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Radhika Krishna Dec 2020
Today I woke and couldn't stop thinking
Of fear
Inside the car, it was all quiet
I saw abandoned buildings
With their windows stripped
Bricks gaping like a flesh wound
The streets were empty, unforgivingly bare
All this stony silence
Felt like I was in a ghost town
And I couldn't stop thinking
Couldn't stop thinking
I felt the seconds widen
I filled my heart with poison
Where was I?
I saw all the signs of impending doom
Throbbing and pulsing
And then we just zoomed past it all
There was nothing. Just a nothing town.
Funny how a nothing can hold so much of something
For all my melancholy musings
All I did was go home
And write poems about dead people on the rooftop
Wouldn't you have liked to find me up there
When I went to sleep and dreamed about them once again
Simon Jul 2020
An impending rate of consequence isn’t about the value of oneself when given the very right to dispose of ALL rates about the consequence that turns into the reigning champion for consequence itself. Since that very champion for consequence is how oneself would then value that very impending rate over itself entirely. Prompting the desires (that at which are forevermore “tempted”) into deceiving itself to see ONLY desires full of the consequence which is full of impending rates that (inconclusively) “shines” every claim you truly desire. Especially if that very desire doesn’t like having an identity for claim to certify it’s right for oneself to be given value over lordship as being its champion of its very own consequence! Showboating something that increases with every impending rate that coasts along without value in an identity that’s meant to be desired upon. Whilst there’s nothing more to be said or shared when there’s NO claim in itself without oneself to actually come out and perfectly express that they are lordship of claims value without a desire firstly. Which oneself is then slowly tempted upon to not see correctly. Hence, thinking they are simply a champion of consequence that performs those very impending rates as their very performance quickens steadily.
The impending rate of consequence isn’t valued upon itself in the service for oneself to simply recognize right off the bat! Since it can ONLY do so, if a desire can ONLY identify the source for a very rich claim to forevermore offer the correct source material away from consequences lining up at an “impressionable” door full of those very impending rates!
EmperorOfMine Jul 2019
Never knew how important you'd be
Until I couldn't move you out of my mind.
Sickened by these feelings, see
you have to be one of a kind.
I rarely ever feel this way,
please make it stop and set me free.
I don't know what I want to say,
you're there, I'm here, split apart by the sea.
I can't even eat, barely think, what a world,
Is this love, is this like, I don't know, but I'm scared.
What if you don't feel the same, now I'm curled,
Will you find someone better, when would you lack the care?
I've never had such high hopes in a scenario least likely to happen,
So, my gut has been highjacked by anxiety, can you see why i'm acting weird?

Please, please...
I don't want to fall in love again.
Falling in love - Klahr Retouch
Colm Feb 2019
I'd forgotten how big the sky was
How full of possiblity was a life filled with flight
Yes, Majora's
When that moon was hanging over me in such a way
It made it impossible to see the night from day
And to separate the time from the potential life
Be it without a countdown or accursed limit
But of a life outside of the dream far away
Beyond The Impending Moon of Doom (Majora's)
WA West Oct 2018
Of all known tyrannies,
This is the most airy,
Each word from this day forward,
Will be silk coated
More carefully chosen
Whispered from a kingdom up high,
There are many feelings weaker than,
My hand upon yours,
Our eyes meeting,
I cannot wait to hear your heart's music,
And for it to be recognised for what it is,
Your steps will be the music that gives me strength,
With you,
The world has less sharp edges
harsh looks,
Alacrity bespeaks entangled, entombed,
     and entrapped Thai soccer team
diminishing strength barely allows,
     but a whispered scream,

which rescue against all odds
     (plucked out cavernous catacomb),
     fast becoming a fading dream
vicariously agonizing to see

desperation and lads bravely brace,
     helplessness predominating over initial
     found alive break thru gain
     promising grim destiny slowly doth erase

yet resignation impossible
     to ignore written on every face
despite faux (cracking)
     courageous front,

     now severely testing grace
under underground solid state
     rock geomorphology
     necessitating stepped up pace

to rescue, sans race
against time encroaching threatened space
with predicted mon
     soon meteorologists trace

with laser pointer predict
     ominous incursion cave
at mercy of vulnerable flooding
     worst case scenario, grave

nightmare predicament
     in an attempt to save
youths with barely enough
     strength to smile or wave

downgrading my own fear
being emotionally incommunicado
     during prepubescence
     pretending not to hear

clapping skeletal hands over each ear
to blot out hyper consciousness of glare
ring existence squelching
     feeble effing dare

     sputtering Nietzscheism at every turn
of the (ripped torn) page
airtight barricade against transformation
     into manhood stage

fighting to the death
     foaming at mouth dagger like
     canine teeth savagely
     evincing snarling rage,

no match for reinforced
     rebar invisible cage
holding self hostage,
     not enough money

     to pay hefty ransom,
     thus thine mental health
     compromised, which
     to this day still pay steep wage.
austin Apr 2018
is this what it seems like
or is my vision only blurred?
we take a step away from each other
with every painful, stinging word

they say May showers bring April flowers
but there's no sign of life still here
at night I lie awake for hours
the end of us is what I fear

I thought this bleeding heart was invincible
but right now I'm feeling shattered
I think my veins are running empty
you were all that ever mattered
Wyatt Jul 2017
So the words came to a close
and my lips stopped moving.
I felt an impending doom,
another relapse looming.
I sat motionless
at the end of the bed
with a sharp thought
and my hands to my head.
There is nothing left to do.
Ami Shae Jan 2017
In the impending days ahead
I hope to face them with awe
and not with dread.
Not a moment goes by
that I am unaware
of tears so many cry
and my heart breaks in two
as I realize with huge regret
that there is nothing
absolutely nothing
that we can do...
However this one thought is true:

I wish the best to happen,
really* do...
Marya123 Jul 2016
O Hair, o Hair, wherefore art thou dear Hair?
You stuck with me since I can remember
How come you’re leaving? Why do you not care?
Why haven’t you grown since last November?

What did I do to make you love me less?
I’ve always given you the best shampoos,
Conditioners, hair cream- why are you distressed?
I wish you could talk- for I have no clue.

‘Stress’- the doctor says that you can’t bear it
It hurts you, it makes you sad, angry, weak
How I miss your happy, active spirit
You lit up my days when the world was bleak

You were obedient, made me look good
Introduced styles of your own I didn’t know
Growing fast into a shiny mane you would
Falling tantalisingly to my brow.

You used to cooperate with the stylist
So I tried new things, innovatively
Fashionable styles I never could resist
But you danced brightly, never plaintively!

Alas! I can’t possibly understand
Why you fall away to the cold hard ground
As I brush you, in the shower, strand by strand
The sight just shocks me as you make no sound.

You don’t respond to new-fangled oils
Bought online for you in desperate attempts
To make you grow again, healthy, unspoiled
But you stare up at me with harsh contempt!

Do not desert me yet, my darling friend!
I will change myself for you, make it right
Ensuring your precious life doesn’t end
I will put up a victorious, mighty fight.

I’ll meditate to reduce stress on you
I’ll stop shampoos to use homemade products
I’ll take the required medicines, oils too
Baby, for me, increase your good conduct!

I’m so sorry for all that I did wrong
All the things that then made you want to die
I’ll take care of you now, you will be strong
Work with me now, sweetheart, don’t ever cry!
For the one part of me that's dying as the days go by :'(
It must never go away from me, as I'd be incomplete.
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