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so many pleasures, yet this,
the chiefest!

it is the cellular sensation, a momentary
swiping the real stroking of gentle grazing,
the finger-tracing painting of another’s
softest places

this is what I will ever miss
this is what I will   eye  mist

when the eyes, arms and all the rest
age beyond, functioning justa at the “barely” test,
as long my forefinger, tho crooked and bent,
can draw lines upon the cheeks of my beloveds,
the lover sleeping beside, so relaxed, eyes closed,
the children, whose skins elasticity is living electricity,
even the warped, veined, roughened dying skin
of those yet glowing-gasping for the tactile worship,

I will desire to live
my first poem.
Do you recall that moment we shared?

that became a scopic sweep to outspread coast

tattooing a pinnacle on the crest face of time...

Even before that,

when those pages turned
after placing a bookmark
in the “All Embracing”

when rapids cascaded rapidly
in a vital rushing
where once
no water ran
but now, a waterfall endures to keep gushing

as you stood in the line for lost post
Rotating between guest and host
Tracking down this package
By return to my side
Pleasure delaying the unwrapping
Sliding into it’s contents
as promptitude ensued  

Immediately following
by this ones own hand
the rising of your shirt
an advance to mount lay parallel
To your reclining position

Revealing this willing
More like pleading, how it sounded
In exchange for a soft euphoric injection
Evolving into sweat trading
All encompassed by
Engaged Ravaging
c Aug 6
what intense feelings
we have for beauty
lust jealousy deceit
they all wange strongly
in the hearts of the weak
very few times does
the human brain
collect its thoughts
beyond the physical
and perhaps that is our
greatest folly.
To never truly love
beyond what our eyes can see
to never truly love
what our hearts
For if not intellect
what can sustain such an emotion
for physicality of plight
can only endure for so long.
And yet the remembrance of
youthful wit lasts
in our brains
much longer than a
fashioned glance ever could
remain in our hearts.
East Wind May 28
....Fleeting pleasures hunt me to destroy the contentment I have built thus far.
Ruhani Jan 28
There is Me
and there is Another Me.
Another Me is superior to Me
But it is Me,
Who wants Another me
to be superior to Me.
To feel highly
To achieve overtly
Look gracefully
Speak commanding
Be loved deeply
Head held high
In the runs of society
But Another Me
is pushing Me
To feel lowly of myself
Because Me is simply
Happy in even less than
Me cannot be Me
If trying to be Another Me
and Another Me won't leave Me
until she becomes supremely
Torn between these two
is only ME.
Euphie Jan 15
Those little moans,
the thrusting of the hips,
the hush of the mouth,
the rosy cheeks,
that is all you need
when it comes to me.
Sillo Anderson Dec 2018
Praises for the simple pleasures, string from century old souls
Clothing imperfection stained by insanity
As colors loose worth, thread by thread.
But duets of fantasies know too well
The ordeals of happy dreams
Mounted in satisfaction on plain satire
As my humanity resides amongst the earth
And my presence fits close enough to the end

Gauntlet adds beauty to happiness
Leaving calm the worn out pastel past
And now hosieries,
Adds to the sceneries
Making profoundly displayed
The attire of life
Jules DelPercio Dec 2018
She is beautiful
flapping her beautiful wings
guilty pleasures now
ManoelO Oct 2018
****** distresses

Only you
Can satisfy
The primal

Which you have
Upon me

To the arrest
Of your
Seductive allures

Slave to your
Sensual pleasures
Prisoner to my

To be the
Utmost of your
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