but not on your heart
At the height of your gloom and despair
No beacon of light shall appear
No promises shall I give to you
Only a contrived sigh
I am no pleaser, no compassionate misery
So sleep, fair lady, sleep
The floor will get you through
The moon and the stars will be there instead
I am no companion for you
The wind( if only it were gentle)
Will echo your laments through and through
I cannot be there for you
Radhika Krishna Dec 2020
Today I woke and couldn't stop thinking
Of fear
Inside the car, it was all quiet
I saw abandoned buildings
With their windows stripped
Bricks gaping like a flesh wound
The streets were empty, unforgivingly bare
All this stony silence
Felt like I was in a ghost town
And I couldn't stop thinking
Couldn't stop thinking
I felt the seconds widen
I filled my heart with poison
Where was I?
I saw all the signs of impending doom
Throbbing and pulsing
And then we just zoomed past it all
There was nothing. Just a nothing town.
Funny how a nothing can hold so much of something
For all my melancholy musings
All I did was go home
And write poems about dead people on the rooftop
Wouldn't you have liked to find me up there
When I went to sleep and dreamed about them once again
Dec 2020 · 437
Under the Midnight Oil
Radhika Krishna Dec 2020
My hands hurt, my hands tremble
My hands itch, my hands scratch
My hands drag, my hands drag
My hands push, my hands shove
My hands bend, my hands break
My hands scream, my hands implore
My hands are cut off under the gleam of the midnight oil
My hands are cold, my hands are still

I will never see them again.
Dec 2020 · 54
Radhika Krishna Dec 2020
i stumble and fall
i stumble and spill, my guts
the road has the gall
to cackle and howl, at my guts
Oct 2020 · 419
What Dreams are Like
Radhika Krishna Oct 2020
The door in the attic is peculiar
Sometimes I am lucky enough to find it cold
And I will stumble inside and fall
Far away from here
It's like a dream, a new life
You must look around and above you
And then you will see it
Above, up there, high, far away
There it was, I saw the hole
Through my fluttering eyelids it was always grey
But when I say so
Mother starts to weep uncontrollably
From here I can only sit and watch and ponder
Where it starts and where it ends
And if there is a castle of wonder
I'd like to see it one day
Even if I am old and empty
And I have lived forever
Even if I am all bones and dust and dead
But I'm still alive and my pulse is fascinating
I stand up and run, maybe if I run fast enough
I will start to fly
Yet all that comes of it is a dizzy heart and burning eyes
Sometimes, the Big Grey will ask me,
"What are you searching for?"
I don't know yet, I just want to see past the shadow
What is it like, where dreams are told,
Where dreams are sold?
On the days that she sits me down
And tells me what's real and what's not real
I wish I could give Mother a dream too
Because the lines on her face make her look so tired
And that's when they start fluttering again
Open. Close. Open. Close. Open. Close.
When will I know what dreams are like?
Jun 2020 · 156
The Fall
Radhika Krishna Jun 2020
When the sun came up, I fell asleep
When I closed my eyes, I danced in my dreams
I climbed up to the clouds and watched them weep
And I thought my heart would burst at the seams
When the sun came, I heard Mama leave
I called her name but I was lost at sea
If she could hear, I'd tell her not to grieve
Maybe the clouds would ask her to forgive me
When the sun came up, I'd fallen too deep
The wings I'd built fell down so listlessly
I felt my feet take such a leap
But down came the cage, Mama set me free
When the sun came up, there it was
The cold, cold bed where I lay meting
And around it voices fell down in a heap
Melting ***, what sweet wonders you reap
When the sun came up, I wouldn't give in
I twirled and leaped down the mountain stream
Up above, there wasn't much I couldn't be
And all my eyes saw, was much too sweet
When the sun came up, there were many things
My mind was split, there was sorrow, there was glee
The world had another day to see
But it didn't matter, I had fallen asleep
Jun 2020 · 61
Afraid To Love
Radhika Krishna Jun 2020
Haven't you seen without your eyes
The trembling little spaces
One, two, hearts in such disguise
Lost but for these traces
I'm wandering the heavens again
Another pace would take me home to you
Bring my hands above my head
What I'd give to see your mind
The cold will start to melt my bones
In this sea of dreaming faces
And now your wide eyes meet their kind
Do you know what this heart chases?
One step forward, one step behind
Are we afraid of what we'll find
The ground tells my feet to pull away
The moment has turned us blind
Have you always known that's all it takes
Now the sky feels dauntingly close
Closer than our hands have ever been
Fear dances on my fingertips tonight
To lift my eyes takes all my might
May 2020 · 66
Lonely Town
Radhika Krishna May 2020
I'm on the road to a lonely town
I'm singing my heart out without a sound
If I could see through the haze, there'd be
Maybe a house, a tree, light shining down on me
My lonely town has a lonely frown
Will I look around or turn it upside-down?
Time won't tell, only my mind will tell
And it will wonder when it's glory fell
What a wonder it is in my world
That my hands must stain, if my heart is to feel good
That my sins all trail behind a blackened floor
So heartened by the orange glow
The glow that keeps me alive, but renders this town so poor
A flick, a swish, and there the flame goes
Let the world burn, let it smolder, let it choke all that grows
And as the screams fall down and the smoke curls up
I'll watch from atop a wooden pile
I'll even put on an empty smile
May 2020 · 80
Radhika Krishna May 2020
What am I supposed to do
When the world looks so bleak
Should I set the sky on fire
For warmth is what I seek
My house is so still
It makes sounds
But it is so still
And I walk, not a stutter in my stare
As if I've got a mallet in my hair
May 2020 · 89
Radhika Krishna May 2020
Tonight there's a star in the sky
That refuses to die
I've got some stories to tell
I hope somebody waits for me
To come along and be their pal
Apr 2020 · 228
Under The Sea
Radhika Krishna Apr 2020
Under, under, under the sea
Under the sea
Oops, I meant under the sky
But it's all the same
I'm happy and free
The sky will melt into the sea if it must
I'm under the sea, under the sea
Because when the rain falls down
My hair will be matted and wet
Water will cover the ground it met
Just like under the sea, under the sea
And when a warm current flows on my face
I'll feel the heat
Like the sun I'm beneath
The fish with their open mouths
They'll remind me of the people I see
Walking among the trees
Then throughout the day,
I'll close my eyes and forget to breathe
Like I'm under the sea, under the sea
And long after when time runs by me
When I haven't felt a single breeze
I'll wonder if I'm really under the sky
But for now since I'm filled with glee
I'll just pretend that I'm under the sea, under the sea
Apr 2020 · 334
Little Jessie
Radhika Krishna Apr 2020
Little Jessie painted a picture on the basement wall
While her world was at war
When she looked down, her hands seemed so small
So did the world
When she looked through the window from afar
Little Jessie smeared the paint with her bare hands
While the people went out to earn their calluses and scars
The colours dipped and dripped and whipped-
Up what plagued her mind through day and night
The floor was cold and the air was still
And little Jessie had plenty of her heart to spill
When she moved to shake away the lead
The bombs dropped up over their heads
The city became quiet and empty
She would sit still and count to twenty
Then her little fingers would be stained red again
There were pictures to be splashed on walls
There were fears to be forgotten
Little jessie painted until she saw night fall
Mar 2020 · 56
In The Backyard
Radhika Krishna Mar 2020
There's a girl in my backyard
With gold in her heart
She says the funniest of  things
Sitting on a swing
She draws stuff  in the dirt
And she calls it her art
She flies in, in the morning
With the birdsong
And she goes '****' in the moonlight
With a "So long,"
Feb 2020 · 129
Porcelain Skin
Radhika Krishna Feb 2020
In one forsaken patch of a dying town
Dwells a queer old thing with skeletal feet
This ancient place has blackened walls
and blackened floors
And crumbling wooden doors
The china dolls on the walls are deathly still
the silent room is laced will a sinister chill
demented smile, a head full of lies
and jars full of dead eyes
porcelain skin, porcelain mind
her sanity, our miss will never find
her array of knives, her prized possessions
are all fair and fine
and if her mirror listened, she'd tell it proudly,
" The blood on my hands is never mine."
Forgotten ghosts roam for miles around
Whispering their plight in plain sight
When this phantom town runs out of folk to mar
One wonders if our miss will eat her own heart out
violent cannibal gruesome
Feb 2020 · 447
Radhika Krishna Feb 2020
it's quiet
the fridge is humming
the tap is dripping
the clock is ticking
my heart is beating
all this noise and yet it's quiet
Feb 2020 · 150
Put It On Paper
Radhika Krishna Feb 2020
When you feel bluesy and wistful
Put on your favourite old shirt
And sit on your bed, close your eyes
And travel years back
Watch the moment when you
Were sitting with your best friend
Listening to their favourite song
You hated it then
But now you can't hear it
Without thinking of them
Smile at that time
You finally learned to ride a bicycle
The feel of the wind in your face
And the sound of your friend laughing away with you
As you rode on and on
The cool, dark night
When you sat at the steps
And just looked at the moon
Arguing about its shape
Snippets of your memory: they flood your mind now
Like dark chocolate when you put it on your tongue
When you come back to the here and now
You realise that
All you do is write about them
Sitting in the still corner of your room
You don't know what the world looks like
All you can do is think
And put it all on paper
For the world to see
But before it does
You hide it under your shirt
And you smile and cry at the same time
Feb 2020 · 232
Sometimes you are-
Radhika Krishna Feb 2020
Sometimes you are quiet
But behind your mouth, your mind is screaming violently
Your thoughts are tearing each other apart
It's a war, one with no survivors in it

Sometimes you are quiet
Because you don't know what it is you're doing
You've got a hard shell but it's filled with air-
And a thousand cracks, one for everything you say

Sometimes you are quiet
For you are just so weary and tired
You're deaf to everything that's around you
Because you can't hear over your mind's uproar

Sometimes you are silent
But silence does not give you peace
You're only silent because you're trying
To drown out everything you've ever felt

Sometimes you are quiet
You are so quiet you fade into the shadows
You are a sliver of silver, a star, out of reach of humanity
You're a blip in time, waiting to be forgotten

Sometimes, you and I, we are the same
We had a voice, now it's lost at sea
We're phantom ghosts with pumping hearts
You and I, we just need a chance, a chance to be alive
Feb 2020 · 227
My Phantom Realm
Radhika Krishna Feb 2020
Welcome to my phantom realm
Where smiling is a deadly fallacy
Please don't take a careless step
Because they'll **** you callously

Welcome to my phantom realm
Where the autumn leaves are always dying
A twisted peace: the result of your mind's helm
You'll find within, mystifying

Welcome to my phantom realm
Where power lies in the secrets you keep
So dark, so deep, that you start drowning
Just never let them sense your pain

Don't be scared of my phantom realm
The darkness will embrace you for who you are
And don't listen to them say they want to end your pain
Remember a favour is not them killing you

Welcome to my phantom fantasy
Together we'll build a kingdom for me
And when you feel yourself losing hope
I'll give you Pandora's Jar; you don't have to mope
Feb 2020 · 285
Upside-down World
Radhika Krishna Feb 2020
I'm in an upside-down world
With an upside-down heart
The sky is in the sea
And I'm sailing in the clouds
I reach for the sun and in my hands it falls apart
And what was once a thousand colours
Is now a grey shroud
My eyes fill with wonder
At a woebegone world
And my soul fills with peace
At the reverberating silence
I've tethered nature to my ship of ether
It's all withered and curled
At its helm I stand, marvelling at what I've built
My pedestal, my island
Jan 2020 · 226
Empty Graveyard
Radhika Krishna Jan 2020
I went to the graveyard
And layed flowers for my girl
it was oh so quiet around me
The air was cold
and my hands were cold
and my heart was cold
When drops of water fell
I looked up
and the sky was crying too
Radhika Krishna Jan 2020
Everything is a lie
Mother says my skin is fever hot
But my skin and I are locked away in a jar
Hold your thoughts, who is 'Mother'?
I've no mother; I'm all alone
Everything is a lie, everything is a lie
I sing and sing, then I lose my voice
Will you wake me from this fever dream
Wait, who are you and who am I ?
And what is reality, why have I lost it
Radhika Krishna Jan 2020
Everything is a lie
The pages of my books
Turned to powder and coated my eyes
And now the things I see are hazy
And I think that I am going crazy
Everything is a lie
They took my head
And filled it with butterflies
Now I think the sky is grey
And I see your face in the mirror
Jan 2020 · 190
Radhika Krishna Jan 2020
If I plunge a knife in my heart
And wake up again
Will I see a new life?
Will I see a new me?
Oh no, but I'm very empty inside
The knife would just
Find its way out free
Jan 2020 · 81
Radhika Krishna Jan 2020
These spiralling thoughts
Of mine behold
An unearthly magic
Warm yet cold
Cunning and vicious
They tear my mind apart
Albeit soothing
My restless heart
Dec 2019 · 104
Midnight Wounds
Radhika Krishna Dec 2019
I have a broken voice and midnight wounds
And I am my own prisoner
The wounds don't show with your eyes on me
My skin will scream, so look away
They're inside me, lurking behind my face
Toying with strings of sanity
And when the sun comes up, they are lost
Fading to an eerie blank
But the dark steals them back like a criminal
And rips apart the healing holes
Still, the dark is good, the dark is quiet
I'm alone with phantom gashes
The sun is stolen and so is my voice
I only stare at bare stone walls
And I will wreathe my hands around my head
And pull myself to the floor
I will sit down and I will accept
That when the darkness falls, I fall with it
Nov 2019 · 165
A Ghost In Asphodel
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
The ocean would blind you, if the sun was strong enough
The water would drown you if the waves ever had their way
In the dark, dark night, the monster with its snarl, coarse and rough
Could bite your head off, and on the sand, the blood would spray
The rocks in the water would bash your head in
Or the pearly white sand would try to bury you alive
If the trees start to whisper, you'll just have to scream my name over the din
In this island, I lie, where the monster has not one head but five
Are you coming, my dear, will you find me here
Or will the horrors take you hostage and make you disappear
Love will give you the sword to fight all that lies in your wake
But fear, the queer thing, will make you question what you have put at stake
My hands, I can feel them fading into the shadows
Don't come back, my love;the ****** have no memory of life
Soon, I'll become a sliver of what I was, a whispering ghost in Asphodel
But will you come find me, we can watch the ocean as the sun bids us farewell
Nov 2019 · 125
Can They?
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
Can thoughts eat you up?
Can they devour you?
Do you have to be dead to stop thinking?
Or paralysed
Or maybe I should just sleep
Then I don't have to think
Yes, I will sleep
I will sleep for an eternity and not wake up
Anything to stop them from consuming me
Nov 2019 · 88
Dig Deep Into My Mind
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
If you dig six feet deep into the ground
You'll find a little, devil's child
When you pick it up, out of the hole
Even the soil around it will heave a sigh

The infant's deadly silence
Will start to unnerve you
So will its rugged skin
That's midnight black and blue
You will wonder how it came to be
And you will look at all the sand surrounding

Wait, sand? Wasn't it soil on the ground?
No you're in a desert with no one around
What about that thing in your hands?
You look down and there's sludge
Dripping down your fingertips

Now you've lost all your hands and legs
Now you've just faded into a ghost
Now you never existed in the first place
What is happening, where did I go, you ask?
Well you are a figment of my mind, you see

I will mold you, crush you, shape you to my heart's content
In my mind there is no reality or gravity
It's twisted, gnarled and not right
YOU: you are purely a thought of mine
And that child: part of my imagination
And now that you have read this here

It is part of yours too, I fear
This one is a little strange.
Nov 2019 · 895
The Mirror
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
I stare at the mirror
not because I'm vain
and not because I'm pretty
I stare at the mirror
because the person looking back
is not me
It's a black, shadowy wisp
that runs away
when I try to touch it
I'm referring to myself as a shadowy wisp because nobody really notices me anywhere and I shy away when someone does notice.
Nov 2019 · 453
i'm tired
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
the  four walls are frowning and closing in on me
the doors are all knocking on my head for a change
all the eyes in this room are piercing into me
everything and everyone
they're all counting on me
but i'm just a little tired
i want to lay down for a while
this is good, it's fine
the floor is nice and cold
so is the darkness
that has enveloped my sight
Nov 2019 · 292
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
I built a prison
And so often it changes colour
Through its window
You can see the world
So ugly and so vain
You could hold the bars
And stare outside
Yearning for a taste
Of the gloom and pain
But you're bound
With shackles made of silence
From which you cannot recover
It's a lonely place,
This dreary prison
And your mind will turn
Into a foe
Your bones will grow weary
And you'll always be cynical
Your nails will drag down the walls
And the pounding will never stop
Thump-thump, thump-thump
It will pulse through the ground
The torn walls
And flaying tendons
Will flood you with their ichor
You'll want to move,
To make it stop
Stop the life from spilling
But you can't,
You'll lay on the ground
Letting my heart
Take you prisoner
Nov 2019 · 500
i'm thankful
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
I'm thankful
for the
second person
living inside of me,
because i'm lonely
Who would I tell
all my troubles to?
Nov 2019 · 97
Mind Full Of Paranoia
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
I might cut my head off and hang it next to me

I'd let it speak, facing me, loud and clear

I'm sick of my mind drowning me in its silent sea

And you, at the back of my mind

What are you whispering in my ear

Is it madness or fear, please make it clear

I might slip a noose around my neck and hold it tight

For my mind feeds on my pain; lets it course through, black as a night

Please, you've had your fill, stop with your ruthless maelstrom

Because my throat is turning blue, and it's not a pretty sight

I pull the knot tighter still, with frozen fingers hard

Because you are insatiable, a hungry demon's child
Nov 2019 · 266
I'm scared
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
I'm scared.
I'm scared a lot lately.
And I'm scared of a lot of things
But most of all, I'm scared of reality,
I don't want to go back to it.
It haunts me.
Nov 2019 · 151
Once A Liar, Always A Liar
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
First you hide the feelings, then you hide the money
You're standing there eyes unblinking, as your silver tongue lashes out
You can tell me anything, your mother says; you don't have to lie honey
You shake your head and smile, this was much easier than last night's bout
You say you're studying in your friend's house but you're black out drunk in his backyard
You say you're in your room but you're on a train, a thousand miles from home
You never look someone in the eye, you have too many secrets to guard
And then you tell them one more lie, at this point, you must be made of stone
Soon every carefully laid out facade becomes the truth, it takes over your mind
You'll watch the sparks fly, scratching your prison wall, as though waiting for a fire
"I'm not a thief, I'm not a liar, I'm innocent, there's nothing you can find"
But this one corner of your heart tells you that once a liar, always a liar
It made sense in my head.
Nov 2019 · 300
The Matchstick Girl
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
Here she lies
On the cold, hard ground
Crying to the wind
Trying to make a sound
"Matches to light, if you've got a penny to spare"
A bundle of rags is what she is
Completely threadbare
The windows are aglow
With incandescent light
The townsfolk in merriment of Christmas night
"Matches to light, if you've got a penny to spare"
There's no one outside
To neither hear nor care
She lights a match for herself
In defeat
The match flickers and dies
Like the light from her eyes
"Matches to light, if you've got a penny to spare"
Her whispers stir
The chilly winter air
Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale
Nov 2019 · 310
The Silent Doll
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
The cardboard box in the attic is shaking
In it you'll find a creature with no soul
When you open the box and stare inside
You'll find that it has stopped breathing
The wall behind it is looking down
Upon the rattling bundle of naked fear
The creature's hairs stand on end
In a rigid salute; no they won't bend
The dust is thick and filmy here
And no sound will ever reach your ear
But its feral urge to avenge its fate
Will not escape your wide-eyed state

A lifetime stuck in darkness
Will turn the sun restless too
So when the humans living downstairs
Who are much worse than you
Open the door to that ungodly world
The creature will let out a silent scream
And curse everything into oblivion
The slightest show of rebellion
Then a blink; the box resumes its shaking
The smell of fear stops the monsters from waking
And if by a mad whim,
you come across our attic you'll see
That this trembling creature is indeed me
Nov 2019 · 133
Not Right In The Head
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
I put my hand on a fire and it burned me
Well what did you expect, said the voice in my head
It was raining hard so I stood under a tree
A branch fell on me; I should have just stayed in bed
I did something different and the people mocked it
Said I was a freak and liked by no one
Why would you do that you stupid ***
I tell myself, and then start to run
I say hello to someone, with a smile on my face
But whoops, I missed their sewn-in button eyes
Its not just pointless fantasies and dreams I chase
Its also the building filled with running mice
My friends say that I'm not right in the head
But my mom says she doesn't see any friends in sight
I wouldn't know with all the lies I've been fed
If I'm a lunatic or the world is a piece of *****
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
Take me to the mountain top
I can't see the stars from down here
Around me, fall the raindrops
So scarlet and salty and near
You promised to let me fly away
So far, so high, that I'd burn with the sun
Burning, I am, indeed; it is my price to pay
For the lives of more than one
I told you that i wouldn't go astray
That I wouldn't hurt a single soul
But sorry can't save me now anyway
Not when my sins have filled me whole
The whispers of the ****** don't bother me anymore
And I've stopped yearning for a Church bell
When I scream for you on this bloodied shore
I hope you can hear me from the pits of Hell
Nov 2019 · 258
Radhika Krishna Nov 2019
My toes are frozen, my fingers are pale
And my lips are purple and blue, purple and blue
The cold shrouds me in an icy veil
And the sky has no colour, not a single hue
The wind howls with its darkest fury
And the trees are swaying with gaining fervour
The splattering hail makes the windows blurry
And the darkness prevails, no longer obscure
I stand at the heart of this bitter storm
Waiting for it to sweep me away
To wipe my thoughts just as they form
To the Land of Death, this is my gateway
So consume me, within, without
Burn me, with your frigid rage
I am a madman without a doubt
Who's been left too long inside a cage
With one last laugh, I look at the sky
Up and away, I watch my soul fly
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